Constitutional Emergency

The BS Electioneering has already started up again AND with intentional will to ignore facts and deceive YOU if they can!


First of all this is BS Propaganda and second, once again, electioneering and campaign posturing has started up and AGAIN SLEEPWALKERS IGNORE THE MASSIVE AMOUNT OF VOTER FRAUD AND CORRUPTION in our Fed. election and many state electoral systems! If that is not fixed - federal and many state elections will be stolen again. This has been set to guarantee we loose every-time and sleepwalkers yelling at folks to wake up are just as responsible for the fall of our country!



We’re All Libertarians Now

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The Problem is the Republican "Old Guard" or Establishment in DC.  Rand Paul has identified it and Greta Van questioned Priece or what ever his name is, on it.  THEY SIGNED THE NO PROSECUTION FOR VOTER FRAUD, agreement with the Democratic Party, what back in 2000?

We have to see that agreement!!!!  .....and void it....even if it means a hostile takeover and a name change to the Republican Party.  Elections are FUTILE without prosecution for VOTER FRAUD.  You can vote all day long, till the cows come in, but ........if your vote isn't counted/or someone else's is counted 10 times.......then what the H........!

If there isn't a written agreement, then there most certainly is a verbal agreement.  These are desparate long shots, fearing the inevitable.  Americans have a gut feeling to Prepare......then Prepare.



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