Constitutional Emergency

The case against Cliven Bundy and the other men who stood up against the Federal Government is NOT WHAT YOU THINK IT IS.

For The Federal Team, Losing Is Not An Option

Estimates suggest that the 1.89 billion acres of land (that make up the continguous 48 states) are collectively worth approximately $23 trillion in 2009, with 24% of the land area and $1.8 trillion of the value held by the federal government.”

by Loren Edward Pearce

Krisanne Hall, former prosecutor and well known expert on the US Constitution, spoke for all of us when she said in a recent post,

Federal prosecutors are seeking a new trial against #BundyRanch?!?! Are you freaking kidding me?!?”

She went on to say, “As a former prosecutor, I can tell you the actions of Myre and these federal prosecutors are unforgivable.

Hey #Myre… YOU are a complete disgrace and evidence of the putrefaction of American Due Process. Sincerely, KrisAnne Hall, JD.”


Read the whole article here:

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Bundy ranch – put it all together:

The US National debt currently stands someplace near 20-TRILLION dollars.
During the Obama administration approximately 12 to 15 Trillion was added to the Bush administrations debt.
US Land and mineral resources amount to an estimated 123 Trillion dollars in wealth.

That is a significant amount of money and many people around the world have taken notice
Including the United Nation, and virtually every international Global banking cartel in existence. Also interested in that wealth are the international Resource management cartels. These cartels all and the United Nations all intend to cash-in on that vast American wealth.

Bill and Hillary Clinton and several others got greedy and decided to get their share ahead of anyone else. The result was Uranium-One deals that ended up granting Russia an estimated 20 Percent of all US Uranium deposits. Senator Harry Reid also got greedy and decided to follow the lead, (or perhaps he did it first and Hillary copied him). Senator Reid made arrangements with the Nevada Clark County administrators to “sell” the Bunkerville land to the Bureau of Land management so that Harry Reid then in turn got to sell that land to China. Sweet deals there, Hillary got a reported $145 million and Harry Reid got a estimated $38 million.

How to get the ranchers off that land; The BLM and the EPA had already been working at clearing the ranchers off the land, both in Nevada and in Oregon as well as in many other States. In Nevada 56 of the original 57 ranchers had already been forced into bankruptcy and their land confiscated, only the Bundys remained.
In Oregon only the Hammond ranchers remained after all others had been forced into bankruptcy and the land confiscated.
Reid and Clinton used their positions within the Federal Government to enlist the aid and assistance of the Bureau of Land management and the EPA to force these remaining ranchers off the land. As the removal of the two remaining ranchers progressed things began to get complicated. The Bundy's resisted and American citizens, militia groups and other ranchers from around the country joined with the Bundy's and rejected the attempts by the BLM. Today we know this as the infamous Bunkerville stand off. In Oregon the Hammonds had already served their original prison sentences and where ordered to return to prison to complete the mandatory 5 year sentences. They were charged with being “domestic Terrorists”. The Clinton foundation and the BLM employed to services and assistance of the Oregon and Federal Wild life Administration and the Hammonds were sent back to prison. Mission accomplished, the ranchers were all removed for the land. Except for the Bundy's in Nevada.

The Bundy's are currently standing trials in Nevada for the second, third, and fourth times. And the Federal Government can't afford to loose. The entire scam is on the verge of being exposed. In the middle East there is a saying, “The camel's nose is in the tent”, in America we say “The Cat is out of the Bag”. The people have figured it out and the whole scam is about to come crashing down on them.

So what is at stake here for the Federal Government, What is at stake for the Clinton's, Harry Reid, and the others involved in aiding and assisting in the scam? $23 Trillion dollars in US wealth, (Land, Gold, oil, Natural Gas, Copper, uranium, and other minerals). Hillary Clinton and Barrack Hussein Obama and several others could face a firing squad for treason or life in prison at best.

The International Banking cartels and the Resource Management cartels are all known killers. Yes, they will absolutely kill anyone who stands in their way. And that includes President Donald J. Trump or anyone else that presents a risk to their scandals and schemes.

The Bundy's were lucky the first time around. The BLM and the FBI DID go to the Bundy ranch with full intentions of killing the entire family if necessary. The only reason that did not happen was because the other people who showed up to defend them. But that's not the end of the story. The Democrats believe that they can retake control of Congress in 2018 elections. With that they will be able to impeach Donald Trump and remove him for Office. These people view the Trump administration as only a temporary minor setback. FBI Mueller will attempt to remove President Trump as soon as it is feasible and possible. If they can't impeach him or otherwise remove him then they will kill him.

The list of names of the people involved in this is long, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Former President William Clinton, and Barrack Hussein Obama, Valarie Jarrett, Former Senator Harry Reid and his Son Cory Reid, The Clark county administrators, Bureau of Land Management officials, Fish and Wild Life agents in Oregon, Oregon Federal prosecutors, Oregon Federal judge Brown, Oregon Governor Kate Brown, FBI directors Robert Mueller and James Comey, Nevada Federal prosecutors including Steven Mhyre and others, and of course Nevada Federal district Judge Gloria Navarro.

This list may seem long but it is by far not the complete list of those involved. My guess is that around 1,000 people have been caught up in aiding and assisting this scam.

“The camel's nose is in the tent”, but if the American people don't wake up soon they could quite possibly still get away with it.

FULL~ Never before seen footage ~ What did "We the people" want during the invasion of Bundy Ranch?



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