Constitutional Emergency

The case against Cliven Bundy is more important than you think it is

While the American people have been watching what has been going on with the Nevada courts and the case against Cliven Bundy and all the other related men and women involved with Bundy and the Hammonds in Oregon, we've all been missing the bigger picture.

Terrry Trussell in Florida, and several other men around the country have also been imprisoned. For these men it was all about trying to retaliate against the rouge Government officials and the corrupt court systems.

So what has really been happening here, what have the American people been missing?

We spend all our time trying to protect our First and Second Amendment rights to keep and bear arms  and our freedom to speak out in hopes that some how owning a firearm still protects us against a rouge tyrannical Government,

But while we've been fighting to preserve these Constitutional rights we've been completely blind to what has already happened, and we didn't even see it, or at least we didn't recognize what was really going on.

We-The-People have lost ALL rights and ability to defend ourselves against a tyrannical out-of-control Federal Bureaucratic Government. There is now no way open for the people to fight back against anything the government decides to do.

US Common Law: The people's courts: Those rights were taken away back in the 1940's when the Judicial system was changed from a Common law system to a Federal statutory system. The rights of the people to access the judicial system and the courts was taken away and the system is now the exclusive domain of the lawyers and judges. There is no way for the people to fight the rouge courts or law enforcement system. Just ask Terry Trussell and about two dozen others who have tried.

If we think our second amendment rights to hold and bear arms is going to protect us then ask your self why are the 17 men that tried to protect Cliven Bundy in prison today. The Nevada courts have these men in prison on weapons charges, They are accused of "Pointing" high powered long guns at federal officers and BLM agents.

Think about that for a minute people; You no longer have the rights to challenge a judge or prosecutor, or any right to challenge any law enforcement officers or federal agents in the courts. The judicial system has been completely closed to the citizens, and even if your facing charges in one of these federal courts your rights to a fair trial, and your rights to present a fair and reasonable defence, are now regulated by that very same court that is placing you on trial.
Look at the first Nevada Bundy trials. Those men were not allowed to present any kind of reasonable defence. They were restricted from calling the witnesses they wanted.

The Second Amendment to the US Constitution:
A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

OK, so we still have the right to keep and bear arms, but what good is it if your rights to defend yourself, or your friends, family, and neighbors, has been stripped away? These rights either through the use of a firearm or through the courts has been stripped away over the years. Remember in the Bundy case back in the April 2014 stand off with the BLM not one shot was fired. But that was only because those Militia men stood up to the BLM who were all ready and willing to kill civilians that day. The only reason the BLM didn't kill anyone that day was because the Militia men were there.

If you have any doubts about that just ask Lavoy Finnicum, ask Randy Weaver, Ask David Koresh and the Branch Dividians in Waco Texas. And then listen to the transcripts of the conversations amongst the federal officers on the ground when they said they were ready to open fire.

Our judicial access to the Courts and Common Law has been stripped away and our right to self defence have also been stripped away.

If you don't think so, Go out to the next Bundy Trial in Nevada and carry a long gun while marching in  front of that court house and see what happens. You will probably be shot,, but if you're real lucky you will only end up in prison for the rest of your life.

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