The Clinton Hearing is nothing more than a dog and pony show! I'm through listening to anyone or anything in DC!


This is a prime example of why I will not WASTE anymore time or resources on anything in DC!


Hillary and obama have both started using fake tears.......We know she's lying through her teeth, so does everyone in that hearing but what do you bet she will not be held accountable for her part in the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi or the gun running to al Qaeda?


And we have folks telling us that we must unite as conservatives and even saying we must unite and stop being "mean" to Bohner............Give me a break and stop sleep walking and pushing that load of hog poop here!!! If you wanna live in pretend world, there are plenty of other sites that live there......go push that PC crap on those sites!!!

I will ONLY link arms with folks of honor and integrity! Do not attempt to force a numbers game that bites us in the butt every time!



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My wife and I quit watching TV.  I wish I had never gotten a social security number.


If you want to melt back into the masses and guarantee the government will never find you, simply follow these tricks.

One... Change your name to something that sounds Hispanic.

Two... Create a new SS # with your new name.

As long as you don't get caught running drugs across our borders the government will never come to look for you. We have over 25 million people in this country that use this system and it works for them. Plus you can then get all sorts of free benefits that we stupid Americans pay for. What a country.

She skates again.  Traitor.

They all gotta go.  Period.

And, at this point, I don't care how it happens.

Think about that.

Ken...I know what you mean!!! And I don't care either how it happens!!!!!!

Exactly what I've posted myself Twana no answers why pilots were ordered to turn around under threat nor why they removed a general and an admiral from command for trying to save 4 Americans. Smoke and mirrors.

personally; I would give 'em all a fair trial then hang ' sentiments on DC


Been listening:  So far she has said NOTHING, mostly govt speak, or what we called 'talking head' and of course the dims slather all over here about how great she is.  Her creds are on par with Bammy, a bit better as she actually had a job in there at the Rose law firm but it was mostly to line the Klinton pockets.

Lots of double speak and I can tell she is well rehearsed and coached by her staff, lawyers etc.

Much of it is govt 'slo-row':  This short for Slow Roll or Slow Row, both mean the same.  More studies, investigations, committees, panels and studies.  Meaning drag your feet till it becomes 'OBE' (overcome by events) meaning its forgotten, no longer important or a priority.

After 26 years in the govt I knew it well, all too well...

Disgusting.  Reprehensible.  Traitorous.  Lying sack of cow manure.

simplyThe Free Dictionary: In an unambiguous way; clearly: explained the concept simply.

With you 110%. They all have lost track why they are having the hearings. The first 20 minutes nothing but thank you and praise. This Proud Army Airborne Infantryman who performed many DRF's ( Division Ready Force) with 82nd Airborne Division 1973-77 and a QRF (Quick Reaction Force) Thunderbolt Mission while serving with 2nd Infantry Division in Dec 1977 can not understand how this could have happened after 09-11-01. Many should be held accountable for their actions or lack of action for these MURDERS to have happened. Many still sit in the same seats they sat in on 09-11-12 it happened on there watch. If they can not uphold the oaths they swore to uphold then they must resign and allow folks who can uphold oaths to have there positions. I understand violating the oath of office is a federal crime. We need those with the intestinal fortitude to hold all accountable for these Murders.

I was with 2nd ID in 78-79, 1/9th Inf (MANCHU) "Keep Up the Fire", DMZ Korea...The DIV commander was one of the last WWII vets on active duty, he was enlisted Infantry in WWII.  He was a soldiers soldier for sure!

The whole time I was in the Army we worked off a scenario that we could be any place in the world prepared to fight in 24 hrs or less, from notification, yet they could not find anyone to go to Benghazi, BULL SHIT, I KNOW BETTER!  Obammy watched it on TV then went to bed, when asked he said this about the murders:  "just a bump in the road".

Last nite I had dinner with a good friend a civilian who works for the state dept, he just got home from there. He said he will talk to me when there are not people around...he said "what I know, made me throw up"  He has been in the State Dept for over 30 years, I look forward to hearing the REAL story...

 Thank You for Your Service to Our Country Don. Was with A2/9 at Liberty Bell Apr78-Sept78 when 1/9 took over our DMZ duties we went to Hovey then unit pcs'ed to Ft Riley carter was trying to make it look he was bringing Troops home. "KEEP UP  THE FIRE"  MY MANCHU BROTHER

What a gut wrenching time for Military personnel and honorable civilians like your friend to be working in such a degraded and dangerous D.C. It must be sickening. It makes me sick at heart just to think about it.



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