The Clinton Hearing is nothing more than a dog and pony show! I'm through listening to anyone or anything in DC!


This is a prime example of why I will not WASTE anymore time or resources on anything in DC!


Hillary and obama have both started using fake tears.......We know she's lying through her teeth, so does everyone in that hearing but what do you bet she will not be held accountable for her part in the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi or the gun running to al Qaeda?


And we have folks telling us that we must unite as conservatives and even saying we must unite and stop being "mean" to Bohner............Give me a break and stop sleep walking and pushing that load of hog poop here!!! If you wanna live in pretend world, there are plenty of other sites that live there......go push that PC crap on those sites!!!

I will ONLY link arms with folks of honor and integrity! Do not attempt to force a numbers game that bites us in the butt every time!



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I totally agree.... sounded like an election campaign.  Listened for about 5 minutes and

got sick to my stomach!

I don't know what pisses me off more. The fact that we have a 100% corrupt government, OR, the fact that almost NOBODY cares and/or is willing to do anything about it. I know that it may be at least partially due to denial, BUT, it is also due to the fact that everybody is afraid to go on the radar by meeting and discussing the problem and the solution. Out of a 139 Member State of Michigan I have exactly ONE whole person who is willing to meet.


Pardon my french, but, how fucked up is that???

Times like these are the times that try mens souls. They are also the times that force those who care to ask themselves if they would rather spend their last years enjoying the company of friends & family, OR, actually kissing them goodbye and doing what you can to make your descendants futures worth living.

Quick correction. We have ONE declared patriot willing to meet WHO HAS COME FORWARD.

I will take one more week and then I will contact all who have commented in their County groups and get the yea's & nay's for meeting.

I look forward to working with every single patriot who remains.

Quoted for TRUTH!

They should give Allen West 3 hours to grill the lying traitor.

Did we honestly think we would hear the truth?

BO and Hillary have stonewalled on this tragedy since it happened. Their rule of thumb is stall... just a Fast and Furious. Obfuscation is their play. Tell half truths. From BO down, they failed to see and act on the obvious; don't you get it, it is all part if the Arab Spring; just look to Mali now.

I would say they are inept but that would be giving them credit. She still wants to run in 2016 aside Biden's visions of grandeur.

What I see is the continuation of the coverup in order to protect bammy.  Bammy sat in the WH war room and whatched these evens unfold, he was/is the CiC (Commander in Chief) he was giving the ORDERS on this operation just like the one he takes credit for on Osama. He should be charged and tried in a court of law, but he is BLACK and gets a pass, Nixon did not get a pass, nor did he deserve one and bammy belongs in jail for treason and murder...


FYI, my file of Benghazi links from the first date of the story

Ok. We all know she is a liar and a traitor but the real traitors are our ruling class senators asking soft ball questions. Any questions about where the president was that night ? Any questions about the plane being turned around. Paul was the only one who really told her off but still no important questions were asked. What you saw today was letting her clear the way to become president. We do not live in a democracy or repoublic but instead live under a bunch of elites who think we are nothing but gun and bible toting illiterates. I can't leave off without mentioning my favorite congressman John Boner. Why did he have her for hearings on the same day as the senate ?What a joke this man is.

Thank You Nachum for this information.

Hope it helps.   Right now, not much does.



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