Constitutional Emergency

The Clinton Hearing is nothing more than a dog and pony show! I'm through listening to anyone or anything in DC!


This is a prime example of why I will not WASTE anymore time or resources on anything in DC!


Hillary and obama have both started using fake tears.......We know she's lying through her teeth, so does everyone in that hearing but what do you bet she will not be held accountable for her part in the death of 4 Americans in Benghazi or the gun running to al Qaeda?


And we have folks telling us that we must unite as conservatives and even saying we must unite and stop being "mean" to Bohner............Give me a break and stop sleep walking and pushing that load of hog poop here!!! If you wanna live in pretend world, there are plenty of other sites that live there......go push that PC crap on those sites!!!

I will ONLY link arms with folks of honor and integrity! Do not attempt to force a numbers game that bites us in the butt every time!



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Nice data mine. Saves a lot of people from a lot of legwork. My hat is off to you. Thanks!!

I watched it for approx 1/2 hr before I turned it off.  They spewed so much praise on Hillary that I was expecting someone to stand up and bow to her.  IT WAS AS THOUGH SHE WAS SITTING ON A THRONE.  Most of the time was used up discusing what the State Dept was going to do in the future.  Very little time was spent on what the hearing was supposed to be about, GETTING TO THE TRUTH ABOUT THE BENGHAZI MURDER'S!!!!!!!  So much for the Committee Members that talk so big in front of the camera, but become a coward when face to face with Hillary or Omama.  My view.

You are correct. I have seen these phonies time and time again talk tough in front of the cameras bu turn into jello when the time for confrontation comes. The only one who matched his pre hearing rhetoric was Paul who called a spade a spade. The down fall of our country did not happen when obummer was elected it was when Clinton the draft dodger was elected rather the a true war heroe. That is when we should have known that the people of our country had changed.

So right. I am there with you. Of course we know why administration bought those hollow point bullets. Because close to 70% of the US population are the terrorists.

I agree with everyone in here and the only meaningful discussion was from Rand Paul.  He asked about gun running which of course she knew nothing about.  She makes me want to puke.  I want someone to ask her why she told the Ambassador's father they'd bring justice to the producer of that video, which, btw, was waaay long after the known facts.  She says they STILL don't have the facts?  I guess we're all idiots.  Now she's giving her sermon.  We don't need sermons, we need answers you fugly witch!  I'm sick of them all...........!

I watched Hillary and listened to her story. Like all of you have correctly observed, it was  just another platter-full of left-wing nonsense. Folks, the characters on Capitol Hill believe that we all have the word "STUPID" tattooed on our foreheads. I have bad news for every one of them. America is waking up..........finally!!! We want our country back and we want all "career politicians" to vacate the Capitol and leave it to us. All of them can then go home and sell house paint at their local hardware outlet.............................

Hillary Clinton has the same amoral character as slick Willie. We need to go after her.

we all see the same thing how could we all be so wrong? these commies in the WH are a disgrace to the country, and no one will stand up to them they will get away with murder alright !!!! i bet she will be afraid to die one day when she will be accountable to the lord Amen your only here a short time they should be reminded of that, she better bring marshmallows where she is going the swine


I watched a bit of O'Reily this evening and his segment with Carl Cameron and James Rosen.  Their comments on today's hearings were very interesting.  These moron politicians didn't do their homework, didn't asked pointed questions, basically let her slide.  I suspect they are all out this evening celebrating how they once again pulled the wool over the people's eyes.  At least they think they did.

the two parties need to be desolved both corrupt!! she know they have only 5 min. to discuss a question so she rambles on and on to waste time your right waste money and time gee maybe there won't be enuff money for the next vacation for that BO in Washington, raise taxes so we pay for there luxury dinners travels we need to stop paying taxes for the fleecing of our Country perks on inside information on stocks Soros't goes to the WH to find out how he can put money in and out of the stock market, its in your face they are flipping us.

funny one day i said the samething all need to be Mexican with new SS lol, ask BO how he did it?

Shrillery's flu and blood clot allowed her time to rehearse with her attorney what to say and how to say it.

Orchestrated act -- and the azz kizzing by the committee was embarrassing.

I turned it off -- I had more legit questions to ask than they did. 



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