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Controlled economic collapse, move toward globalism

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The coming war inside America

- Doug Hagmann  Monday, January 2, 2012
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As the attention of most Americans was captivated by the shiny object in Times Square this weekend like infants fixated on car keys dangled in front of them, Barack Hussein Obama signed into law H.R. 1540, better known as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Regardless of any concurrent executive signing statements that are mere window dressing and not legally binding, Obama and every member of congress who crafted and voted for this act has essentially declared war on American citizens on U.S. soil.

To quote Rush Limbaugh, “words mean things.” As a career investigator, I can assure you that words contained in local, state and federal laws most certainly mean things, and provide the legal authority for conduct sanctioned by national or state authorities without regard to any promised judicial or prosecutorial discretion that could be likened to the signing statement. The NDAA now codifies the most controversial aspects of the Patriot Act, which “candidate” Obama publicly opposed. What changed?

Greasing the slope

Any person of reasonable sensibilities should be raising a multitude of questions upon considering the current and historical conduct of the executive and legislative branches of our government. It was the attack on 9/11 that ostensibly paved the way for the Bush administration to craft the USA PATRIOT Act, which was signed into law by congress on October 26, 2001. That legislation broadened law enforcement powers well beyond the rights granted to Americans by the U.S. Constitution. While many of the provisions contained in the PATRIOT Act were scheduled to end on December 31, 2005, the U.S. Senate passed a reauthorization bill containing numerous changes in July 2005, and the House of Representatives submitted a bill that kept most of the original bill intact. The largely unchanged bill passed congressional vote on March 2, 2006 and was signed into law by George W. Bush.

Although the PATRIOT Act has gone through various subsequent incarnations, congress crafted and Obama signed a four-year extension last May, extending certain key provisions that particularly focused on businesses in the U.S.  It is important to note that the manner and methods in which the U.S. government interprets and carries out the provisions of the PATRIOT Act are classified and kept secret from the American public, an issue rarely addressed by politicians or pundits. Why the secrecy?

Continuity of agenda

One must also question the obvious continuity of agenda from the Bush administration to the Obama administration, and from the congress seated in 2001 through today. Despite pro-Constitutional campaign rhetoric from both Republicans and Democrats, and the rapid acquiescence of some TEA party candidates who now occupy seats of power, it is obvious that the rights of Americans granted by the very Constitution elected officials swore to uphold are under attack. Why the change?

As one looks at the larger picture, pieces of the puzzle seems to become more recognizable.

The move toward globalism

Once thought to be the fanciful designs of the conspiracy minded, there appears to be an acceleration toward one world governance, or the infamous “New World Order.” It is an agenda that has been in place for decades, yet the politically myopic and the agent facilitators deliberately avoid any discussion of its existence. Exposure of this agenda has been hobbled by the merger of major news organizations into a half-dozen corporations who control what is reported. Even many who present themselves as purveyors of the truth decline to discuss the globalist agenda, or are held hostage by big money contracts with editorial stipulations and controls.

While the attacks of 9/11 paved the way for passage of the PATRIOT Act, what could explain the draconian legislation contained in the NDAA of 2012? Looking through the prism of current events, those with intellectual honesty can readily see events unfolding that would create conditions to necessitate its implementation.

Controlled economic collapse

Who could have predicted the economic crisis of 2008, just two months before the U.S. presidential election? Nearly everyone who was aware of the agenda of the global elite. The economic crisis of 2008, an incident which the banking elite used the specter of martial law to fund their global operations, landed a financial sucker punch on every American with the approval of congress. Using such phrases as “too big to fail,” banking giants, facilitated by the Federal Reserve, the U.S. Treasury and members of congress knowingly and deliberately defrauded the American public out of trillions of dollars, much of which remains unaccounted for despite dubious internal financial audit reports.

While the corporate media remain lapdogs for the banking and global elite and report recovery on the horizon, the real story has yet to be told by our media and elected officials. There is a controlled demolition of not only our national economy, but the entire world economy.  Look at the financial death throes of the European Union, which cannot survive, despite the best fiction from cable news economists hired to hide the truth from the masses. The consequential social upheaval will not be contained to Europe, nor will the economic apocalypse. Due to the Ponzi scheme created by the globalist bankers and government leaders from the Goldman-Sachs bloodline, Americans will find themselves in financial turmoil unseen in modern history.

Perhaps it is for those who cannot seem to take their eyes of the shiny objects, or those who camp out at big box stores for bargains on the latest and greatest electronic gadgets that the NDAA was crafted.

Note: For detailed discussion on the signing of the NDAA, tune in to the new Hagmann & Hagmann Report, broadcast live in audio and video format weeknights from 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. ET on the Liberty Broadcasting Network. The new show debuts today. For more information, click here.

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People i talk to both online and mostly in person ask the same basic question.How do i prepare and what should i do?The answer i can give is to band together with like minded people and comunicate youre ideas to each other in order to formulate a plan of action.Reach out to other groups in youre area and increase youre numbers.This is only
a suggestion.

Doug Hagmann and his son are awesome, with their security experience and knowledge of what's going on politically. A couple of us were on their show a couple of weeks ago talking about Obama(in)eligibility and ballot challenge activity. It's sure nice to talk with a sympathetic host who helps bring out the facts, rather than a hostile one always trying to fight you, assuming you even ge a forum to present your side of the story.

The NDAA thing is another frightening chapter in the rapid erosion of our Bill of Rights. What really pisses me off is the huge majority that voted it in and what passed for meaningful debate. Then Obozo told us he already had the authority anyway. If so, why pass a bill? Then he told us he was horrified by the detainment provisions and wouldn't enforce them. If so, why did he ask for such language in the bill to begin with?  

Why are Congress/Republicans/Boehner doing nothing about all this and even enabling it? Why aren't there house and Senate resolutions and activity on dozens of impeachable activities?  Why aren't there hearings on Obama (in)eligibility?  Why doesn't Boehner have a credible primary opponent? Why are most of these so-called "Tea Party Conservatives," such as Allen West, who was billed as our Congressional savior, voting the way they do? Why, indeed.

i have been saying for years who our government was taking more and more of our right i called a nut and didn't know what i was talking about our government would naver do anything like this well i am ready have all i need to keep my family safe till they take me out and my son can see what is happening to our constitution and are going to fright as long as we can am tired of the politicians and the b s they try and feed us as for now am voting to try and get good people in office but when it hits the fan !!!! am welling to die for my constitution!


     To bad we cant get them to teach the truth in our schools and universities.They are to busy teaching politicle correctness

and tolerance to Islam.If the truth contained in Dougs Article could be taught instead of politicle indoctrination,i dont think we

would having so many of these conversations.

    Adolf Hitler used the youth of Germany to transform that country into a land of horror.Like the child and the set of keys,Hitler used the same slight of hand.He promised the glory of the Third Riech would last a thousand years.The people of Germany fell for it.The children and citizens wer indoctrinated and so came the Holocaust.

    Plans such as hitlers take timebut can have a terrible outcome.

And just what is it , we are going to do to stop this insanity . Up to this point , we have only talked . We vote , vote , vote . Will voteing really sraighten it all out ? We already know our votes do' nt count . Do you really think we actually get to pick a president? There is no one out there , we can trust . There is no one out there who is going to save us. We can't just keep hopeing things are going to turn around with the next election . Everyday brings something else we need to deal with to save ourselves . We cn not depend on elected people to do the right things for us or our country. Thats been proven over annd over again .Don't believe that ? Open your eyes and see the sorry state we are in as a people and a country . Look at all the laws in place to shut us up and shut us down . Laws designed to destroy us . Look at our schools teaching our boys to be a bunch of wussies . You can't defend yourself cause there are consequences if you do . BULL SH#% . BE DAMNED THE CONSEQUENCES . Theres consequences for not defending your self too , AMERICA. I'D RATHER GET MY BUTT KICKED TWICE ,than to stand there and do nothing . And what if anything will our military do . Will they help us ? Do we really know what we need to do to save our selves . I surely do not know what to do or how to prepare . Especially on a low income .

Band together with like minded people in youre area Brenda.Comunicate ideas with others in order to formulate a plan
of action.Increase youre numbers by reaching out to others who are scared and confused and grow from there.

The war is already here and our govrenment supports them...  Everytime they make a small hit the government is covering them up with false info.. They dont want the people to know just what the MB are doing in the USA.. So get armed and ready for they are getting closer to the big one. If Obama thinks he will loose they will start to take the country over just like they are doing in the Middle East...

With the signing of the NDAA and all it implies, the result of the 2012 elections mean nothing. Both parties are equally anti- American; it is only a disagreement in method of implementation that divides these elitist one worlders, with THEM in charge and your existence solely justified by your support for THEIR every whim; no exaggeration.UN agenda 21 is the universal goal and the UN is EVIL personified and lethal to American interests in Civil liberties and resistance to all things totalitarian. The time is coming when we will be sorely beseiged by elements from both without and within the United States and in this milieu, our greatest opponent will be our own government. All one need do to see the truth of this is the vote which allowed the passage of the NDAA 93-7 in favor of implementation at the Marxist hand of Barack Insane Obama. We'd best stand ready to sacrifice all we have in order to retain it; for the inevitable conflict IS coming, regardless of who wins the election if the trend remains in place as I believe it will. This is a scenario decades in the making and we were not at all vigilant as a nation to all the external signs of the diminishment of choice and the expansion of Federal powers not granted by the US constituition. Now, we will pay the price for that lack of vigilance, likely in blood and the loss of everything we hold dear but, if so, it is my hope that those of us loyal to ourselves and our freedoms and the Constitution and Rule of law by which most of us have lived our lives, that WE make THEM pay dearly for all they manage to take from us and never cease doing so until the last of THEM have been eradicated as the vermin they are. God bless America; since it is so politically incorrect to say so!

I 'm thinking there won't be an election in 2012 . Especially if hussain sees a loss coming . This bill/law just passed on new year eve is just the begining of the end . I think this bill / law will be used this year on law abiding citizens . Then what?

All you have to do is look at what Soros and his leader Hitler did with the brown shirt in Germany. Then look at who is training on US soil getting ready to become Obamas brown shirts....

I have read all the responses to this post and I think it boils down to one thing are we, like the founding fathers, willing to pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to defend the constitution.  If we are then where do we find our George Washington.

We all need to be in Prayer and calm down. This is a predicted move on the Governments plan for Agenda 21, Global Governance. Yes it is very real and very dangerous. I know that most people are ready to go to survive and defend. They are pushing us to make the first move, but we all wait for their first move. We will know when that happens and I truly believe that when we hear the sound of gun fire , we will know that it is time to stand. The America that I know and love will be united and take care of what is needed. Pray constantly for the sign that God will give. He will lead the way and he will be with us. Just stay alert and maybe we will get through the elections?

In the mean time: go to a web sight and look under scientist deaths and you will be able to see how many they have been killing right under our noses. Started about the Clinton years and has continued all the way through, Bush and Obama. Our killing machine Eric Holder is most likely in on these, also.  Go to  and chose Scientist deaths- there have been 116 murders of the most brilliant Scientific minds. I ask, what did  they know that could be worth murder? the answers are there.



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