Constitutional Emergency

The attempt to impeach President Donald John Trump, 45th President of the United States of America is nothing less than a coup D’ e’tat against this president, but also against the United States of America.
It IS nothing less than a full fledged attempt to overthrow the duly elected President of the United States and to overthrow the Constitution of these United States of America.

This can not be considered anything less than an act of High Treason. An act of high treason unparalleled in the history of this Republic. At no other time in our history, not even during the civil war of the 1860’s has America been on the verge of total destruction and annihilation. Not during World War I, nor during World War II , has America seen an attack on our Republic or against the sovereignty as a free and independent Nation.

Make absolutely NO mistake about it, this is NOT merely a political dispute between political rivals and parties, This IS a full fledged assault against the United States of America and again our Constitutional Republic.

Who is orchestrating this Coup D’E’tat? The American Communist Party, lead by Barack Hussein Obama, Valarie Jarrett, Cass Sunstein, George Soros, Hillary Rodham Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, to name a few, plus an estimated 2,500 to 3,000 additional members of the Communist party.

I know that I do NOT have all of the names, and I do NOT wish to make false accusations against innocent people, but those who are listed above must be rounded up and interrogated and investigated to the fullest extent of the laws to determine innocence or guilt. The names listed above are people (If not guilty themselves), at least know who the real perpetrators and traitors are.

This attempt to overthrow the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America can NOT be allowed to go unpunished.

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You may think at this point that I am some kind of paranoid extreme conspiracy nut. But I can assure you I am NOT. I am simply an old US Military veteran, I’ve been around long enough to see and watch when John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas Texas in 1963. In fact I was serving in the US Air Force stationed in Waco Texas at that time. I was only 120 miles away from Dallas when Kennedy was killed.

The following year when I was discharged from the Air Force (Feb 1964) I volunteered to transfer to the US Army Rangers and go to Vietnam. That transfer was denied because I was already married and had three young children. A year after that I was severely injured in an industrial accident. I spent two years in the hospital with a broken back. I am telling you all this because those years also provided me with the time to watch, listen and learn. I spent a lot of time reading and trying to educate myself.
I remember when John F. Kerry sat and testified before congress about how our US Marines and Army soldiers were randomly raiding small villages and raping and killing everyone in the villages. “Like Gingus Ghan “ he said. I remember that specifically because of the way he pronounced that name, GING-es, Khan. It sounded like Jingle-bells the way he pronounced it.
But he really did a bastardly butcher job against our own military forces fighting over there. The year was 1973. Prior to that I watched and listened to the news reports about Bill Ayres and the Weather Underground and how they had attempted to bomb the pentagon. I listened to the Communist rhetoric from these radicals. I listened to them spew their hatred for America. They preached the hatred from a guy named Saul Alinski and his “Rules For Radicals”. They did everything they could to turn young people against America.

Since that time I also listened to Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton. I got Obama’s book, “Dreams From My Father”. Pay attention to that title, It’s Dreams FROM my Father, NOT Dreams OF My Father. His Father was a Communist for Kenya. His Mother was a Communist from Kansas, and his Grand Parents were also dedicated Communists. After his mother and second husband separated Obama was sent back to Hawaii to live with his grand Parents. There he met and was mentored by another devout Communist Frank Marshal Davis. In his book Obama stated how he deliberately sought out “Like-Minded” radicals.

Obama’s political career was launched in the living room of the radical Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn.

Hillary Rodham Clinton; Hillary also studied Saul Alinski’s Rules for Radicals. She wrote her college thesis on that book. That college thesis was essentially a plan by which those radical plans could be fully implemented into our US Government. Hillary Clinton is NOT a Democrat, She admits to being a “Progressive”. A name given for the Communist party by US President Woodrow Wilson.

If you doubt me then do your own homework.

Yes, I am old enough to remember when Russian Nikita Khrushchev banged his shoe on the table at the United Nations in 1959. I remember Fidel Castro campaigning around America trying to drum up support to overthrow the dictator on Cuba. Castro actually got the support he was seeking from our own US Congress. Two years later President Kennedy launched the failed Bay-of Pigs invasion to try to oust Castro. By that time I was already in the US Air Force, (1960-1964 plus 2 years reserves)

NO Gentleman, I am NOT some kind of paranoid conspiracy theorist freak, I’m just an old US Veteran who has seen a lot, and I paid attention to what was going on. I watched, listened and learned what these people were doing and what they ARE.

When I say the impeachment of President Donald J. Trump is a Coup D’E’tat against the United States of America, against our Constitution, and against our Republic maybe you should think about listening to the warning. If you doubt me then by-all-means do your own homework, but do it quickly.

This is all happening now because Hillary Clinton was supposed to win that election in 2016.

It was all set, the Communist take over of America was all but finished. All that was needed was for Hillary to continue on with Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation of America”.

All that is needed now is for the US Senate to throw President Trump out of office.
You better wake up – right NOW.

Rooster you could not be more right.   THIS IS A COUP FOR SURE FROM DAY ONE.   THE SPYING ON TRUMP CAMPAIGN; HILLARYS LIES AND MANIPULATIONS AND PAID FOR DOSSIER FROM FOREIGN AGENT, THE FBI; CIA; NSA DOJ AND GOD KNOWS WHO ELSE.  MUELLER KNEW FROM DAY ONE IT WAS A HOAX.  NOW we have IMPEACHMENT b/c of ERIC CIARAMELLA WHO MET W/SCHIFF AND concocted this mess.   THE NEW MANTRA IS WITNESSES AND BOLTON but thank God for Trumps atty Sekulow he said you want your witnesses but here is who we want and listed them perfectly.   Then what is it w/Chief Justice who would not read Rand Pauls question more of the deep state.  We know the whistleblower.


It did not go unnoticed that Schiff is trying to get BOLTON like some magic pill that will finally end the pres .   Fine I say then bring on Hunter and Joe and the whistleblower and you mr schiffty.




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