The Coup D’Etat against President Donald J. Trump continues.

The Coup D’Etat against America continues.

The Fundamental Transformation of America into a communist State continues.

Some people may be under the misconception that after the attempt to remove President Trump failed in the Senate impeachment trial, that this Coup D’Etat was finished. That somehow those who perpetrated this attempt to overthrow the 2016 election, the office of the President, and the American Constitution has ceased. It has NOT, the Coup D’Etat continues to this day.

Make no mistake about it, this is a full-blown attack against America, it is an attempt to destroy American sovereignty, independence, our US Constitution, and freedom all around the world.

The Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic, whether released deliberately or by accident, plays directly into the plan that has been in place for over a decades. Some people are trying to claim that this would not have happened if Hillary Clinton had won in 2016. They are trying to claim that this is all President Donald Trump’s fault. Those who make such a claim are in effect admitting that this pandemic was released deliberately, on purpose. But they are trying to blame President Trump for doing it. Those claims would once again be false, another Fake-News- broadcast and a part of the attempt to remove President Trump from office. This time by convincing the American people that Trump is at fault and must be removed in November 2020 elections.

In order to reach the truth on any of that we need to examine the facts, the REAL truth, and nothing but the TRUTH.
At this point that is very easy to find, it is all known and out in the open for anyone who is willing to look, and to SEE what that truth is.

Hillary Clinton was chosen – selected to succeed Barack Hussein Obama by the DNC (Democrat National Committee).

It was intended that Hillary Clinton would continue the Government policies of the Obama administration.

Hillary Rodham Clinton refers to herself as a “Progressive”, not as a Democrat.

The term “Progressive” and the political party calling themselves “Progressives” are just another name for Communist. THAT IS A KNOWN FACT.

The name of the Communist Party in America was changed to “Progressives” in 1913 by then President Woodrow Wilson. Wilson knew the American people would never knowingly accept Communism as a form of Government, so they changed the name. ALSO A KNOWN FACT.

The “Progressives” try to say that the US Constitution is a “Living – breathing”- set of documents that should “evolve” and change with each new generation, or with each new Government administration, according to which political party is elected.

Barack Hussein Obama surrounded himself with “Like minded” individuals, and those individuals such as Frank Marshal Davis were all Communists. Again – A KNOWN FACT. Read his own book “Dreams From my Father.”

Once again – Hillary Clinton was chosen, selected, to succeed Obama as the 45th president of the United States of America.

When that didn’t happen and Donald J. Trump won the election in November 2016, the Democrats were stunned. They refused to accept the results of that election and immediately called for his impeachment.

The accusations and claims of “Collusion with the Russians” by Donald Trump was all a made-up lie, manufactured and paid for by Hillary Clinton campaign and the DNC.

Hillary Clinton was chosen – selected to succeed Barack Hussein Obama by the DNC, but what were those policies? The “Fundamental Transformation of America”.

The “Fundamental Transformation of America” into WHAT was never stated but only implied through the statements.

Barack Obama called for “Change”, “ A change you could believe in”, but again a “Change” into to WHAT was n ever really defined in his speeches.

Once again Barack Hussein Obama surrounded himself with “Like-minded-individuals” all of which were devout Communists. Both prior to being elected as President and in his Presidential administration. FACT.

There are literally thousands of individuals within our own Government who are devout advocates of some “New-World-Order”.

This so-called “New-World-Order” was first proposed after World-War One around 1918.

A “New-World-Order” was again proposed by President George Herbert Walker Bush, US #41st President, 1989 – 1993.

The proposed “New-World-Order” was designed and intended to be a “A New-ONE-WORLD GOVERNANCE” controlled and Governed by the United Nations. FACT, look it up.

So the conclusion here (Based on known facts and these Truths) is that the goals of the Obama administration, and the goals of the intended Hillary Clinton administration were to “Fundamentally Transform America” into a new “One-World-Order” governed by some One World Governance controlled and dictated by the United Nations General assembly. This goal was, and remains, the total elimination of all American sovereignty and independence.
The goal is the total and complete elimination of the US Constitution and the elimination of all US citizen’s rights and sovereignty under that Constitution.

Working towards these goals and objectives the Coup d’Etat against President Donald J. Trump and against the United States of America continues. And it will continue until either the United States of America is completely eliminated as a free and sovereign Nation or until the American people decide to STOP the Transformation and destruction.

This is OUR-WAR.

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