The criminal Move On Org. is arranging a 50 state March on every capital for this coming SAT at noon

Thanks Mickie for heads up on this!


Calling all Patriots - PLEASE PUT BOOTS ON THE GROUND TO COUNTER THESE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA HATERS! Invite your neighbors and families to go with you. 





Moments like these don't come along often.  Fight em back Saturday whereever you are.

Newly-elected Tea Party governor Scott Walker thought he could slash the Wisconsin state budget and dismantle 50 years of workers' rights without a fight, but boy was he wrong.

Hundreds of thousands of regular Wisconsinites-teachers, firefighters, police officers, students-have taken to the streets of Madison.  They've occupied the capitol building for the last 7 days and nights.

But this isn't just about Wisconsin. In state capitals across the country, and in Washington, D.C., Republicans are using the wrecked economy as an excuse to slash vital programs and hurt workers. The American Dream itself is under attack.

So we're helping lead an emergency call for rallies in every state capital this Saturday at noon to support folks in Wisconsin and oppose these attacks, wherever they occur.

We have only 4 days to organize, so we're trying something unusual-asking thousands of individuals and local groups to add their names to this call to action. Will you share the call with your personal network-plus get any groups you're part of to sign on? Clicking here will add your name:

We're finalizing the details and we'll get back to you to sign up soon, but we have to start spreading the word right now if Saturday is going to be huge.

Here's the call to action:

50-State Mobilization to Save the American Dream

Calling all students, teachers, union members, workers, patriots, public servants, unemployed folks, progressives, and people of conscience:

In Wisconsin and around our country, the American Dream is under fierce attack. Instead of creating jobs, Republicans are giving tax breaks to corporations and the very rich, and then cutting funding for education, police, emergency response and vital human services. The right to organize is on the chopping block. The American Dream is slipping out of reach for more and more Americans, and we have to fight back.

We call for emergency rallies in front of every statehouse this Saturday at noon to stand in solidarity with the people of Wisconsin. Demand an end to the attacks on workers' rights and public services across the country. Demand investment, to create decent jobs for the millions of people who desperately want to work. And demand that the rich and powerful pay their fair share.

We are all Wisconsin.

We are all Americans.

Add your endorsement and this Saturday we will stand together to save the American Dream.

Clicking below will add your name so you can start spreading the word:

Thanks for all you do.

-Daniel, Lenore, Joan, Justin, and the rest of the team

P.S. In addition to allies like PCCC, Color of Change, CREDO Action, Democracy for America, Campaign for Community Change, National People's Action, TrueMajority, US Action, Progressive Majority, and Courage Campaign, green jobs visionary Van Jones has joined this call to action as well.  His inspiring words from The Huffington Post this morning are worth quoting:

"In the past 24 months, those of us who longed for positive change have gone from hope to heartbreak. But hope is returning to America-at last-thanks largely to the courageous stand of the heroes and heroines of Wisconsin.

Reinvigorated by the idealism and fighting spirit on display right now in America's heartland, the movement for "hope and change" has a rare, second chance. It can renew itself and become again a national force with which to be reckoned.

Over the next hours and days, all who love this country need to do everything possible to spread the "spirit of Madison" to all 50 states. This does not mean we need to occupy 50 state capitol buildings; things elsewhere are not yet that dire. But this weekend, the best of America should rally on the steps of every statehouse in the union."

Van's full piece is worth reading. To check it out and pass it on, click here.

Want to support our work? We're entirely funded by our 5 million members-no corporate contributions, no big checks from CEOs. And our tiny staff ensures that small contributions go a long way. Chip in here.


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Ask bus drivers where they picked their passengers up at.  Take a-lot of pictures and post them like Wanted posters.  This evil in America must be stopped.

Better yet, with all the available cheap PC Art Tools, take the pictures, print Wanted Posters, and post them in Post Offices.



Pretty obvious how desperate they are.



Van Jones "American Dream Movement" is really a nightmare...


 I would very suprised to see any of this happen  at this Capital . But for the adventure I will go there take some picturesand poke some ha ha ,s and SOME  aawwwe  shuckey derns at them. Silly and stupid as they are. The money them nit wits would save frm not paying due's will cover the costs being added to the pay check and probably put another steak on the table.

         Unions have helped put obama in office. Made the cost of cars a hell of a lot higher then they should be. And cost us more in things that most people have to use every day. Elect workers, plumbers and most every other trades, that are union, cost twice what they should. City workers are a bunch of sorry asses. I have seen the work they do. Half ass at the most. But why do a good job? they have a union. Can force a business to do what they want or close. That happens more then you think. And in states where you HAVE to join a union to work, that is a pile of crap. UNIONS NEED TO GO!

Those of us TAXPAYERS that are not working need to flood the Capital.
Well the scum finally decide to show their diseased faces. Well people, I think it is time to take it dead to their hearts. Counter demonstrations as well as "teach ins" about the abuses of "Organized Labor" , their Ponzi scheme and how they abuse your money to get elected stooges who hate the country! That should be the order of the day, teach people that the unions as they are ran today are evil, thieving , lying thugs.

I love how their definition of the American Dream is raping taxpayers.  As I read the above, I couldn't tell if I was reading a Tea Party message or the enemy, because the American Dream IS being assaulted today in Wisconsin, but it's not because of the governor!'s version of the American Dream is NOT what this country is about, for sure!


Thanks for the heads up you guys, I will past this info on to all my contacts and other Tea Party Groups.....


And look at his nose. Red from cocaine.
We had a rally in Lansing, MI today because the UAW bussed people in for a union rally.  I don't know if we can get another rally together for Saturday.  I doubt it.



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