Constitutional Emergency

The debate is Over, - Obama IS NOT A Constitutional President

Posted by J.B. Williams on Facebook; 6/3/2015

The DNC Certification of Obama elligability omitted the Constitution requirements.


This is how long we have been trying to convince "patriots" to save themselves and the Republic... Instead, they want their own ineligible candidates now. -

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Now to find a judge who has the balls to do his/her job and throw the people in prison.

Here's another question;

Constitutional question J.B.. In the 2008 presidential elections, Senator John McCain was actually the ONLY Constitutionally eligible candidate in the game. Obama was NOT eligible. Does that mean that Senator John McCain won by default??????? Is John McCain actually legally supposed to be the President?

That would make sense to me, Rooster.  Marginally less damaging, though not by much, IMO.

Yes, it makes sense that McCain should be the president by default.

Not only is Ted Cruz not eligible, nor are Jindal and Rubio, he also does not stand for the American worker and he is for legalization of illegal immigrants, which IS amnesty.  IMO, Cruzbots are almost as bad as Obamabots - they simply will NOT listen to reason!  And, given Scott Walker's interview on Fox this morning, where he stated the Patriot Act should be re-authorized as is, I cannot countenance voting for him either.

Most definitely not, and I have just read two articles that made my hair stand on end.....America is going down and very soon.   With all the Walmarts being turned into some type of place for processing thousands of people and barbed wire all around them, with Jade Helm already starting, we are in serious trouble.  Just read this article about Putin telling Russians to leave America...

And this article this morning which is from Personal Liberty:

Hello. Dear Patricia, I want to say that in my humble opinion, Putin
a much greater evil for Russia than Obama for America. Obama is a puppet in the hands of the financial
elite. Putin himself is included in the financial world elitu.http: //, I am ready to answer all questions
associated with it, and to show a lot of information on the Internet. For me, not so simple
Putin to discuss how to have a discussion of Obama. I may be accused of state
treason. Prison term for this article - 25 years. Freedom of speech in Russia is over.
Putin is a tyrant and a dictator, but he is not alone with him a group of financial wealthy.
Together they illegally enriched, his reign bring indigenous people into poverty Russia.
Just today, the value of the dollar against the ruble rose by almost 5%.
Disability pension is less than $ 110 in Russia the conditions for the destruction of the disabled.
One of them - bring them to poverty and hunger. I have come to you, to understand you and to learn
fight for their rights, the Constitution and the law. If you need to be my help, I'll help you.
Sincerely, Eugene

Yes, you are most likely right about Putin, being a greater evil for Russia, but as of right now, I was hearing many of the higher military talking about Russia and most of them said that right now the US should not worry about Putin, but we need to worry about what is sitting in the White House.   I believe Russia will not be involved with us right now, because this Administration is taking this NWO and Dictatorship into their own hands and helping to reign in the NWO.   Russia knows how dictators act and think because they are the same.   I think that is why Putin is telling Russian's to get out of US. Putin really doesn't have to do much, but sit back and watch as America crumbles.

Yes this is a huge problem but we have a bigger one 

WHAT IS OUR PLAN TO STOP THIS?   That needs to be our no. 1 priority.   AND SOON

I know that veterans are trying to do things they told everybody to go in ghosts mode and as far as the militia I believe they went dark already. I am not sure what's going to happen or how many are going to be on our side
The omission doesn't imply that he's allowed to run anyway. He's still [supposed to be] barred from entry, regardless of what the document says.

Another example of Obama's treason to America and who is doing anything about it?



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