The doctrines of Obama; and why is he allowing the US financial systems to go over the cliff?

The doctrines of Obama;


Dhimmi; Dhimma Contract; Dhimmi is a historical term referring to non-Muslim citizens of an Islamic state. Dhimma allows rights of residence in return for taxes;


So why does Obama insist on spending us into oblivion and raising taxes so much that he is now very willing to allow America to go “off the Fiscal cliff”? Actually he has far more to gain than he has to loose, particularly now that he is in his second term and no longer has to worry about any re-election.

Now about those taxes;

According to Barack Hussein Obama we, The Christians of America, must pay a “Jizya” (tax) as Dhimmi’s to the Muslim world for the “privilege” of living in Islamic lands outside the sacred area surrounding Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

This also helps explain why he has sent so many millions of American dollars over to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. He is paying our “Jizya” Dhimmi taxes to his Islamic Imam leaders.

What is the Jizyah: Also AlJizah;
The word itself comes from the Arabic root jaza which means compensation. According to the famous Islamic Scholar Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qardawi in his book “Non Muslims in the Islamic society” he said: “They are small per capita annual obligations levied on adults who can financially afford it.”
How much is the Jizyah:
It has no fixed limit and is left for the discretion of the Imam to decide how much each one should pay.
What is the Kharaj:
It is a property tax levied on the land owned by non-Muslims.
The Kharaj too is decided by the Imam. He should fix a ration of the land’s yield, such as one third or one fourth, or to fix a specific quantity in weight or measure according to its agricultural yield


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Sounds about right to me.

Thanks for this information.l

When we come to the realization that we no longer have faith in our government to act upon the will of the people, it is time to recall every last one of them (POTUS included) and call up an emergency delegation untill real leadership can be voted in.

I totally agree with you. Every day it is more negative news.

Much more simple than that, HE IS A MARXIST< as are most of his fellow thugs. They are the remnants of the Weaqther Underground from the 60's. They are all Communist party (Marxist-Leninist) They intend to destroy capitalism


Twana:  I believe the information you have shared here is true, but it doesn't address the "communist" side of Obama.  If you look at the actual results of Obama's work (which is opposite from the verbal bloat that spews from his mouth), you see that every step is a process towards breaking the wealth of America.  As as the wealth goes, so goes America's power, and as America's power diminishes, so does the strength to stem the tide in the spread of socialism/communism and radical Islam. Currently, we see that communism and radical Islam are working together, but in the end, Islam will become the greater force because of the power religion has in taking a person the extra mile.  Religious fanatics are willing to die for their cause. Communist fanatics are only willing to send other people to die for their cause.  A few years ago, it was revealed by the CIA that a number of Muslim clerics were trained in Russia to find and radicalize young people to become suicide bombers.  They have had success in keeping "terror" alive and serving their purposes.  What an ingenious way for the communists to further their goals than to get radical Islam to sacrifice their lives to break the wealth and strength of America.  It is far less expensive and no commie lives lost in this process.  The Muslim brotherhood has been trained by communists to further their goals by (1) setting aside their radical/revolutionary tactics of the 60's and 70's, (2) dropping out of sight while being trained by the communists in such tactics (as Obama was trained in - and practiced) as community organizing, (3) "colonizing" within other countries to build strength through demographics (fastest population growth) and politics (becoming embedded in ever-higher government positions and increasing financial power in election results), (4) conspiring with a communist/Islamic president (Obama) and his ilk in using America to destroy the dictatorships (as bad as they have been) and the stability they provided in the Middle East, and (5) the takeover of those Middle Eastern countries as they topple.  The various Islamic radical groups serve their purpose as well, but are not the main threat.  America's greatest threat has its roots in the evil minds of communists that are using radical Islam to further their goals, but when America's wealth and power have been broken, there will be nothing, other than God, to stop the onslaught of horror throughout the world.  As a Christian, it appears to me that the Bible teaches us that this will happen, and only the plagues and pestilences, that are prophesied to happen, will stem the tide of this spreading evil.  There will come a time when the fullness of Satan's power and reign over mortals will occur, and then the Lord comes and destroys his work.  This is not the end of the world, but a huge change in what will then take place on the earth.  Obama is but a deliberate tool in moving forward the evil that is coming in full force upon the people of the earth.  However, knowing these things shouldn't stop those of us who see what is happening from taking a stand against it.  We will be judged for how valiant we are in the fight against this evil.  We have a responsibility laid upon us because of what we know and understand.  Let's not shun the fight!

I agree whole heartley with you Chuck.  I also believe we are in the last days  (not the end of the world) but the days as we "knew" them. But it doesn't mean we can't rally together and fight this on coming slaughter . yes and in the end we know who will win, "GOD"  but God wants us to pray.  Prayer can change some things.  Janet Neff

Take away the funds to survive, and you have a slave colony.



Why can't the powers to be impeach that ##@@$$%%$#&*  DO WE HAVE NO SPINE ? DO WE  NO    LONGER HAVE ANY POWER / If you would  only read "They Fired the First Shot 2012"   It tells how We the People do have the power.  But we have to be together.  I'm not getting royalities or anything from the book  but it was written in faith that the American People would wake up before  IT Is to late. .We have to stand together in this      Janet Neff

I did buy it Dorris, just got it and started reading it but it's a big book. In the meantime I'm just keeping my guns cleaned, oiled and loaded. But I'm not even sure why anymore, at this rate I'd have to walk from texas to DC and would end up standing alone.

I'll be with you if that is what it takes  Me and the Sheriff.  Janet Neff

Sorry, but I strongly disagree with this post. More than anything, Obama is a committed Marxist, and his want of seeing the USA go over the financial cliff and effecting a total collapse of our entire financial system is exactly the road-map that a committed Marxist would take. Obama was raised educated on the teachings of Marxist/Communist by his mentor Frank Marshall Davis, who was a card carrying member of the American Communist Party and an a mid to top-level activist in the Party. He taught Obama that the Cloward and Piven theory needs to be enacted so our economic system crumbles and is then replaced by a system whereby everyone then gets guaranteed equal annual income. If you do about 5 minutes of research you will notice that so far Obama has followed the Cloward-Piven plan... ... to the letter.

However, I do believe that his religious heart is definately Islamic and he only pretends to have Christian leanings for his political ambitions.



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