The doctrines of Obama; and why is he allowing the US financial systems to go over the cliff?

The doctrines of Obama;


Dhimmi; Dhimma Contract; Dhimmi is a historical term referring to non-Muslim citizens of an Islamic state. Dhimma allows rights of residence in return for taxes;


So why does Obama insist on spending us into oblivion and raising taxes so much that he is now very willing to allow America to go “off the Fiscal cliff”? Actually he has far more to gain than he has to loose, particularly now that he is in his second term and no longer has to worry about any re-election.

Now about those taxes;

According to Barack Hussein Obama we, The Christians of America, must pay a “Jizya” (tax) as Dhimmi’s to the Muslim world for the “privilege” of living in Islamic lands outside the sacred area surrounding Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

This also helps explain why he has sent so many millions of American dollars over to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. He is paying our “Jizya” Dhimmi taxes to his Islamic Imam leaders.

What is the Jizyah: Also AlJizah;
The word itself comes from the Arabic root jaza which means compensation. According to the famous Islamic Scholar Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qardawi in his book “Non Muslims in the Islamic society” he said: “They are small per capita annual obligations levied on adults who can financially afford it.”
How much is the Jizyah:
It has no fixed limit and is left for the discretion of the Imam to decide how much each one should pay.
What is the Kharaj:
It is a property tax levied on the land owned by non-Muslims.
The Kharaj too is decided by the Imam. He should fix a ration of the land’s yield, such as one third or one fourth, or to fix a specific quantity in weight or measure according to its agricultural yield


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David Swanson, I agree with you.  Why, we wonder has not "president" Obama not been impeached.  And, why does it seem he has not a worry in the world.  He just keeps trotting along, hands atremble and a benign look on his face.  I believe he knows his budding dictatorship will meet no resistance in the U.S. Congress.  What is the origin of his benign assurance?  Who is in the background giving guidance to the tyro?  Has he been promised the world?  Looks like it.

This ideological fight should be taken up by every Republican in D.C., but I'm not going to hold my breath.

The only way we could get them to actually DO SOMETHING about Obama is for a million or so patriots show up and demand to see every single Republican (Rep and Senate) or fill the halls of the Capitol Building during a business day, not when D.C. is empty for Holidays/SpringBreaks/ or whatever. We The People have a RIGHT to demand that they follow the law and take immediate action against Obama.

However, it's going to take one helluva leader to get a million patriots to do something like this. NOTE: I know that many have said that we don't need a leader in order for the people to rise up. For the record... I very strongly disagree! We need a General Washington type.

Just a thought. If we could get a million patriots to show up in D.C. and STAY until he is ousted, I believe it would work. Imagine 20 thousand patriots camping-out in the halls of congress every day for weeks on end if necessary. This would get their attention without a shot ever being fired.

It won't go over the fiscal cliff.  The pres. will just order the feds to "print more money" and the value of what you have saved will be lessened.  One can pour a gallon of water into a gallon of good lemonade and serve drinks to twice as many people.  But, the lemonade is only half as good.  Same way with money folks.  But the fact is:  paper money is worthless.  Work 40 to 60 hours per week and get handed a pocket full of worthless paper.  When enough people begin to realize their money is fraudulently "counterfeited" amounts to "legal plunder" they will demand the thief be put in jail.  Like Bernie Made-off who made off with millions.  The gov't is also involved with stealing/fraud.  Yeah, it's called legal plunder.  If we counterfeit money - oh well -  that's illegal plunder and you can go to jail for that.



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