The eleven page document contained in the URL below is a counterattack against the unlawful behavior by so-called legal entities against Terry Trussell.

May God bless this Common Law Grand Jury action.

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Good for you for speaking out. God bless your courage. . .

Terry Trussell is not still in jail Ranchman.............he was freed on bail some months ago.  The trial proceeding has been delayed several times.  Now the defense is striking back...........

Thankful Terry is out. Thank you for for your vigilance Colonel, and all.

It will take the same kind of "stuff" to enact the Declaration of Independence.

It is for "We The People" to use. Our Founding Father's fought, and left these tools for us.

It's not rocket science, to know what they would have done.

2 Chronicles 20. Three tribe's came against Judah, Jehoshaphat didn't know what to do.

He and the people, humbled themselves before the LORD.

He sent out singer's before the Army, to praise the beauty of His Holiness.

When they began to sing and to praise the LORD, they sang," praise the LORD, for the LORD is

good, for His mercy endures forever",

the LORD sent ambushments againt the three tribes, Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir.

It took three days to gather all their booty.

(Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir = modern day terrorists, isis, etc.)

It will take true repentance, on our behalf, to recieve His mercy, and favor.

If my people...2 Chronicles 7:14

May GOD forgive, and help us all.

No God gave us our Rights paper merely pointed out the facts.

Thank you for the information.

It is about time someone has the courage to stand up against such tyranny occurring on a daily basis. Go for it and my prayers are with you.

This is such good news!!! ... for now. I can't help but feel that the bastards will get out of it somehow. I guess I'm just used to true justice being trampled.     I remain hopeful for a change.  The Lord rules... not man...  I must practice remembering this!!    AMEN

I hate to say it but I think your right Roger.  I just checked the docket in Dixie County and don't see it added.  You'd think it would show by now.  It still says he has a pretrial hearing on 7/15/15.  Its like their sweeping it under the rug hoping nobody notices.  They've got all the news outlets under their thumb and none of them will report it.

#2DOC Press Release & 2nd Declaration of Causes #Millennials #Teen #PJNET @oathkeepers #FFA

I have also reshared this with my 68000+ followers on Twitter

Misery loves company: #Censor'd by @Examinercom "#Dakota County #MN govt brazenly oppresses 1A Freedom of #Press" Voices Against Corruption


The Declaration didn't give us the right to "alter or abolish". God did! Our founders believed that our Creator endowed us all with unalienable rights. The Declaration, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights merely listed these truths for posterity! It is up to We The People to stand up and exercise those rights! To oust the corruption that is the present day government. More aptly put, the impostor/officers of today! Everyone wants peace and to do this thing by peaceful means. But I for one, do not see how we overturn this much corruption and power without bringing some might to bear. If We The People could focus and organize into a united front then the usurpers would step down without a fight, but as it stands. We The People are forced to step down and sit down. 



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