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We are so far down the road and almost down the drain, that I am not sure we as a country, will recover, until all of Washington, D.C. is removed and replaced by a people of integrity, honesty, and have read and Understand the Bill of Rights, the Original Constitution, and the (Federalist papers-Essays to explain their arguments to the people).  Until all of this is done, we are going down the path of no return, fast 

It is a shame the kids today don't even know what the Constitution and the Bill of rights since they don't teach it in school anymore

THAT Mr. Roberts is perhaps one of the most important little videos around.

The people here on this PFA network have been screaming for 8 years now about Obama and his executive orders. While he (any President) can issue executive orders, those EO's are NOT laws.

The President of the United States of America does NOT have the power or the authority to make or write LAWS.

I agree and everyone seem to think just because the President sign something it is law the states need to tell DC to go suck eggs and they will not enforce them 



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