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The Fourteenth Amendment Hoax – Judge Anna von Reitz Exposes the Fraudulent Congress

Was Trump correct? Could this be what he was referring to?

Posted on April 25, 2015

Once in a while I take time to reply to especially wrong-headed and misinformed individuals. In this case, I was replying to a man who was convinced that the Fourteenth Amendment was the best thing since sliced bread and even Biblically sanctioned.

First, let’s begin with some facts about the various “Constitutions” involved. The actual Equity Contract that created the Federal United States is called “The Constitution for the united States of America”. It hasn’t been amended since 1860. It is a tri-lateral international treaty. It doesn’t have a Fourteenth Amendment. Circa 1868 a Delaware Corporation doing business as the “United States of America (Inc.)” published its own “constitution”— a corporate charter deceptively named “the Constitution of the United States of America”. It was not only similarly and deceptively named, it adopted the Articles of the actual Constitution as corporate “Articles” and the Amendments as corporate By-laws. This is the “constitution” that contains the 14th Amendment being discussed— an “Amendment” which was simply proclaimed along with several others and which was never ratified by the Several States of the Continental United States, because as corporate By-laws of a private non-profit corporation, no such ratification process was required.

At the time much public discussion centered around the idealistic sales pitch that the proponents presented: the new form of citizenship the 14th Amendment provided for was supposed to be egalitarian, serving to unite everyone under one status, to insure that former slaves enjoyed full protection of the laws, etc. Some famous Abolitionists supported it. In any case, the Members of the “United States Congress” acting secretively as a Board of Directors for the United States of America, Inc., approved it.

And this is where the recent discussion of the Fourteenth Amendment takes off, with my opponent waxing eloquent about its supposed benefits and Biblical authority, and me answering:

“The Fourteenth Amendment may have been embraced with all the good intentions you describe, and yes, most of the public debate at the time it was adopted bears out your interpretation of the intention that most people embraced. I agree. That was the stated goal.

However, as often happens, things got sidetracked and other agendas played out in reality.


Instead of receiving State Citizenship which recognizes Natural Rights, African Americans only received the “United States Citizenship” of the Federal United States and “Civil Rights”, not “Natural Rights”.

When you look up “Civil Rights” you learn that they are “privileges” conferred by Congress and can be taken away by Congress just as fast. You will also figure out sooner or later that the entire “Civil Rights Movement” demanding “Equal Civil Rights” had to have something to be “equal” to.

Equal to What?

Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted the civil rights owed to black Americans to be “equal to” the Natural Rights enjoyed by their white counterparts inhabiting the Continental United States. And enough people got mad enough about it to force the Congress to guarantee it, finally.

But consider this while you are attacking me for standing on the land jurisdiction of the Continental United States and invoking my State Citizenship and its guarantees—- without me demanding that my Natural Rights be honored, there is no standard determining the meaning of “Equal” Civil Rights.

If I lose my claim to Natural Rights, the Congress is set free to reduce all rights owed to all people in both the Continental and Federal United States to the level of slaves in 17th century Haiti.

The further unforeseen (and unannounced) consequence for Federal Citizens was that first the former black slaves and later white “United States Citizens” as well were conscripted and registered as “assets” of the United States of America, Inc., and their labor and other property was “made available” for the “hypothecation of debt”.

Look up the word “hypothecation“.

It’s surreptitious theft using a mechanism akin to co-signing a loan, but in this case, you aren’t necessarily made aware that you are the co-signer. Someone claiming to “represent” you as your agent, offers you and your resources to stand good for a Third Party. In this case, Federal United States Citizens and their property assets were offered as collateral backing the debts of the United States of America, Inc. by the members of Congress.

This is where the process of registering people as human chattel and issuing bonds for sale based on the estimated worth of their lifetime labor — CUSIP bonds– began. The “title” to the freed slaves was seized and flipped from private ownership to public ownership. They became chattel backing the debts of the “government corporation”.

To tidy up this outrage and excuse it as a “private contract” between the victims and the government corporation, the 14th Amendment Public Charitable Trust was established. In exchange for all the money raised by bonds issued against the value of their labor, the “freed” black slaves were enabled to access the “benefits” of the Public Charitable Trust.

This was a deal only bested by the theft of the land from the Native Americans.

The rats claimed that the victims of this fraud “voluntarily” enrolled to receive the “benefits” of the Public Charitable Trust in exchange for “vesting” their assets—their labor, their private property, their intellectual property, everything—-for the benefit of the United States of America, Inc., which was named the beneficiary of their estates.

Sound familiar? It should.

The exact same model was employed to entrap white Americans. Pretending that it was a “government mandate” the United States of America, Inc., — which is merely a private, mostly foreign-owned governmental services corporation — NOT the government—-forced hundreds of millions of Americans to “voluntarily” enroll in Social Security, which they presented as an “insurance program” to take care of people in their old age.

Gradually, over time, the perpetrators changed the sales pitch and the verbiage, until in 2012, they started writing the word “benefits” on Social Security Checks and claiming that the recipients are all Federal welfare recipients, benefiting from the Public Charitable Trust……

Are you even dimly beginning to see the criminality that you have been part of and supporting?

The 14th Amendment didn’t free or ennoble anyone. It was a subtle vehicle for the exact opposite.

Now that I have educated you about that take a close look at the Thirteenth Amendment of the same corporate “Constitution of the United States of America (Inc.)”

Everyone knows that the 13th Amendment abolished slavery, right?

Look again.

It didn’t abolish slavery. It made slavery a punishment for crime.

And it left the “Congress” free to come up with whatever fanciful “crimes” it might conceive.Picking dandelions on a public sidewalk? Life imprisonment, all your labor ceded to benefit the prison facility and the jailors….”

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The "hoax" is "Judge" Anna von Reitz...

OK TRUEPatriot.... Not gonna let you throw stones and run off into the night. Show us where Anna's comments are wrong. And please not your opinions, list your references. I've asked others who disagree with her and they haven't been able to prove her wrong. They fall back by disputing her "Judgeship". That's your perogative if you believe in this current legal system. But the point is what she is saying about our current legal system so if you bieve she's wrong please show us where and why. Thanks...

Geeze Michael, you would think that all these experts on who Anna Von Reitz is would at least do a little research before they make their accusations. But then again you know what John Wayne said.

The Superior Court Judge that went to Oregon is an associate of Judge Von Reitz so I have to believe he knows what the correct way to handle the matter is and has done it correctly.  Info posted for him is: 

Judge Bruce Doucette
(720) 338-0394

Another article also posted this info:

Judge Bruce Doucette

Info from actual lien:

Bruce Doucette 2862 W Centennial Dr Littleton Colorado 720-338-0394

I don't know if the phone number is active (it is a Colorado number) but I believe I read somewhere in the news he was the judge who went to Harney County.Judge Doucette was also one of the four judges who filed that 279 trillion dollar lien against the ABA and International Bar Association among others. Here is a link to the actual lien:

and a link to the article:

Patriot Vet... Thanks for those links. Now that I know some of the people involved I think this has a real chance. I don't think most people are aware of the movement that's afoot to expose the fraud that's been purpatrated on the American People regarding our legal system. It's not just the NLA and other patriot groups its also former judges who have filed this Lien for example. Their backs are against the wall and their being exposed but you won't hear it in the lame-stream Media. They will continue to evade, lie, intimidate and imprision those who make a stand. Thank God their a a few who will not be coerced or intimidated like these judges and the fire chief. I wish people were aware of what's going on not just in Oregon but throughout the country to expose and hold these frauds accountable. We are working to establish the Common Law Grand Juries and get them up and running. I would encourage everyone to research this as it may be our last avenue at a peaceful remedy to reigning in and holding our corrupt leaders and a corrupt judicial system accountable. I encourage everyone who dosent want to take up arms to seriously look into the Common Law Grand Jury and get involved in any way you can.

My final statement on this, because I truly do mean to anger or antagonize - I really don't:

This is all nonsense, and you do realize that if what she states is true [it's not] then there is no Second Amendment either.


Thank you.

Mathias.. Since you said this is your final comment so you probably won't answer my question so again I'll throw it out there for others who think like you. Please show how she and these judges who have filed the Lien against the ABA And The International Bar and the Justice Dept are wrong. What we need are facts, and you and others are woefully lacking just that. If you check the Website you will see the 44 something pages of charges and demands posted. Can you tell us where they are wrong in their brief? I'll bet you can't because you have not studied the issue. You do not know the history of our legal system, how it was corruoted and changed unbeknownst to the people and in violation of our founding documents. Understand this: You are free to your opinion, but opinions not based on fact, in this case provable facts are incorrect opinions. Be careful what you believe to be true. If you haven't done your due diligence in researching a subject you would due yourself a great service to withhold your decision until you do. Let me just speak for myself: I have been studying this for some time. I felt from my research that indeed our judicial system had been corrupted. The question is how do we correct it. I joined NLA and registered as a Jurist in my City and State as the best means available short of armed revolution to bring the perpetrators to justice under the Common Law System. To discount what these judges and others are saying and attempting to do you have to throw out the whole Common Law Sydtem which CANT be done as it is constitutional and judges and lawyers do not have that authority. I can't open a closed mind. All I can do is point the way.

Michael you have spoken the words I was thinking. It would appear that those who do not understand the complexities of this double Constitution nor how the second one came to be and the fact that there are two jurisdictions i.e. on land and on the sea exemplifies their total lack of common sense in proving what they believe to be true. Couple that with them not wanting to take the necessary time to investigate the facts themselves illustrates a reluctance to accept the truthful facts stated by those of us who have. The internet is replete with all of the information founded in the truth put on display by the legal professionals who certainly know their way around and are better able to separate the chaff from the grain when it comes to sifting through the legalities of what has and is taking place in this country in regards to the fraud and deceit of we the people. If any are in possession of a social security card it might be to their benefit to understand what applying for and accepting said SS card legally means under the corrupt and fraudulent system. Many are in for a surprise but based on their lack of education regarding what has already been brought to light, and their admitted disbelief, will no doubt again choose to cast off the truth in favor of thrir own personal opinions.. The same applies to the truth about the IRS. Visit this link to read more and garner a more in depth understanding:

There are other links within this article that should also be investigated.

May Peace continue to adorn this Great Nation. Freedom through knowledge.   

Patriot Vet. Here's a Question for those who don't belive in the corruption of our legal system or that our legal associations are run by international bankers. Last night if you watched the Republican debate you heard that once again Social Security Retirement funds have once again taken by those who supposedly represent the people. Now if these funds have been earned and deducted by the working public expressly for their benifit upon retirement why haven't our elected officials safeguarded these funds. And, once they are misappropriated why hasn't our judicial system prosecuted those who have misappropriated these funds which belong to the American people. If you say because the law allows them to borrow that money to be used for other purposes, do you not think that the people should of been involved in that decision since it is their money? Does that sound Constitutional to you? Does that sound legal under a De Joure legal system. Did any of you give these people a blank check to use your money as they please. And the Moderator was wrong when she referred to Social Security as government assistance. Since when is money that you earned "Assistance" yet not one candidate corrected her. The legal system is corrupt and in league with our corrupted government.
The fact that they continue to misappropriate our funds and no one complains shows how uneducated and ill informed the American people are. PLEASE do your homework, educate yourselves.

Sorry, Michael. I missed the debate. I was kinda hoping Trump was up to speed on the Social Security issue but he is probably as misinformed as is most of the population. Someone needs to take him aside and educate him. If he was made aware of the deceit and fraud he could certainly bolster his standings by making the situation known and promising to do whatever must be done to fix the problem. Interesting that we can opt out of the Social Security scam. See this for the form:

The Social Security scam was hatched after the bankruptcy of the US, Inc in 1933. It has to be corrected the sooner the better. And you are correct that the money belongs to the people and not the greedy, corrupt government who has been stealing it. If what is said about the sustainability of the fund runs true to course then there is no doubt the thieves will deplete all that is there as predicted. There is a lot of work to do and we could use some help from the honest politicians if any exist. Let us continue with our discoveries and in sharing those discoveries with as many as we can. Time that we go into American Emergency Survival mode.


Michael and Patriot Vet.......if either of you would like to give your information to Donald is his postal address........

Donald Trump

Chairman, President and CEO

c/o The Trump Organization

725 Fifth Avenue

New York, NY 10022

I believe it best to send your findings through the postal service...... e-mails have a way of piling up. Nothing like a letter in the mail to get one's attention and hopefully Trump will take this information to heart. Thanks for all you both are doing.

Yes, but make sure you include all your proof. Don't make the mistake of submitting hearsay evidence, it needs to be what you have personally discovered in your investigations - papers, minutes, documents, photos perhaps - and Trump will get the ball rolling.

Remember, if you just say "go to this website" or "talk to that person" your letter will be ignored! Anyone can make up stuff and post it online and claim it's irrefutable proof, and there are some gullible folks out there who don't bother to vet it out and get hooked.



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