Constitutional Emergency

The invasion of America.

There’s an old joke about the US Coast Guard stopping a small row boat with three Mexican nationals on it. One of the Guard’s man asks, “Who are you and where are you going?” The Mexicans reply “We are invading America”. The Guardsman laughs and says “What – there are only three of you, how can you expect to invade America?” The Mexican reply's, “ We are only the last three, the other 30 Million are already there”.

The reality of this is that most people think it would take an invading force of something like 10-20-30 Million armed Military troops, (an Army), to invade and conquer America, but the truth is it only requires three to five thousand. And possibly not even that many.
Add up the numbers of our Fake News media, MSM, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC. Now add the members of our own US Congress that are devout Socialists or Communists, Add in the leaders of the American Communist party, (estimated at 500-1,500).
So far we’re still under 5,000.
But look at the destruction and mayhem these 5,000 or so have managed to create. The lies told by our “main-stream-Media” on a daily basis. They have managed to convince half of America that the other half is the problem. They have managed to convince half of America that the people who actually are willing to stand up and fight to defend and protect America are the ones who are the traitors. They have convinced half of America that the American Veterans who fought to protect and preserve our American liberty, our sovereignty, and our independence, our freedom, are now somehow the problem.

Make no mistake about it – This is the “Fundamental Transformation of America” spoken of by Barack Hussein Obama in October 2008. They are continuing that Transformation even though, and in spite of the fact, that Donald Trump is now the President. To them it really doesn’t matter who we elect as President. Donald Trump is simply a small bump in the road, nothing more than a speed bump. Like the king of Saudi Arabia said “Trump is like a small stone in your sandal, wait and it will be removed soon”.

They will continue their “Fundamental Transformation of America” into a Communist shit-hole like Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela, and then they will blame President Donald Trump and the American patriots for it all.

And Half of America will believe them.

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