Constitutional Emergency

Recently I got notice from a dear friend, who is militia, and involved with many things to try and save this great Country of ours.   Evidently many people have been working silently for 18 months now, and as of today they now have millions of people who have signed on to this.   They have put together the Plan, which will explain what they are doing.   This is kind of like Convention of the States, but on steroids.    Don't just say it won't work, but read what I have on my webpage and click the link to take you to the originator's page.   It is important to remember that our Declaration of Independence tells us what we need to do when our government if out-of-control, tyrannical and corrupt.  I believe we have reached that more than enough and have been patient more than enough.   The last link on my webpage takes you right to The Liberty Restoration Committee's website, and they give you a mountain of information to take in, but it is worth looking at.....!the-liberty-res...

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Pretty interesting Patricia, I will read more before I make any comments pro or con.

Thanks for posting.

Thank you for your time in reviewing...I am getting many good responses to this from my Patriot Friends on Facebook.   I will look for your response when you are finished reviewing.  It is quite extensive.

Can you imagine the power and gravitas that would be engendered if all of these groups could just get together and join up to present a united front?  Unbeatable!

Judith.. Your right. The key to success is always Unity. The Left knows that that's why all their avenues of attack center on division. "Divide and conquor" philosophy is as old as time. If our reasons to unite were greater than their reasons to divide we'd win hands down. Unfortunatly the Left has played their hand better than us so far. Seems like it's easier to be pessimistic than optimistic. At the same time they are using division to seperate people to achieve their goals they are unifying under a common banner to rule those who they have divided. The UN is today's Tower of Babel where they are unifying around a common goal to give birth to the New World Order.

Mike, The establishment right wants us divided as well. We can not unite as long as we keep dividing along liberal and conservative lines. I suggest shake a hand with a liberal .bury the hatchet. Agree to disagree, And then unite under the flag of liberty and beat back tyranny. We can always argue the smaller social issues under a healthy constitution.

Kevin... Your ABSOLUTLY right. I agree 100%. Our founding documents built an amazing structure for unity while allowing for individual rights and freedoms. They are so nearly perfect that those who wish to control others can only do so by disregarding them. They have posited the idea that these documents are living and breathing and should change with time. Many of us disagree and feel that because people change with time, and in many cases not for the better that these documents should remain static and in force. There is the rub.

You got that right, but I have noticed lately a lot of unity.   Those out west are uniting with many of us in the eastern part of the US about the land grabs and the unlawful imprisonment of 30 men in prison right now, who are mostly ranchers and Christians.  I think things are getting so bad that people are realizing that you either unite or lose everything.  I know a lot of people here in Ohio that are working every month to make things better, as I got involved with many of them who are the militia and III% er's.  Very nice people who care about other people.  They are the ones who shared this Plan with me.  I am confident if we all stick together on what we can do to correct this mess, we can win!

My first reading of the documents reflect to me what we need in America.  Oh, many will freak, wring hands, shout, maybe lament it's impossible to's not if we unify across our nation.  Anyone, no matter that political, economical, religious, or any other description that does not view our nation as on the last gasps of freedom and civility and needing restoration is simply self-serving and a danger to human freedom as we have known it.

The one thing I picked up on in the proposed Constitution For America is the missing definition of "natural born citizen" in Article III.........that needs attention.

I am downloading all the documents to study closer.  

A large and well done effort to start toward Constitutional Restoration in America. 

Glad you think this is good!   I am getting the same from many people who know a lot about the Constitution.   I think this could really save America, but like you said we all have to stick together on this and do our part to get it done.

I'm so glad they have added Yoho's Res. 693 to their webpage. Hopefully they will get behind this action and make some calls... Incouraging!!

Where did you find the Resolution on their website.  I was looking for it, but could not find it...Thanks

Patricia it's listed under NEWS Section.



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