Our government sees no need in telling the truth. And why should they when most of America will believe whatever they say. Weapons of mass destruction, Benghazi, gun free zones make people safer, The Russians caused Hillery to lose the election and in and on. Now we have the FBI releasing photographs of the supposed airplane attack on the Pentagon. The have the the "cahones" to show people the PROOF of their outright lies and people can't see the truth even when they look at it!!! 7 photos only one showing some airplanes parts that would fit in the back of 2 pickup trucks. On 9/11 flight 77 left Dulles airport bound for Los Angeles. "Supposedly terrorists hijacked the plane and flew it into the Pentagon. Is it just me? Am I the only one asking the obvious questions? Where are all the plane parts? The fuselage? The engines, the wings, the seats, the baggage, THE DEAD BODIES??.
I don't remember any interviews with the next of kin of those killed or any funeral service of ANY of the passengers. Why we're all the security cameras turned off except one (an oversite error perhaps). Why was the photo of what looked like a missle hitting the Pentagon shown only once (another error?) never to be seen again.
I'm appalled, dumbfounded and down right mad that 1. That People are so darn stupid and 2. The government can get away with these blatant lies and coverups. Can anyone looking at these photos and believe a large passenger plane hit the Pentagon and all that remains are a handful of plane parts?
It's things like this that explain why our country is in the condition it's in. I have faith but it's not in our government OR the American people as a whole.

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Old Rooster thank you SO MUCH for posting this article. People need to share it as the writer said as it will get NO press coverage. Kudos to the tiny nation of Switzerland for defending their culture and their way of life and not caving the assaults by Muslims using political correctness and so-called "Religious Liberty" to diswade them. The Nations of the world need to realize that Islam is more a political system than a religious one. People should not be fooled assuming that Muslims immigrating to other nations will submit to that countries constitution and its laws. Again, the Hadith clearly says: " The ONLY government that can exist is the government of Sheria Law, that is absolute, it cannot be changed, altered or compromised in any way ever. No other religion has its own form of government and enforces it on others in which noncompliance means death. And here's my BIG BEEF....it's time people speak up and at the forefront should be the Church. Instead of our religious leaders compromising the Word of God and encouraging assimilation since they say, " we all worship the same God we just call Him by different names. ( a Rabbi told me that the other day and I was so shocked I couldn't speak!!).
Since the Church is the keeper of Gods Truth and Proclaims to rightly divide the Word of God, they are responsible for combating error when it comes to the teaching of eternal things. The unsaved do not know the Truth, "to the unsaved the things of God are foolishness to the natural man". Next each nations leaders are responsible for making sure their nations heritage and customs, constitutions and rules of law are protected and not compromised. I see "so-called political correctness and religious freedom being used to transform the nations of the world proclaiming it will produce freedom for all when in truth it accomplishes just the opposite. My advice for the Church: return to the Word of God. Look at your history without denominational bias and see where you've erred and strayed from the Truth. Where your doctrine is in opposition to the Word of God, drop your doctrine. And you Church leaders, you are Shepards, Not CEO's. Shepard know each of their flock personally, they spend time with them (not just Sunday). They protect them from danger and lead them to good pastures. STOP BUILDING hugh buildings you mistakingly call "Churches" people are the Church not your buildings. Confess your past sins of antisemitisum which started from almost the enception of the New Testament Church when they separated from the Jewish believers. Realize your doctrine of replacement theology is wrong, the Jews are still Gods chosen people you have not replaced them you have only been grafted into them, so stop your boasting and support them. Realize that Israel is the land given them by God which was first promised to Abraham so stop supporting the Palastinians. Remember you who believe these errors and teach them to others will be held accountable at the judgement seat of Christ. Old Rooster as you said earlier people are leaving the Church and many are leaving because God is revealing the Truth to them along with the errors within the various denominations. In many cases churches should have Icobod over their doors (The glory of the Lord has departed). I want everyone to know that I say these things out of my love for the Church. I have experienced first hand the consiquences of their errors. I feel like a voice crying in the wilderness "make straight the way of the Lord". It's time for the Church to get back to the Word of God. Realize that doctrine is just that it's doctrine written by men, men who are subseptible to error and prone to being bias towards their own particular beliefs.
As the senate votes on the next Supreme Court judge the left has promised to oppose the presidents nominee and the right threatens to use the "nuclear option". A couple things are obvious to me: the idea of working together is dead. The truth is the left would oppose ANY of the presidents nominees. Another thing that is obvious is that those voting have said that "ideology is the "most important" quality when considering those who serve on the Supreme Court. Think about that for a minute......... Ideology: noun.. A system of ideas and ideals especially one that forms the basis of economic and POLITICAL theory and policy. (Caps are mine). Notice that they have moved from judicial qualifications and put economic and political beliefs at the forefront of what qualifies to serve on the Supreme Court?? This is another step where our elected leaders have moved away from the founders intent and in my opinion it is based on the ideas of how our elected leaders view our founding documents. The left see them as fluid, ever needing to be changed as people change. In fact many on the left feel they need to be done away with all together. They are from centuries past and are not apprapoe for today. How foolish it is to look to ideology as the most important qualification and disregard a nominees judicial record. If you were choosing to hire an auto mechanic would you hire one based in his experience in repairing automobiles? Would his opinions on say global warming or abortion be your primary consideration? The reason it's so easy for some of us to see the truth is that unlike the left we put the countries best interest first. The left cares only about their ideology putting the interest of the nation and its founding ideals at the low end of the totem pole or disregard them all together. Our nation is more disfunction than ever before and I personally do not see any return to functionality any time soon.
Another thought and comment... I want to first of all thank "Dirty Harry" Reid for making the nuclear option possible. They made it possible because they never thought the right would control the branches of government and the Whitehouse that they currently control. And they never thought Trump would run let alone win!! And most of all "they underestimated the silent majority". Truly "pride cometh before a fall". Now it's come back to bite them in the butt.

Michael, As usual - You are SPOT-On right about the Dummycrats making "Ideology" the most important issue in selecting a Supreme Court Justice. California Senator Dianne Feinstein said her biggest fear is that Judge Gorsuch would vote to uphold and follow the original Constitution....... Can you imagine that !! I Supreme Court Justice that might even consider upholding the Constitution !! ???    WOW - How freakin Radical is THAT ,,,,,, !!!!!!

People like Ms. Feinstein and Senator Harry Reid, Chuck Schummer, and all the other Lame-brain liberals not only believe the Constitution is some kind of "Living" document that needs to  be changed with the voting fever of the society at any given time,,,,,,,,, But they also really believe the US Constitution should be done away with entirely. Erase it all and just simply makes new rules and laws as they go along, things changing with each new administration or each shift in the political winds of time.

If that kind of political philosophy is not National suicide then nothing ever will be.
They know that and the only reason they believe they can get away with creating a system like that is because they believe that THEY should be the rulers and dictators forever. If ever allowed they would make a law (The only Law written in stone) is one that says they are now America's permanent rulers and dictators, They could never be impeached or voted out of power.

That's why they are so bent out of shape right now, they can't imagine how in hell could someone like Donald Trump ever legally "Win" an election and throw THEM out of office !!!!! ???
They still can not reconcile the idea or the fact that they (Hillary Clinton) lost  ...... It's impossible, it can't happen........ And they are going to work to make damn sure it never happens again.

As far as I'm concerned the first time someone in Obama's private army pulls a trigger it will be game-on and over. My weapons are loaded and ready.

Spot on Old Rooster. We all know the reason the Dems want open boarders... because illegals mostly vote democratic and I have a feeling that they thought enough illegals had come in to assure them the victory. Remember Osama Obama telling the illegals to vote that they would not be prosecuted?? The fricking nerve of these people. This is also the reason they are hell bent on allowing Muslims into the country reguarless of the danger they present in doing so. But don't take it from me let me give you some statistics from Pew, The center for security policy and finally a quote from Omar Ahmad the co-founder of the council on American-Islamic Relations. Pew. First of all why they want Islamic immigration . 70% of Muslim immigrants who vote vote democratic only 11% vote republican, but their so obsessed with money, power and control heres what they also know but could care less about. Muslims are the only major religious group projected to increase faster than the world population as a whole. The estimated change from 2010-2060 is 73% compared to Christians at 35% with all other religions not even close. They are currently the 2nd largest religion in the world as of 2010 1.6 billion and will be the largest religion in the world by 2060. The growth of Muslim children is the largest in the world at 3.1 compared to 2.3 of the other groups. 66% of Muslims view Americans a greedy, 91% favor Sheria law of the 3.3 million Muslims in the US as if 2016 51% believe Sheria should be the legal system in the US. Only 39% feel they should be governed by US law. 60% of US Muslim youth are more loyal to Islam than the US. And knowing full well (they read statistics)! They are still willing to allow them entry because when they vote they almost exclusively vote democratic. Now I'll leave you with the words of Omar Ajman: " Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Quran should be the highest authority in America and Islam the only accepted religion on earth". And this from the leader of the largest American-Islamic relations group in America with its headquarters welcomed with open arms and based in Washington D.C. It's time America takes these statistics and Muslim beliefs to heart and our leaders that continue to not only allow but encourage and break our laws that allow immigration should be tried for treason.

Here's another reason these liberals and democrats want to allow and even increase the numbers of immigrants to come into the country;
Under the current (Obama) immigration policy the Federal Government pays the State where they have been re-located an average of $1,750 per month - - for each and every one of them, Man, Woman, and each child.
Multiply that out just a little and see why California wants them.
$1,750 x 10,000 = $17,500 per month,,,,,,
Multiply that by how many has California take in,,,,, 500,000 - 1 million ???
Just the number I used here, 10,000 x 12 = $210 Million annually. Now how many has California taken in?

It was also reported here on PFA that Obama has redirected funds intended for the Non-Government agencies to relocate these people to his own 501-c4 group OFA and has siphoned off $650 Million into his own bank accounts.
If that bastard has figured out how to do that then how much is Jerry Brown and Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi gotten ???

Would our Government really lie to us ??
Naaay, just your imaginations....

Old Rooster... I must of missed that post... you know what's sad? This stuff doesn't even surprise me anymore. My first thought is why aren't these non-governmental agencies that are being effected crying fowl?? The sad part that's really infuriating is that the little we know is so damaging to the nation and we are only seeing the tip of the iceberg.... our own countrymen, our leaders that swore an oath have betrayed that oath and us. I'm sicken in my heart. It breaks my heart to see what I have learned from history to to be the greatest form of government to have ever been created being destroyed by those who have benefited from it. I can only think of Judas who Christ took to Himself, whom He truly loved and brought within His inner circle knowing he was stealing from their purse that held their funds, knowing Judas would betray Him loved him still and Judas repays that love by betraying Him for 30 pieces of silver. Judas was angry at Jesus and ripe for satans influence because Jesus didn't fit "his" idea of what the Messiah was suppose to be and was suppose to do. "Free the Jews from Roman oppression.
The left is angry because the country is not moving (like Judas) in the direction of their choosing so like Judas they are selling us out for so many pieces of silver. This is the way they are repaying us who have worked and faithfully paid our taxes, who have put their very lives on the line for the country, who have allowed them to assume positions of authority saying they would faithfully serve and then betrayed us.
I thank Our Heavenly Father for His love and forgiveness but you know what else I'm thankful for?
His justice. His throne of judgement. They are sacrificing an eternity of unspeakable joy in the very presence of God for temporary power and wealth. They are selling their very souls for that which moths can eat and and rust will corrupt. I pity them, some of them like Esau have sold their birthright for a bowl of porridge. "Professing to be wise, they became fools"...
JockPatriot... thank you for you posts. Ann Von Reitz's response to the Bunfy trial was very informing as to what the Bundy's could of done. Her statements on the advice she gave them which they didn't heed is mostly over my head, but I do believe she knows what she's talking about. I want to find time to research her ideas. Thanks again for your post hope everyone take the time to go through it.

Your welcome Michael, most of Judge Anna's posts are first at http://www.paulstramer.net/. I've heard a couple of the calls and Roger Dowdell has been helping them, hoping he's working to get this fixed. Judge Anna knows about our friend Terry's situation, she says she tried to help. It's all complicated, still trying to understand so if you know any more please let me know. This is on her facebook at https://www.facebook.com/avonreitz/posts/1294677357248008

The plain fact is that if these people had followed our advice or even just paid attention to the Public Law they wouldn't be arrested. There would be no big controversy.

I've also been getting a lot of mail about the Bundys. Save the Bundys! Save the Bundys!

The Bundys have had the benefit of my advice and the facts since Day One of their arrest. I explained it to them and I will explain it to all of you again.

United States Citizens and "citizens of the United States" have no constitutional rights. At most, they have "equal civil rights"-- but those rights are at the discretion of the Congress and the courts. This is why that federal judge felt that she could afford to laugh in their faces and threaten them with contempt of court for mentioning The Constitution.

They are being tried under false presumptions in a court that is totally foreign to them. They are being tried as "US citizens" and with the possible exception of Ryan Bundy, they have done absolutely nothing to rebut that presumption.

They could get an authenticated copy of their Birth Certificate, , accept it as "Drawee" on the front of the document and then endorse it over on the back to the United States of America, U.S. Treasury Without Recourse--- and make Steven T. Mnuchin the Fiduciary responsible for AMMON BUNDY, for example.

That would very neatly separate them from the PERSON that is on trial.

They could also post a very hefty Private Registered Indemnity Bond with the Treasury and use that to insure (indemnify) themselves against any charges brought against AMMON BUNDY---- which is just a ledger ACCOUNT that the rats in Nevada are bent on pillaging.

They could ask to see the Bid and Performance Bond related to their case. If they did this in open court the clerk would poop green goo, but have no choice but to produce the incriminating evidence.

They could then accept those Bid and Performance Bonds for Value, charge them off against their Indemnity Bond, and return it to the same laughing Judge and make her laugh out of the other side of her ugly face.

And if no Bid and Performance Bonds were forthcoming, the Prosecutor would have to pay for the whole proceedings out of his pocket and the Judge would have to dismiss.

There have to be two dozen things that they could do to walk out of that court as free men, but no, they won't listen.

Just like Bruce Doucette wouldn't listen. And Michael R. Hamilton won't listen. And Randy Drew wouldn't listen. And Terry Trussell wouldn't listen. And Tim Turner wouldn't listen. And so many, many, many others.

Here's her article today.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Your Mission, Jim, If You Decide to Accept It.....

By Anna Von Reitz

Everyone --every American-- needs to stop a moment and focus on this one true thought: that thing that you have thought of all your life as your government, isn't your government.   
Say it over and over and over.  Write it down if you need to.  Really, truly, think about this fact and what it means: its not your government.  
Your government has been dormant, left on a shelf for 150 years. 
Repeat as many times as necessary.    
This circumstance was accomplished via fraud and deceit and illegal usurpation; as a result, you have a chance to restore your lawful and actual government. 
Repeat as many times as necessary.  
To restore your lawful government you have to decide to function as an American state national, for example, a Texan or a Wisconsinite,  not as a "United States citizen".  
You need to inform the federal authorities of your decision and retire from any presumption of federal service. The exact means to do this quickly and cleanly is being refined and will be made available. 
The next step is to form your local unincorporated jural assemblies.  
The jural assemblies then restore your local unincorporated land jurisdiction government, including your county courts.  
The counties then form your lawful land jurisdiction state.  
The states then send delegates to a Continental Congress, and whatever changes need to be made, get made.  
This is the mission.  All other missions are subordinate to and depend on this one. 
This is a lot of work, but it isn't insurmountable.  In the process of doing this work you will rediscover your history, restore your courts, fill your vacated public offices, and resume operation of your own lawful government.  
Because every county and state is unique and has its own history, this isn't a cookie-cutter proposition.  
The good news is that other counties have broken the trail for you and they stand ready to help you. 
The Michigan General Jural Assembly hosts a nationwide conference call every Thursday night beginning at 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.  The call-in number is: 1-712-770-4160, Access Code: 226823#.  [Please note the change from "4170" to "4160". I had the wrong number posted in a couple places---typo.]
They also host a website at: http://1stmichiganassembly.info
And from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Thursday, they have established a Hotline: 1-989-450-5522.   

Thanks to the Michigan General Jural Assembly, you won't have to recreate the wheel and won't have to face this daunting task alone.

JockPatriot, Thanks for the info and page links to Anna Von Reitz. She is very good and does have a lot of very good ideas and information. Like Michael Regan said, Most of it is over my head.
The problems that the Bundy's have, and Terry Trussell, and in fact all of us,,, Is that there is no real clear way to deal with this rouge Government. De-Jour or De-Facto Governments, Re-written and re-instituted Constitutions, Are we "Citizen's" of some phony or high-jacked Constitution or are we supposed to be citizen's of our own individual State, ie - The Republic of Texas ,???? Nevada, Maine, Missouri ???
A couple of my friends down here in Texas that have been trying that, Declared themselves Nationals of the State of Texas.....
All that sounds ok, and it may be good. But here's my problem with that;
Just as we have seen so many times in the past few years when the Federal Government decides they are going to shoot your ass - -  holding up a plaque that says "You can't shoot me - I'm A National of Texas"""
It's NOT going to stop a bullet, And it's not going to stop them from blowing your freakin head off. Ask Lavoy Finnicum.

Do we as "citizens" of something or someplace (State/Nation/Country), actually have any real Constitutional rights???
NO - - - According to Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Harry Reid we DO NOT HAVE ANY "CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS",,,,, Period. We have only those "rights" that the Government chooses to allow us to have,,, at any given point in time. 
According to most of the people that run our Government we the people do NOT have ANY rights at all,, What we have are "Privileges" granted to us by THEM, and those "Privileges" are temporary at best and can be denied any time someone in the Government decides to revoke them,,,, For what ever reason they decide is appropriate, at that minute.
Ask this Judge in Nevada on the Bundy case, she will tell you real quick NO - Stick that old Rag Constitution where the Sun don't shine baby, The Constitution does NOT exist anymore and YOU Don't have any "Rights".

That's my thoughts on that and I think you can guess what my response would be to anyone that says they think we can vote them all out..........

Now as far as this Karl P. Koenigs is concerned he has been banned from this PFA forum site since 2014. "Captain Karl Koenig " was the very first person to attempt to hijack OAS away from Col. Riley. He attempted to claim that OAS was all his idea and HE was the leader of it all. He tried to get everyone to go to Nevada instead of going to D.C.
Karl P. Koenigs deserves a very vary large piece of the credit for helping OAS to FAIL,,,,,,,,

If ever I get the chance I will treat him with the same "Respect" that I will Senator Dianne Feinstein or Harry Reid.

And THAT's all I'm gona say about that ......................

Thanks JockPatriot, at least you got my blood pressure up a little.

HERE is what I think of the courts in Nevada Bundy case, Hammonds in Oregon, Florida Trussell case, and many others.
These courts and judges have thrown out the Constitution of The United States of America and replaced it with their own rule of "Law". Laws made up by these judges and courts to suit their own needs and philosophies as THEY wish, when they wish.
This type of thing is not new by any stretch of the imagination, these things have been happening all over the planet since the beginning of time. They are tyrants. The Democrats / socialists and Communists never expected the American people to stand up in sufficient numbers to defeat Hillary Clinton and their cabal in 2016.

President Donald J. Trump is never going to be able to clean out that swamp by himself, And right now it doesn't appear to be anyone willing to stand along side and support him.

HERE is what I think of from this Court and judge in the Bundy trials and the others. These are OBAMA"s courts and judges....... Nevada judge Navarro can only be compared to Hitler's judge Freisler, Hitler's BLOOD Judge. Judge Navarro is Obam'a's  and Harry Reids BLOOD Judge,.




Old Rooster... thanks for that bit of history on OAS... it's good for people to know who weren't here (as myself) when these things took place.. thanks also for laying out in laymens terms an overviewof what seems to have happened and continues to happen in our judicial system. And again your right, Trump will not be able to clean the swamp by himself and people like McCain and others are going to be a continual thorn in his side. The Left will continue to lay down "heavy suppressing fire" in the form of unending accusations and allegations with the idea of having him spend his time playing defense instead of offense. Like you said the left never in their wildest dreams, not for a moment thought Trump would beat Hillary so now their fangs are out and their going nuclear.
Fienstien let her true beliefs out and the truth of where we stand as you quoted "The American people do not have rights they have privileges" and they take them away as we see fit. And as has been stated here before and those of us who have done our homework know, we have two governments in operation. One we see and a shadow government we do not see which is in actual control. The one seen is simply a straw man which keeps up the facacade that things are normal and we still have our constitutional rights. If Trump doesn't already know this he will soon enough. Then we will see his true heart and who he really is. Well he try to take the shadow government down, or is it just too big and powerful? If that is the case will he at least expose it to the American people or will he like all others before him keep quiet and go along with this treason. Time will tell...



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