It has now been admitted by the current administration that the birth certificate shown to the American people in April 2011 was, indeed, forged. The controversy continues as a ballot challenge in the state of New Jersey threatens to cripple an entire presidency. In an attempt to show that the birth certificate had no bearing on eligibility, the attorney for Mr Obama admitted in court that the document was a forgery.

Throughout the past 3yrs, there has been a Presidential candidate, John A Dummett Jr (pronounced do-may), who has been trying to set the record straight. His ingenuity in filing against the DNC, Democratic Party, & the Secretaries of State, which do have the burden of proof to vet any candidate they place on the ballot, has been overlooked, knocked down for all sorts of reasons. Mr Dummett, a Republican candidate, actually went to court himself, & was granted "Standing" by the 9th Circuit Court, to file. However, it has been one excuse or delay after another which has drawn this out to 8 months, & even the "no show" by the defendant & his attorney in the Georgia case barely caused a ripple. All throughout, the mainstream media has remained silent. It may be this that is causing such confusion & disbelief on the part of the public.

The questions are countless. Where has Congress been on this? Why has this President been allowed to make end runs around Congress without repercussions? It was not until a month ago that a member of Congress introduced a bill calling for impeachment proceedings should Mr Obama attempt, again, to take the U.S. into a war without the consent of Congress.

I'm leaving this open. I have my opinions, but I would like to hear from others, & gather more information, as this is the most critical issue facing Americans today.

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they had 3 yrs to come down on obama, obama is hiding all his papers, no one knowes $hit, 20+commie czars, tax money from the citizens ????where has it gone, nobody knows,  the list goes on & on & on.....obama will go into war, and nothing will be done....we are setting on a powder  keg, and its about ready to go off....

I think he may get what's coming to him. He over-reached. Blew it. His handlers are NOT going to like it...

Thanks for posting this Joyce, Good discussion although most of this issue has already been tossed around for nearly three years now, and just when we start to think everthing that could be said or done, has already been done or said, along comes some new info from previously unheard of source. I recieved an email from a friend today that says FOX news has scheduled a broadcast for Sunday evening, April 22nd, (:pm eastern 8:00pm Central time. The message indicated that FOX news will expose Obama and all his communist/marxist and Muslim FAMILY and connections.
Also in the case of the Birth certificate, Even though they have now admitted that the BC posted on the White House web site is indeed a forgery, (and they now claim that doesn't matter) That forged birth certificate was used to try to perpetrate a fraud against the American people, his Social Security number and also the forged Selective Service papers all constitute fraud. And THAT alone should be enough to impeach him and also to charge him and all those involved with fraud and treason. It may just turn out that now that they have admitted the BC is a forgery, and that forgery was used to perpetrate a fraud against the American people, we may not need anything further. That may be what we need.

Ronald, the show you mention is a big fraud.  The show email has gone around for several years, changing the date and time, but the info remaining the same.  FOX will NOT do something as stupid as this, because they would get investigated by the FCC or whoever in the Obama Administration.  Why do you think they let Glenn Beck go - who was a money bomb for the network?  You can continue to believe the info bout the show, but try watching it or DVRing it, and you will get nothing but the regular show scheduled for that hour.

I DO agree with you about impeachment; he is nothing more than a fraud himself - a mouthpiece for Soros and his rich minions that want to end the USA and set up a Socialist Dictatorship with the idiot in charge.  He knows how to give a speech but everything else is a nothing!

Well, I would like to find out one way or another!! I'm going to look like a fool if I tell friends to watch & there is nothing there.

I don't doubt it's phony, it didn't happen the last ime that message went around, but it would be nice if they did it. I'll take a look just in case, but my wife likes something else that's on at the same time so we probably wont watch anyway. Just thought I'd mention it just in case.

I'm sorry to say this, but I don't like being fooled. And, how can ANY show be more important to watch than one dedicated to exposing Obama & his CZARS?!?! This country is in the breakdown lane!! It's going to take everything AND everyone we've got to tow her out.

Barrack Obama is a total fabrication. We'll never know anything true about him, because we only hear what they want to tell us about this non existent media persona. Then again, we know all that we need to know. How he tries to dismantle  and destroy our freedoms and our Constitution. How he constantly does everything possible to weaken our Country by bankrupting our economic system, while uttering that we need change because capitalism doesn't work. His lies go well beyond hypocricy and demagoguery... If we survive this socialist onslaught, we need to take measures to protect our Constitutional Government against this sort of travesty ever occurring again.

If congress hasn't taken any steps to stop or censure him, they are not going to now. Those, republicans that we elected on 2010, who were going to put the Country back on the right path, have done nothing but sell out to the progressive political machine. Except for Ron Paul and a few other honest congressmen, they should all be placed on a one way, steamship to communist china, where they'll do as much good there, as they do here.



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