Constitutional Emergency

     We have seen on tv, read in books, that a LINE IN THE SAND was drawn at the Alamo. Men crossed the line knowing they were going to die. Die to stay free. To not be controled by a man that had become the  sole leader of a country. A country they did not want to be a part of. It is said that he used a sword or saber, to draw this line. We, as believers of God and freedom, have to cross the line. But, all that is done is, WE JUST MOVE THE LINE!!!!! The line in the sand has been moved so many times, that the sword has become a small letter opener. When will we finally draw the line, and not move it again! What has to happen? Muslims all over our country are forcing sharia law one our children and the general public! Dearborn Mi., has all but given up to them. Christians there are being stoned with rocks, bottles and anything that can be thrown! But, we stand by and let it happen. Even the police, which were there and were asked for help, did nothing. Christians leaving church, have had bags of human waste thrown at them. This happened in Tenn. Fl. and Miss. But still we do nothing. Kids in public schools have had to LIVE AS A MUSLIM for a week. Dress talk and pray as a muslim for a whole week. If they do not, they fail the whole class! I have had AMERICAN FLAGS pulled down on the road going to our cabin here in Montana. Not on our driveway, which is 1/2 mile long, but on the main road coming in. Have not seen them doing it, but know for sure, the muslims that moved in up here are the ones doing it. That is another story. We have police, that are doing nappies dirty work. Stops and checkpoints just to ask for YOUR PAPERS! What is that? Have a state cop here, that told me "I have a hundred reasons to pull you over." One hundred of HIS laws that give him the right to stop you. Asked him where they were in writting, didn't need to have it.. True there are a lot of police that believe in the Constitution, and more are doing so everyday. I guess what I am asking, are we going to do something-anything, before all we have is the handle of our saber? Our country is really #@$ked up! As always, " I live my life, that when my feet hit the floor in the morning, the devil and muslims say " OH CRAP!!! HE IS AWAKE!!!"

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