The Marxists/Fascists are now labeling Westboro Baptist Church as 'Tea Party' - "Tea Party Will Picket Christina Greene´s Funeral"

http://www. 210649 (you will have to copy and paste the link into your search bar. You will also have to put the url together. Notice I put a space inbetween www. (sp) american.......)


Patriots, I know this makes you angry like it does me, but, we need to do more than get angry and leave comments here. We need to debunk this projection. We need to call into our local radio shows, write letters to editors of local and national newspapers. Some will print them and some won't. But if we don't make the effort NONE will be posted.


To the universal church of Christ (not speaking about denomination but the whole church), you are not allowed to stay in your pews and pretend to ignore this. In Scripture we are told how to recognize sheep from snares (you will know them by their fruits). Elders are to use church discipline and that structure is laid out for them and us as the church. What do you do? You confront it in and with truth! Where? On local and national radio shows and write letters to editors. You go on sites and post the truth and facts. Not the sites where we already know this, but on sites where they don't know the difference between the westboro baptist church or the baptist church down the road from them. It's time to do church discipline publicly because we didn't handle it in the church and it's become a national disgrace. This nation suffers under the westboro cult.


I also don't mean for you to go in and do the witnessing, I mean go in and do church business on topic! Westboro is a cult claiming to be Christians. Are they Christians? According to Scripture, they are not.

Are we suppose to judge? YES! Read the full context of that most misquoted verse in Scripture (judge not lest ye be judged). There is a full context there that people leave out. On down it tells you how to judge. We make judgment calls every single day of our lives. Don't let people brow beat you with that misquoted chopped up verse taken out of context. Know it and speak it. Church this is it, you/we don't have the luxury of staying in our pews and ignoring what is going on around us. We cannot play the "let's all get along and the let's think positive thoughts" games anymore.


Christ was/is not a winnie that cowered and wouldn't confront the religious people of His day. Christ confronted those who did evil in His Fathers name.


Is Christ our example to live by or not? Is Scripture given us to live by or not?











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Just shows the desperation of the left...they know we are awake and they are loosing.

I have read that so called church has now dropped going to protest at the little girl's funeral.

I had read Tea Party people were going to join other people to keep a deep line from the so called

church people and they family of this child.  Anything else said is of course nonsense.

Jo Dermody


One the murders that happened were NOT because of the Tea Party. The loon was left leaning looking at his choice of reading material like Animal Farm, Marx's Manefesto and Hitler's Mein Kampf. Also he was a homo. Conservatives do NOT like homos too well. As for that church protesting, FORGETTABOUTIT!! They just passed a law in AZ making it illegal to do so.
IMPORTANT: Westboro decides not to protest Christinas funeral via KOLD 13 Church agrees 2 not protest slain child's funeral-KOLDNews13 Plz Read, WE need to plan to counter wherever they show up
Not according to their spokesperson who said they won't be coming down for tomorrow at all.  And they are planning to protest at Judge Roll's fruneral still as of the noon news in AZ.  But they won't be allowed too close to his funeral itself; the law did get signed this morning too.
Twana and all other patriots here, you cannot argue with idiots and that is what all these people on the left are in point of fact.  Having read the blogs on other sites, especially the leftist liberal blog, I have come to the conclusion that they will make up their minds despite being presented with the facts of any situation.  As for the Westboro Boobtist Church ( and I use the "Church" label with a big tongue in my cheek), they are a bunch of loons and love the attention the leftists shower on them.  They are not  Christian by any definition of the word.  We need to remember that we are adamant supporters of the United States Constitution and the First Amendment of the same, which gives us all the right to worship and say the things we will, even if the things we say or the way we worship make us seem idiotic.  All we can do is stand up for Jesus and our Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit, speaking the truth in the spirit of love.  We must be conscious of being too reactive when people say or do things which seem to be persecuting us (or derisive of our beliefs).  Jesus stood (and still stands) for truth and love.  He warned us that  these things and times would come; He told us to not despair, not to surrender ourselves to hate, but rather to pray for our enemies and for those who persecute us.  I may make some of you angry or annoyed, but I follow Jesus and honor His life and teachings first, last, and always.  Do not misunderstand me; I get really angry about things said about and done to us, but I try to keep in mind the biblical admonition to "Be ye angry, [but] sin not".  I also try to follow at all times the  Lord Jesus's words "Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy mind, and with all thy soul, ... and thy neighbor as thyself."         
Very well put Felix!

Obviously the writer of that article did not have the courage to put his/her name to it! The writer also does not know the truth... Jared Loughner is not a Tea Party activist, but rather a follower of Karl Marx as evidenced by his favorite writings of fascists and other radicals. Nor is, to my knowledge and understanding, the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas a part of the Tea Party movement. They are perverters of the Scriptures.

And speaking of the Scriptures, Twana, which reference are you speaking of? The "judge not" reference is in all three of the Synoptic Gospels as well as in John... each with a slightly different wording. I suggest being careful how you interpret God's words, because as you say, they can be easily twisted... even by a well meaning Christian. "Murmur not, brethren, one against another, that ye be not judged: behold, the judge standeth before the doors." (Jas 5:9 ASV)

last night i stumbled across some information while trying to get some background on fred phelps (founder of the "familiy cult" of the westboro baptist church).  i've known about them since 2000, when i saw them firsthand in topeka, protesting churches up there (b4 they came up w/ their disgusting idea of protesting military funerals, and now this).  for more information as to why they became what they did, check this out:

i went & read the american chronicle article, & read the wannabe author's profile:  this guy is trying to pass himself off as an "independent patriot"...   but, he's really a how he's trying to portray himself:


"I am an independent American patriot who respects the United States Constitution, liberty, and the dedicated men and women who serve our nation in the United States military."


sure he does.l..   when scrolling thru titles of his other articles, i thought maybe he was a libertarian; but there's too much hatred for conservatism...   he's  definitely a troll...

Troll, certainly, and absolutely a loon. His rants throughout his articles are truly vicious. He certainly has calling good evil, and evil good, down to a science. Sheesh.



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