Constitutional Emergency

The Marxists/Fascists are now labeling Westboro Baptist Church as 'Tea Party' - "Tea Party Will Picket Christina Greene´s Funeral"

http://www. 210649 (you will have to copy and paste the link into your search bar. You will also have to put the url together. Notice I put a space inbetween www. (sp) american.......)


Patriots, I know this makes you angry like it does me, but, we need to do more than get angry and leave comments here. We need to debunk this projection. We need to call into our local radio shows, write letters to editors of local and national newspapers. Some will print them and some won't. But if we don't make the effort NONE will be posted.


To the universal church of Christ (not speaking about denomination but the whole church), you are not allowed to stay in your pews and pretend to ignore this. In Scripture we are told how to recognize sheep from snares (you will know them by their fruits). Elders are to use church discipline and that structure is laid out for them and us as the church. What do you do? You confront it in and with truth! Where? On local and national radio shows and write letters to editors. You go on sites and post the truth and facts. Not the sites where we already know this, but on sites where they don't know the difference between the westboro baptist church or the baptist church down the road from them. It's time to do church discipline publicly because we didn't handle it in the church and it's become a national disgrace. This nation suffers under the westboro cult.


I also don't mean for you to go in and do the witnessing, I mean go in and do church business on topic! Westboro is a cult claiming to be Christians. Are they Christians? According to Scripture, they are not.

Are we suppose to judge? YES! Read the full context of that most misquoted verse in Scripture (judge not lest ye be judged). There is a full context there that people leave out. On down it tells you how to judge. We make judgment calls every single day of our lives. Don't let people brow beat you with that misquoted chopped up verse taken out of context. Know it and speak it. Church this is it, you/we don't have the luxury of staying in our pews and ignoring what is going on around us. We cannot play the "let's all get along and the let's think positive thoughts" games anymore.


Christ was/is not a winnie that cowered and wouldn't confront the religious people of His day. Christ confronted those who did evil in His Fathers name.


Is Christ our example to live by or not? Is Scripture given us to live by or not?











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No idea exactly what I can do but last I saw our conservative leader he was crying before congress. The conservative base is the most ignored and least appreciated ....check that...Democrats look upon the black vote with more contempt then republicans hold the conservative base but we are a close second.

Westboro not coming for Christine's funeral, only Judge Roll's. but Brewer signed the bill passed yesterday to block them from coming too close, or harassing the families.
How much more EVIL is there to come from these bone heads, we need to splash them with holy water,and see if they stop.



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