The most
No Trespass sign
On the planet!

Your first line of defense is your property line. Protect it with our powerful, legally intimidating No Trespassing signs. Thousands of these huge 18" x 24" aluminum signs have been installed on urban and rural land all over America and they have proven to be a significant deterrent against trespass by government agents and other would-be intruders. Determine for yourself by clicking on the image below.

                                                          No Trespassing Sign


Ron Ewart, a nationally known author and speaker on freedom and property issues and author of his weekly column, "In Defense of Rural America", is the President of the National Association of Rural Landowners, (NARLO)  ( a non-profit corporation headquartered in Washington State and dedicated to restoring, maintaining and defending property rights for urban and rural landowners.  Mr. Ewart is now engaged in a plan to expose the Internal Revenue Service with his website ( He can be reached for comment at, or by phone at 1 800 682-7848.

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Go directly to the sign here:

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These are good, thank you.

Sounds like a plan... I remember my Dad running the "tax man" off our farm with a shotgun when I was a kid!lol  He never returned and that was the end of it.  Those were the days....... I was thinking there may be some folks who could make good use of these signs.... and be sure to read Ewart's fiasco with the IRS.  Amazing how they think they can get by with all this!!!


I live in a condo?

Heya Joe, Ya pays yer money --It's your place ! Your ' Castle ' if ya will. The threshold at the front door ( or the rear door, window, etc,) is your moat. Especially if ya own the condo. But irregardless, you have the right to be reasonably secure in your domicile & to protect your life, your loved ones' lives, & your property. All states, & most cities, have varying laws tho' & ya should check them out if you're concerned. The Public Library has the stuff on hand & if ya have, or know  a lawyer versed in property rights legalese, or one who can refer you on to one, that might even be better. What is crappy, is that we have to go to all these measures to protect ourselves- lawfully ! Take care man. 

 I couldn't get ' IN ' the site tonite, but I have seen similar signs before. Years ago, I saw an entire Bill of Rights-on a brass plate- measuring 14 " X 20 " on a guy's front door of his house. THAT was impressive, to say the least ! Tho', THEE- most effective notice I ever witnessed, actually working, was one that proclaimed; " Implied Consent Denied ". That's it; 3 words & it stopped officials in their tracks as they discussed it's formidible meaning. As explained to me; it declares that your property is invioble to entry, or crossing over, ( as in a shortcut, etc ). Further, without a notice, such as this, or " No Trespassing ", your property is technically ' open ' to salesmen, or officials, to advance to your front door. That's the ' Implied Consent ' part. It was explained to me that one must provide notice to prevent property entry. The house owners said it worked great at keeping various salespersons away from the afternoon snooze. It was quietly ' suggested ', that officials made sure they had the lawfully required warrants in hand, before coming back & actually knocking on the door. ( As told to me ). This all is not to declare that all persons would heed the ' also Implied '  latent threat of the use of defensive force  behind the notice either, but every ounce of prevention costs just so much ya know. Maybe would save an extended hassle, &, for either party, an unfortunate & untimely ' mishap '.



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