Constitutional Emergency

The Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt demanded that those responsible for blasphemy be prosecuted, and look what's happened:

This is the exact same thing they've been doing to over 200 (I've lost count) of our troops...charge them when terrorists cry foul! They catch and release jihadis to have another go at killing as many of our troops as possible BUT they throw our troops in Leavenworth for doing what we sent them to do! This should make the hair stand up on the back of your neck!


I watched that video, there was not one thing in that video that is not true! Not one! Folks don't get mad at the muslims who do it, they get mad at the ones who tell the truth of what the muslims do! This has got to stop!!!




The Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt demanded that those responsible for blasphemy be prosecuted, and look what's happened:

“Just after midnight Saturday morning, authorities descended on the Cerritos home of the man believed to be the filmmaker behind the anti-Muslim movie that has sparked protests and rioting in the Muslim world.”

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Lets look into this and see if it is blasphemy to tell the truth.

Yes, and let's also make sure what the photo depicted, was he arrested or placed under protection? A previous PFA spoke to bho & hillary apologizing for USA, still have not heard the words or seen them in print; while I am sure they would, I would like to see the transcripts first and where they were aired/printed.

A lot of hair triggers are set around the world right now, let us be sure not to trip one without all of the facts.

I'm really getting tired of being used as a whipping boy by these b******s.  I wonder what would happen if I went to the nearest mosque and stood across the street with a sign that said something to the effect that "Islam is not a religion of peace and all you damn Muslims go back to the stone age country you came from".  I suspect the cops would have me cuffed and stuffed faster than I can type this.  I'm thinking if I can get just one person to go with me I might try it.


ABOUT  where do you live?

I'm not muslim by the way, NOT to worry!

I am not too sure about walking around with a sign, but putting one up in the middle of the night at an appropriate place may be a possibility. Perhaps wired for effect!

I think it is time to stir the pot, let all America see how peace loving the silent muslims really are.

I have a mosque in mind.

When I returned home from the Army in 1970 we were driving north from the town I use to live in and saw these two huge "NIKE" rockets on either side of an inclosed dome and ask what the hell is that?

I had never seen one before. I'll bet someone could fly a mosquito into it if they tried, that was a Dehaviland mosquito of course, JUST KIDDING,.... of course!

John Paul, some advice for you and anyone else who may have thought of doing something similar.  If you're going to put up a sign you have to make it is as sterile as possible.  First you need to remember to always wear gloves.  Get some of those disposable rubber or vinyl gloves they sell in packages of about a half dozen pairs.  When you're completely finished destroy the remaining gloves and the packaging.  Try to buy your paper or poster board in a package, pull one out of the middle and burn the rest.  Be sure to destroy any ashes.  For your marking pens, paint or whatever you're going to use to write up your poster use generic off the shelf stuff.  Again buy in a package and when done destroy everything.  Try to make it somewhere other than your home.  I'm sure you've got the idea by now.  This may sound extreme but then you don't want a visit from the feds. 

Sorry but the First Amendment applies to all U.S. citizens, we don't single people out like you muslims. We don't dehumanize our women, we don't torture those who have different opinions or kill those of different faiths. It looks like Obama's poison has gotten to our law enforcement as well, we the people can trust no one; Martial Law is next.



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