Constitutional Emergency

Take a read and see how fear is used to manipulate the People into abdicating their responsibility for maintaining Liberty in order to gain a little FALSE temporary safety.

Liberty is NOT safe. Crazy people will always do Crazy things. Be it shooting at a school, driving drunk or "Terrorism". Safety cannot be purchased through Government, it may only be financed through the eternal vigilance of a Nation's Citizens; for once that vigilance is defaulted, safety too will be removed.

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Yup and we are being called crazy too
Crazy right wing militia gun nuts, crazy conspiracy theorists, crazy Constitutionalists (Yes, I've actually been called that), crazy anarchists (called that for suggesting that MORE Government is NOT the answer but actually the problem), crazy baby killer (for supporting Gun Rights - shame of it those same people calling me that are the ones supporting abortion on demand).

The fact is, all of those things are inspired by fear. Fear of something that they have no control over and, instead of preparing to deal with it in case something does happen, they prefer to attack and rely on Government to protect them. It's the result of the pussification of the American Male while manning up the American Female. Instead of having a strong, aggressive male with a soft and caring Female - we have the middle of the road milktoast sex roles that are fearful about EVERYTHING and incapable of clear rational thought.

Again, that is most definitely intentionally done and has served its purpose well.



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