Constitutional Emergency

The President has just declared Martial Law and for all residents to stay in there homes until further notice. More to come on this CBS station......... What do You Do?


You are watching TV with the family 3:15 in the afternoon when your show is interrupted by a news flash...... The President has just declared Martial Law and for all residents to stay in there homes until further notice. More to come on this CBS station......... What do You Do?

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  My husband and I are lock and loaded and heading to the North Georgia hills......

How can I join or get I involved in my states militia? How do I find out if there is ond locally and how can I train? Respond And I will vet back in touch with you and offer my private email.

Wendy Williams: start here

SUCH A DAY is when All FEMA, DHS, NSA, CIA and FBI employees that would be involved in such an action put their fingers on their wrist feel their pulse, listen to their breath, realizing full well that a much higher power than Barrack Obama is responsible for their existence and their UNALIENABLE RIGHTS.  As they come to their senses, they then call in sick and then contact and join us to overrun the Oligarch's fetid warren and drag all the traitors out to their richly deserved reward.  

PRAY for JESUS to come quickly!

I am going to stay in my home of course......I don't want to seem uncooperative or, God forbid, radical.

Just a little more on this topic. Thing is, if this were to happen... it will be long, hard and drawn out. No one will be clean and the face of the nation will change. For the oppressors, the push would be to mitigate some sort of demonization, which the MSM and Political body has become so fond of. Problem there is most people with two brain cells to rub together, know their tactics and see it coming. As for those who truly believe in this nation, our Constitution and are committed to doing what is right by our fellow man; this can not be an half-@$$ effort. We should never rush into things, remain calm and seek justice on whatever terms necessary before resorting to anything further.

For those who chose to pray, I say: certainly, and daily. Make no mistake about it though... no one will be sitting this one out. It is that mentality which has gotten us to where we are today. If you love your nation, if you have ever donned the uniform and defended it, if you know the evils of this administration and many before them, then you have a right and a duty to see that these wrongs are rectified.

Just remember, if you seek justification... they drew first blood.

Everything we do when such incidents occur must be responses we have long considered, long prepared for, and we cannot toss answers off the cuff.

    I know exactly what I am doing, because I've a forty year life of experience and planning, however my plans work only for veterans who've been to war.

    I wrote an extensive piece on how to prepare to have a "group", and this is the crucial issue.  If we simply remain as individuals, defending our own little corner, we can watch them come down the street and disarm our neighbors one by one as they arrive.

    Before there is any chance of this being announced, it is time to choose your trusted friends, decide in committee, who has what talents, what skills, and what are decidedly lacking.  With that done, all have to work to get everything covered, and that well includes deciding who is simply not defensible because three out of four at least will be such.

     Tactics depend on people, weapons, and talent, but as much as all that, they depend on terrain, and the knowledge of that terrain as "like the back of your hand".  We can know our strengths and weaknesses to the "t" if we are honest with ourselves.  We have the ability to know our own terrain, and our own planning while the central illegal government can't without our telling it.

     If you are in the place you have decided is where you take your stand, you go about preparing for it.  If you are not in that place, you had better have been making the plan to escape your corner, under cover, and get to your stand.  I don't care if they read this, because I selected my home when I bought it, precisely for all its attributes.  As a retired Marine, I chose very carefully.  I have many people who have also chosen to rally here precisely because they place is not defensible.

     All that planning must be done in person, solely with people you know you can trust with your back, and once you establish plans, including what triggers are built in, you stick to it, there is no room for second guessing, you do what will provide the means of securing yourself, your family, and the portion of community you've chosen or been chosen to be "the unit".

     You must know as you plan, this unit you are to become is military in form and purpose, it must have leadership, planning, and you must make all the preparations for implementing it when such a statement is made.  We are talking about forming our small units of militia, the real "homeland defense", and we are planning this with the certain knowledge we are focused on defense against the "domestic enemy that is the criminal central government".

     We must live within our fixed unchanging first principles, the constitution is the foundation of law, and by it, law passed by legislators which violates the constitution in whole or in part is "null and void at its inception" as per the constitution.  We must also know that it won't be "Martial law" it will be the statement of "shelter in place".

     There are vast uncharted parts of government long established completely antithetical to principle, which have had little or no impact on us here to fore.  We must be prepared for almost seven decades of avid support of islamic infusion purposely made by our government, in full conjunction with the Saud tribe, and by this, pulling the full weight of "Wahabism" as what we will find is our government's muslim stance, against us. That is what we will face as our government comes to take our arms, our freedom, and control over our lives.

      I know little to be done for those living in cities, I abandoned such a life because it was indefensible against a "domestic enemy" at worst.  Know what will happen when this call goes out, will look very much like infighting in the streets of foreign nations we've all watched in clips, the only difference being it will be our own government.

     If we confront and win, it will be because we have chosen wisely, and did not allow our penchant for home to overcome our certainty "home" happens to be an indefensible position.  Take serious consideration of just how much power Valerie Jarret wields today, and consider the executive actions in terms of such a consideration.

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret. Vanceboro, NC

The President can not legally sight " martial law " without House and Senate approval. He can try but he would be on the wrong side of it. The people are fed up. They know what is being forced on them and you can see and feel the answer to it. Do your job and leave us alone. Work government in the smallest possible way. Our rights are God given. There jobs are given by the voters and we can and will take it away if we feel you are abusing your position. Ovomit has way overstepped that. If we had an honest and patriotic Congress Ovomit would be gone along with his VP and Attorney General.( who should be in jail)

The president cannot wage war on a sovereign Nation without a declaration of congress, yet he has done so with Libya.  It is an international crime to support or aid identified terrorist groups, including the Muslim Brotherhood, yet obama has sent both weapons and money to them, openly, challenging anyone to stop him.

    "The Annex" was established by obama expressly to gather American weapons provided to Ghadafi, and move them to the islamic terrorists, with Christopher Stevens heading up the operation of forming the Februrary 17th Militia, those who were contracted to defend "the compound", which was not an embassy in any way shape or form, but precisely for what it was used for - meeting with the "rebel groups" and arranging the transfers of weapons.

     The president can't legally run guns into Mexico, machine guns, but he has with total impunity.  The president can issue a pardon of those convicted of a crime, or he can commute a sentence applied to criminals found guilty, and sentenced, however he cannot legally simply ignore the fact criminals have been convicted in court, are awaiting sentencing, and simply tell the courts to release the criminals without doing a sentencing, yet that is what he has done with the Black Panthers who were convicted of voter intimidation.

    The president can do anything he is allowed to get away with, and unfortunately, most Americans simply refuse to hold anyone responsible for following their oath, meeting their obligations, and doing their duty.  We can call this man anything we want, but it is "The American People" who are responsible for allowing him to get away with everything from stealing the election, to stealing the nation.

     We can only have "an honest and patriotic congress" by having an honest and patriotic People who believe in their own sovereignty, and stand upon it.

     At the present, about as many citizens stand on principle, the Constitution, the Natural Rights we own, as we see politicians in congress who are bound by their oath, follow through, and stand true to principle.  The status of "we, The People" is well reflected in the attitudes and actions of congress.  We elect the same bozos over and over, we remain the same idiots, expecting bozos to change their spots even while we won't change who we elect.

     Your argument is its own answer.  We don't do anything at all about all the violations committed, and for this reason, those we elect ignore the very few who are loud and demanding, knowing the vast majority don't even notice.

     The man who sits in the oval office couldn't have enlisted in the Marines through my office, because he couldn't have met the security requirements and would have been rejected for his connections with the American Communist party, with association with Bernadette Dorn, Bill Ayers, Wright, Frank Marshal Davis, even his maternal grandfather being a party member, all this would have prevented even the least security clearance from being issued, I know, I had to do this for three years.

      If the man could not have enlisted in the armed services, for his associations and connections with "America's Most Wanted", how then did he get a security clearance far beyond my own, provided for the purpose of working on coding and secure communications equipment, including repairing in the most critical aspects of the working portions of the electronics?

      When the party vets a person, nothing short of impeachment will see to that person's removal.  If the party is the communist democrats, nothing can get one removed from office except the call of death.  We have an open American Traitor, a man who committed open treason, treating with the enemy while a commissioned officer in our Navy, without any legal authority, now established as secretary of state.  What can't "the president do?"

Semper Fidelis, John McClain, GySgt, USMC, ret.

Many of us, like Sean and John are prepared. If you have to "think" about this, you are definitely not prepared and had better begin to be post haste.  Sadly, too many of us sit here and talk but actually do not expect it to really come about.  Perish that thought for there has already been enough evidence that indeed that is exactly what is going to happen and sooner than most would believe.  This dictator is hell bent on staying right where he is and he will use the "threat" of insurrection to justify his actions even if there is no actual insurrection.  Most of us have not given thought as has John to selecting our defensive position, improving its defensibility and providing for the most dire consequences of the declaration of Martial Law. 

A number of us well remember WACO where many armed men, women and children were holed up in a compound when Janet Reno was Attorney General and gave the order to take them down.  We observed how the FBI, BATF, and others using tanks and armed assault stormed the compound first before anyone fired  from the compound. 80 some odd men, women and children were slaughtered that day and not a single Federal agent or perpetrator was held accountable for those actions which included the use of explosives, tanks as well as automatic weapons against American citizens.  Never mind the fact that David Koresh was a kook and zealot. There were women and children there as well as men with their families.  They had broken NO LAWS. They did not deserve to die that day and that way although most were prepared to.

And then there was Ruby Ridge.  Again, the FBI, BATF and others were going to take down a family (starting with a young boy's dog because he alerted the family to their presence). As with WACO again the Feds fired first and again those inside the Home tried to defend themselves.  They lost a dedicated law enforcement officer but an FBI sniper killed both the little boy and the subject's wife while she was holding her baby in her arms.  There were neighbors and citizens nearby held at bay by armed officers who witnessed all of this and again, did not take any action to stop it.  While the Government was eventually forced to pay Mr. Weaver more than $3 million dollars for killing members of his family simply because they set him up for a fire arms violation he did not want to do in the first place his wife and child did not deserve to die that way, that day.

Understand folks, I do not use these examples to criticize the government, because in each case, I believe that the law enforcement types thought they were doing their duty.  The point here is that they will do what they are told to do if ordered to do so and one cannot depend on them to be "promise keepers" who will not fire on innocent civilians if the President were to declare an Martial Law illegally or otherwise.  It will be our duty as citizens of a free nation to overcome this illegal act and to rectify it by force if necessary.  Remember once Martial Law is declared, peaceful gathering of large numbers of citizens protesting such actions will be considered much like they were in Egypt during the so-called Arab Spring and one can expect the government and especially that Civilian Defense Force that Obama is arming and training as we speak to use up a lot of those 1.6billion rounds of ammunition that nanny Politano had various agencies buying up for unspecified purposes.  Make no mistake those CDF people will not fire warning shots so it will come down to are you up to the task of taking back your country?  Are you going to have to go home and "think" about what to do?  Or are you well along in your planning as stated by John and Sean for just such an eventuality?  It is axiomatic that failing to plan is planning to fail. This thread is purposefully place here to get you thinking for just such an eventuality and for my money, I think that it is very clear that such eventuality is likely given what we have seen to date.  Semper Fi.



Richard, I am proud to know that there are others out there that remember and know full well, the ramifications that the atrocities committed by the Clinton Administration have upon our rights and how the public deals with it.  Prudence dictates that we all be prepared, not only to live day to day, but to (as much as it pains me to have to say this) commune, in order to rebuild a base to operate from. 


Law enforcement may have thought they were doing their job, but my question to society is, at what point in humanity did we again lose sight of what is just and good for the whole of the people?  When did law enforcement and Agencies begin lobotomizing their personnel and implanting chips, producing robots?  Even a common soldier is trained to some degree to think for them selves.  Nonetheless, we have resources folks... veterans of the military, LE, civilians with vast knowledge... so long as one patriot still breathes, this thing is alive.  and as history shows us, even when all seems lost a Spartacus is always born from the ashes.


You bring up the very essence of this whole topic when you wrote "Are you going to have to go home and "think" about what to do?  Or are you well along in your planning".  Noting you Semper Fi, I wish to embellish other readers who may seem this juggernaut is hopeless with a sense of understanding... many of us still serve, though all of us still hold our oaths sacred.  It has been said that there are no former Marines... I would like to take that a step further and say there is no such thing as any, former combat arms troops from any service.  This is the very reason that our government has seen fit to demonize and characterize returning vets; by broadening their description of PTSD sufferers and forcing them to surrender their rights under the Second Amendment; making it less likely that veterans might be in a position to use their training to preserve this nation.  A 19 year old kid, fresh in the service, needs guidance and direction... Veterans of current and past wars, do not.  They have seen the enemy, know its face and know when to take action or when to stay their sabers.  


What Richard here is saying about the POTUS requiring the support of the House and Senate, is true... however, being prudent, we would have to say that the likelihood they would support such a directive, is more evident now, than in any other era of our history.    



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