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The Purpose of PFA, Who and what are you recruiting for & Setting ourselves up for success in winning liberty!

Thank you everyone for all the hard work you are doing for your communities, states and country. PFA is truly blessed with some fabulous folks with a great love for this country and countrymen/women.

We are now placing State Group leaders, some of you have noticed. There are still some state groups without leaders and we are working on those.

The purpose for PFA is to build networks within our communities. You can call it a neighborhood watch group or whatever you want. Folks are scared of the title Militia now because of the demonization of them and also because, face it, many militia groups have allowed crazies to attach themselves to them and that has not helped. So, name your community network what you will, just make it a helpful title. Heck it can be titled the South Bend Ice Cream Network or whatever.  Be creative.

PFA is now doing the works of preparing for any disaster, man made or natural. If this is not the works you are interested in, there are other sites that are doing what you are interested in. We are not in the business of forcing anyone to stay here but PFA will not be used for other purposes anymore. I've had to repeat myself over and over on this and I am through with talking. This is the last warning.

Here is what I believe must happen for us to survive and win our liberty for our children and grandchildren. Then it will be up to them to keep it.

All members must be active in their communities. That means talking with like-minded folks. Do not be afraid to talk about the economic collapse, or an act of war against us from sleeper cells from other countries or from the enemy within. They are here now and we all know it, and the refusal to talk about it is a set up for failure.

We all must recruit for our local networks of well trusted and vetted members. When I say recruit, I understand some folks do not want to get online and join a group. Some are too busy, some are afraid to speak in open forums like this and some have been burnt with all the unproductive and infighting on groups so they have no desire to join another one even if we tell them that junk isn't on here because it's stopped the minute we spot it. Everyone needs to know PFA is not into building a membership database for the sake of a numbers game. This is not the purpose of PFA. Folks joining your local network will not be required to join this PFA site online. Look to your state group leaders and they will help you with guidance. You are building a network in your community for those of you there. Your members don't have to be a 'number' on this site.

Now, if you do recruit someone and they want to join PFA, be sure and tell them to name you as who referred them. That is a question they have to answer. When folks answer that with friend or some non-answer.......I find it hard to click the approve membership button. I understand folks feel they don't want to give too much the same time they need to be mindful of the vetting for this site because we too don't want to bring in just anyone on this site. Character matters and we are looking for good character. Please remember, I'm also not wanting folks to recruit in other online groups. That online pool has been recruited to death and it brings much baggage that PFA is not focusing on.

What is important for communities throughout the U.S. is to build trusted networks, for when the fall or act of war against us happens, we will be prepared to make it through the hard times, be prepared to secure your local network and protect you, your family and your network of brothers and sisters in your community. We need these networks in as many communities as we can through out the U.S. If your community is over ran, it will be very helpful to know ahead of time where you can go and who will welcome you because you are of like-mind. Plus they know you will bring supplies to be a help and not a hindrance

That is another very important reason for all folks to do the works of preparing. It is bad manners and dishonorable to not prepare if you are able. I have heard some folks say they will not go hungry, neither will their family and they are not preparing. These folks have assured me they will depend on others. And these folks claim to be liberty loving folks. I refuse to link arms with these folks.

Everyone has skills that a group needs. You are needed and wanted. Everyone also can learn more! Who are the ones who will step up and physically train the others who need it. Who will help us to learn our weaknesses and work through them instead of wringing our hands over them.

WE MUST LEARN TO FOLLOW ORDERS!!! This is the hardest thing to get across to our movement. Most want to be the Chief and most want to talk talk talk talk talk and throw out opinions whether based upon fact or pulled out of ones butt. This has to stop.

The honorable thing to do, is prepare, train, etc....and be a help not a drain.

If we have these networks throughout the U.S. we will win.

Recapping - we have three jobs right now

  1. Preparing -building up must have supplies
  2. Physically training (Women too)
  3. Recruiting in your communities & build your local network

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I agree with all the above.  We want working members.  The best way to do that in my way of  thinking as a leader is to keep members focused and involved.  You are not going to have working members if you don't stay in contact with the members, if you don't ask for their input and if you don't stay organized.  We all have to be on the same page, as above.  We know what we are about and building a network and TEAMWORK is crucial to our success.

As far as new recruits, we do need to be extremely cautious.  In the Colorado group I have not had any strangers who want to join.  I have had members tell me they know people who want to join.  Even though those new recruits are referred by a member, we do still need to be cautious.  Knowing someone in the group is not enough.  They should still be on probation for a while and I think any new recruit should know they are on probation.  During the probation, we can see how much they are willing to work and how committed they are to our endeavors.  Joining PFA should have some value and require some work.  Becoming a member should be more like a reward.

New recruits should NOT be told they're on probation. That only allows for a 'Trojan Horse' scenario. They should not be invited to join the site until their actions show their true colors. Likewise, any tactical plans must be discussed amongst ONLY those of us that we already know and trust.

Agreed, Stingray.  I think it's important now to know who we can trust to stand up with us when times get rough.  This is not gonna be a group for the weak of spirit or heart. Character is truly important and ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!

Rachel:  I may be coming in to this discussion late and missed something, but that said, I'm confused  by your reference to Stingray.  I don't see any post from him on the site.  What's the story?

Stingray has left the site, Clarence.

Excellent, excellent wording, Mercy. I know there are phrases here that I will put to use. You have a talent for putting your thoughts into words. Thank you.

WOW, Mercy!  You captured the essence of many of my thoughts and put them into words with inspired eloquence.  Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

I will be attending the McIntosh County, Oklahoma Convention on March 18th, 7:00 PM, at the Eufaula library. This is a Republican event, but open to Patriot minded people that I expect to find there. I will have business cards with my name and contact info, with the PFA site address for those that I feel are in lock step with our goals here.

It's about time we got focused on something constructive on the site, but as groups we must not loose the effort to inform and educate others about the danger America faces, not just from Government, but from nature as well.

Twana, I wasn't specifically referring to doing it on the site. Just that as groups, it needs to get done while helping and advising other Patriots about preparing. If they don't know what to prepare for, they simply cannot do it. At the same time, there are many off-line that are just as patriotic as we are, and if they choose to join the site they'll be able to find information to help them prepare.

If that will not be allowed here, then it would appear to me that we are no longer a group of Patriots, rather just a group preparing for whatever happens.

Exactly right! We here know what's coming down the pike, but many 'Patriots' not on-line either don't know, or don't know the ramifications, and potential severity of it. That's where we need to get them involved with our county groups off-line, and once vetted to our satisfaction, invite them to join the site.

For instance, now that Sequestration is a given, many are going to feel it in the pocket book, but not nearly as severe as the admin would have us believe. Without a doubt, it will cost more for fuel, food, and utilities, and those are the key areas we can use in awakening those Patriots off-line. Who knows, maybe some of the left will also begin to realize, as did Woodrow Wilson, that they did a terrible thing to America in voting for a total unknown as the highest power in the world. I've already awakened my neighbors!

Ty  Twana,  That's  what  I'm  doing  my  part ,  ones  without  PC  net  news,  printed  copies  work  too..!!  Keep  up  the  great  work..!!  Salute 



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