Constitutional Emergency


    According to the Quran, all humans are born Muslims.     The Washington attorney legislators sort of miss that issue when allowing Muslims to immigrate. They expect that, Oh Well, Islam is just one more religion. But this is not the fact as ordered in the Quran. Most Christian Americans had no idea that we were claimed to be Muslim when we were born. The Quran goes further, and this is where the violence starts, that the Christian religion confronts the Quran by the existence of Christianity. You see, when we were born into Christian families we were subject to being murdered because our parents criminally robbed us from Islam.

       Going further, from the Quran, Sharia law is the total law for all of us Muslims. We can not deny Sharia law or we are criminals and subject to execution. This scorg is what our Congress and immigration authorities have brought on us.

In summary for this brief, Islam is the enemy of America. Any immigrant naturalized citizen that promotes Sharia law has comited treason and fraud. When examining the oaths that all new citizens take, they swear to uphold our constitutional law. When they come into the country as Muslims, their oath is fraudulent.

Support the congresstional reps who plan hearings on the source of violence that may be caused by Islam. Its simple. Its the Quran.

A second issue is the Quran allows violence against women and pedofile rape of minors. The Congressional conclusion should be that Islam is not a religion.

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When a house committee starts their hearing, we must focus on that to get the evidence in. This would be strict reading from the Quran and officieal list of terrorist attacks, in US and globally. One site keeps a tabulation chart that shows there have been more than 16 thousand terrorist attacks since 911. They are killing Christians in every Islamic country.

Heres part one of a 4 part video. Once you watch it,click the video,it should bring you into you tube,and look righ,and there's part 2-3-4.




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