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The Real Donald Trump Story............Love him or hate him, he has America stirring..........

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Donald Trump for President 2016.Lets stump for Trump.


Illegal "immigrant" (invader)?  My advice is get out under your own power before he THROWS you out on your ass!!  Go out, apply properly and get in line or lose your chance FOREVER!

As an American by birth and a veteran by choicer, I think we who love this country must rally and support Trump;

we do not need any more politicians; we need another Ronald Reagan and Trump is the only one who come


Trump may not be a conservative, but he resonates with a lot of different thinking folks because he says the things they are thinking. We have had 8 years of a Muslim/Communist heading in this country. It IS time for a business head to run America. Lets face it, he won't bow to the elites in the Republican party. ( which is very much like the Democratic party). he may use the executive pen but it would be for an ultimate good rather than the 8 years of bad. The republicans have bowed to Obama time and time again. Lets stop that destructive train.

Long may he remain POLITICALLY INCORRECT, its one of his most endearing qualities.

This sounds good but my experience with the follow-through of every president since Kennedy has been one of disappointment, at least, and exasperated incredulity at worst. It's one thing for a candidate to make a show of genuine concern for the welfare of the American sovereigns, yet another for the elected president to follow through with the promises (or that which was alluded to) once reaching office. Mr. Barry Soetoro is just the latest, and perhaps the most vile and repulsive, example.

Mr. Trump may very well be willing and able to follow through with his implied restoration of what has made America, and Americans, great, but only having him elected to the office of president of the central government will tell. If that happens, and Mr. Trump and his cronies/advisors end up creating or finding excuses as to why they cannot deliver on the promises, what then? What are we left with? Same old, same old. 

It might look like Mr. Trump is the best one to "lead" us out from the embarrassing slump we find ourselves in right now, but there is a chance, perhaps a good chance, that once elected, Mr. Trump goes the way of all those before him since Kennedy; corrupt, inept and incapable of making any kind of substantive change in the way things are done at the central government level.

Better, I think, for us to consider Mr. Trump a possibly friendly assistant in OUR OWN RECOVERY EFFORTS through the restoration of true self-governance aided by the reestablishment of our rightful and lawful Common Law Grand Juries in every county. It is ultimately up to YOU and ME to make the changes the People at large, the sovereigns of this land, are clamoring for; less intrusive government, ending governmental corruption, getting our central government back within the bounds of the Constitution for the united States. Once We, the People, realize the true power we have, since WE OWN OUR GOVERNMENT, that's when genuine recovery from the current tyranny will occur. No one man, no one president of the central government can do that for us. We, the People, must manage our own lives and destinies as the Founders intended. 


I and most of the United States feel the same way. I have already reached the age and point in life that I know that I will never see America in the way that she should be. The problem is that a lot of things are wrong and it seems that no one really knows exactly what is wrong or how America got into the shape that it is in. I have done a lot of research into the Constitution and American history and still could not find out what is wrong with America. It never occurred to me to start checking into Congress and all the bills that have been passed, then I ran across this little jewel:


John, my friend go to the website below and read that hammer (they have posted there the real original Bill that congress passed) and read the article that goes with it. This will tell you what is wrong with America and how it got there. America will NEVER be fixed until this bill is removed. All attempts to solve anything will do nothing till this is removed. READ the Act then read the article and it will shock the hell out of you.

Thank you Roy. I will take a look.

Trump is bought and payed for by Sheldon Adelson a gambling casino tycoon in Alantic city and Las Vegas ; He meant with Trump before he announced that he was going to run for President and had a second meeting after Trump went up in the polls ; He has an arrest warrant here in the United States ; He now lives off shore ; I'm not going too say any more ; Do your own research and stop acting like sheep ! This guy Adelson is a real work of art !!

Prove it - until then, I don't believe a word of it!

John, I believe you are wrong!  Trump is a man of his word and I believe the pre-election promises he is making, he will accomplish as our new President. He doesn't accept second place from those who work for him and he won't accept anything less for himself or those he selects to advise him. He certainly won't be selecting members of the Muslim Brotherhood like our current Muslim in the White House.  He is a true Patriot who believes in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and seperation of power among the 3 branches of government. I believe we will see a new and responsible government to the people and not self interest. Lobbying be stopped, cost over runs will be a thing of the past. Take care of Americans first. Stop giving away our tax money to countries that hate us. Quit meddling in other country affairs. Bring back our military to be the best in the world and give respect to those who serve and have served. Do all of this and the rest of the world will respect and look to America for leadership.............leadership that has been absent for decades!!

Right now I am focused on his Non-PC-ness which considering my currently state of near-apoplexy is a much-needed vicarious release of my anger and exasperation and near-desperation to be rid of the vermin in the White House.   I especially liked when the reporter, OFFICIOUS DOLT that he was, presumed to ask "are you aware that some people find the term "anchor baby" offensive?"

And his reply the part of it that pleased me most was when he repeated over and over "anchor baby anchor baby anchor baby".   Which express my sentiments insinuate that I NOT do something and I shall do it more than ever which is the same concept sort of that was used in Brer Rabbit and The Tar Baby.  Brer Rabbit had a a few traits in common with Trump I think though I never had cause to contemplate it until just this evening.   The old way of thinking TRUMPS the new way of thinking because its disgustingly overwhelmingly nauseating ad nauseam P.C. about imperious children complaining about being OFFENDED or FINDING SOMETHING OFFENSIVE.   Those people whining so need to experience something TRULY OFFENSIVE so that they might comprehend the difference between petty offenses/complaints and TRUE MAJOR OFFENSIVENESS such as ISIS under whatever name derivation they currently use CUT OFF SOMEONE'S HEAD or KILL THEIR CHILDREN IN FRONT OF THEIR EYES now THAT IS OFFENSIVE.



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