Constitutional Emergency

The Real Donald Trump Story............Love him or hate him, he has America stirring..........

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I think he can clean up America. 

Debrajoe,there are several ways to clean things up.Our country is akin to a sick body infested with cancerous liberalism,progressivism, communism, and Islamic fascism. We need a constitutional surgeon to surgically work on these issues individually to rid them from our government. We don't need a bulldozer operator to remove the good with the bad. Trump has shown he isn't sure himself where he stands. Thirty years of his leaning towards the left convinces me I can't support his suddenly newfound 'conservatism'.

Two things we MUST do to get America moving again.  1.  Fully support Donald Trump and his WE THE PEOPLE MESSAGE.  Tell the NRC and your elected officials to pave the way to insure Donald Trump is the Republican Party's choice for the President of the United States of America.  2.  On election day, vote for Donald Trump.

What assurances do we have that this election will be legitimate because there is substantial evidence of widespread voter fraud.  ESPECIALLY OFFENSIVE is his purposeful deprivation of our military's right to vote.

I'm for Ted Cruz...he is man of principle and he will stand.

Last I heard he was ineligible by virtue of his birth/citizen status.

I do have to say it seems the ultimate hypocrisy that after 8 years or so of covering Obama not being eligible to be president those same people are nit-picking every minute detail of people like Trump and Cruz.   Pity they didn't give half as much attention to Obama.   If the truth about Obama and all his records were available the last 7 years disaster would not have happened.    I'm sorry if I missed some news that says Cruz is eligible - the way it is there is no way one cannot miss things here and there.

Oh, they are piling on this insane notion that a simple citizen is eligible! Those who have been fooled by the smarmy, smooth, lying Cruz wish to double-down on the fraud that occurred with the election of the Muslim-in-Chief. If things are allowed to stand as they wish, an anchor baby's child could run for President, as a simple citizen (thanks to the bastardization of the 14th Amendment). As someone posted at Breitbart and elsewhere, if their American mother did NOT renounce her citizenship, the King of Jordan's children could run for President as well. Pure insanity!

you know there is something drastically wrong with our two party political system when both parties are opposed to one candidate. There are 535 people up there and 500 of them are scared to death that Donald Trump may get elected. That does not take a genius to figure out that they are all  really part of the same good-ole-boy club, and that club is NOT operating in the side of the people.

Old Rooster.... For that reason ALONE should make people vote for Trump!!' In fact he should use that in his speeches. Their scared to death of an outsider who can't be bought to play ball with them. People need to ask themselves: "does Washington need to be turned upside down"? If so who's the best person to do it. If you can come up with Trumps name, try again when your sober!!
I ment "can't come up withbTrumps name", typo sorry



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