Constitutional Emergency

The Sleeping Giant

After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, Admiral Yamamoto said “ I Fear all we have accomplished here is to awaken a sleeping Giant”.

Yamamoto was correct and America defeated Japan in the most devastating end to any war in recorded history.

The problem is that after world war II and after the North Korean war in 1953-55, that sleeping Giant went back to sleep. But the enemies of America did NOT.
It is said that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance, and in that we have failed.
The sleeping Giant went back to sleep and the American people have allowed our worst enemies to run the system since the 1950's. Instead of being the eternally Vigilant guardians of our freedoms and liberties American's became the Silent majority. We have said and done virtually nothing to protect, preserve, and defend those freedoms and our Constitutional Republic. While we slept peacefully content and confident that the people we were sending to Washington to run our Government all had America's best interests at heart, what was actually happening was the enemies of America were quietly taking over the reigns of our Government one office and one seat at a time.

Today American's face the greatest threat to our Nation that we have ever seen. A threat that if allowed to go unanswered will result in the complete and total elimination and destruction of this Great Nation. If this threat is not addressed and defeated America will cease to exist as a free Sovereign Constitutional Republic, and when that Constitution disappears all freedoms and individual liberties will disappear with it. This is not an idle threat, NOT the fear-mongering of an old fool, the danger is immanent.

Like Admiral Yamamoto before him Barack Hussein Obama awoke the Sleeping Giant; On October 28th, 2007 Obama declared “We are now only five days away from Fundamentally Transforming America”. With that declaration Obama signaled that the time had finally arrived for the enemies within our Governments to take final command and control over all Government agencies and departments. The time had finally arrived and by the end of the Obama regime the Transformation would be complete, America as a free Sovereign Constitutional Representative Republic would be finished.
What they didn't plan on was that Sleeping Giant waking up again. Unlike the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 the awakening of that sleeping Giant was a slow process, It took nearly the entire eight years of the Obama regime but when American's finally woke up, Hillary Clinton LOST the election in 2016.
(Now you know why Donald J. Trump is President and not Hillary Clinton).

But the loss of that election by Hillary Clinton did not stop our enemies efforts to destroy America, it only placed a momentary road block in their plans. Obama's (and the enemies chosen successor) failed to take over the reigns of the transformation but that has not defeated those enemies nor has it eliminated their war against us. The threat is still immanent, the threat is Very real. They just simply moved to “Plan 'B' of their assault.

(And now you know what that “Clinton/Russian Dossier” and FBI Mueller's investigations are all about).

Make no mistake about it, all the administrators, department heads, and appointees made by the Obama administration are all still in office. They are all still in their respective positions, particularly in our Justice Department and in our courts. Those elected officials (both in the Federal Government positions and in State and local Governments) are all still in power. You should notice that I have not made any distinctions between political parties or affiliations. Enemies of our existence reside in both political parties. They run under the Party titles of Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, or Independent, and they call themselves Socialists or Progressives. They dare NOT to tell you they are Communists or that they support a “New-World-Order, or a “One-World-Governance”. Those words and terms belong to the United Nations, and would expose their allegiance for they hold only one allegiance and that is the Transformation of America into a full fledged Communist State, Governed by and completely controlled by foreign powers, NOT by any local, State, or Federal officials. Rule over citizen's and the population will be administered by Nazi or Russian Style Gestapo SS or KGB “black” booted ruthless thugs and paid killers. There will no longer be any such thing as “American Citizens” or any “Constitutional Rights”, the Constitution will no longer exist. It will be replaced by a United Nations charter and agenda.
(If you want fear-mongering – here it is, but you better pay attention, I'm too old to play politically correct politics and I've studied history for 70 years. The extermination camps will make those of NAZI Germany look like a day care center. The Nazi's murdered 13-15 million people in those gas chambers. Joesph Stalin killed 30-40 million people, Mao Zedong murdered 70 million Chinese people; in the 1960's (Weather-Underground) Bill Ayers stated his estimate was that they would need to kill 25 Million Americans, those were 1960's numbers and are expected to increase to over 125-150 Million people today. The United Nations figures are even worse.) Bill Ayers and Saul Alynski were Barack Hussein Obama's and Hillary Clinton's mentors. If you don't believe me just know that this is all written down and documented, all you have to do is look it up.

The enemies people their war machine are all in position, the army is poised and ready, the indoctrination of the unsuspecting is nearly complete and thorough. All that is necessary now is for you to ignore the warnings, remain complacent. Neglect the duty of Eternal Vigilance to preserve and protect your own freedoms.

All that is necessary is for the Sleeping Giant to go back to sleep.

Have a nice day America.

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If you think my article is a far-out fear mongering rant then perhaps you should also take the time to read the thread posted here by Aka Anonymous about the deaths by flue and UN flue shots.



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