Constitutional Emergency

It has often been said that in a political atmosphere such as that which we have here in America now that we have three boxes available to us;

The Soap Box;
The Ballot Box:
And the Cartridge Box:

The soap box is our social media sites, the bully-pulpit, and the news media, (If they are favorable to our positions or at the very least honest about what they are reporting).

The Ballot Box, We all know what those are but do we really understand how to use them effectively? Or are we failing to make the best use of that resource by continually re-electing the same old cronies and crooks that have gotten us into this mess in the first place? When people fail to make effective use of the first box (especially the media) and then fail to elect people that will actually try to resolve these problems then we can never change the situations the criminals have put us into. Unfortunately we have now arrived at a place in our American political systems where money rules the game. It costs at least $10,000 to even put your name in the hat. Then it takes an incredible amount of money to try to organize and run an effective political campaign. And that leaves out most people that might actually be some of the best government legislators that we could hope for. The result too often is that some of our best hopeful people will never even bother to try.

The Cartridge Box; This is obviously the most dangerous and must be held in reserve as the absolute last resort. Time right now to get away from attempting to be “politically Correct”, It's time right now to stop dancing around with the people who want us all to believe that because some loose hair-brained idiot or jerk goes off the mental reservation of sanity that the rest of us should be nice and simply give up our weapons of self defence. It's time someone said it like it is; That Second Amendment to our Constitution was deliberately and very specifically written to insure that the people of this nation had the rights and the means to protect and defend themselves from any out-of-control tyrannical Government. The people within our Federal Government know this all too well. The Second Amendment was written and enacted into our Constitution specifically to give we-the-people the right and the means to remove the tyrants from our Government. Those guns were made to kill people.
And the Second Amendment shows that those guns and weapons are meant to kill politicians, not rabbits and squirrels. Why in hell do you think these politicians hate those guns and that Second Amendment so much? It is the shear existence of that Second Amendment that scares the hell out of so many of these politicians, it is what keeps Washington politicians from doing what many of them would like to do to YOU and all of the rest of us.
No politician should ever have anything to fear from that Second Amendment, or from the American people, or from those guns and weapons, UNLESS they are deliberately, knowingly, willingly, acting in such a manor which is against the best interests and safety of the American people. The only politicians who really fear those weapons and the American people who possess them are those legislators who know that what they are trying do in our Government is NOT in the best interest of the people that they are supposed to serve and represent.

The American people, those who possess those guns and weapons, know that those guns are made for killing people, (mainly politicians). And we all know that engaging and incorporating that Second Amendment is absolutely the last resort. These can only be employed once everything else has been tried and failed, all other options have been exhausted and failed.

Unless and until such time has come around I suggest people watch very very carefully what each and every news media and politician is claiming. Watch and listen to every word those politicians actually said, NOT what some news media talking head CLAIMS that they said. These “News Media” people also have an agenda. And often that agenda is the same as those politicians who have a reason to hate and fear that Second Amendment, (Because they KNOW what they are proposing and doing is NOT in your best interest). Politicians are very good at using that News Media as a weapon, too often as a weapon to be turned against the best interests of the people.
Be very careful before you pull out and load those weapons. And be even more cautious about who and what some “News Media” talking head is CLAIMING that someone else said or did. (Did they really say what someone else is claiming they said, maybe not, but are your sure?)
Be very cautious and aware of the evil which lurks within the hearts and minds of many who would prefer you to be completely at their mercy.
Never forfeit your rights to defend yourselves, Never Give up that Second Amendment. And NEVER give up your guns and weapons.
The one thing a crooked politician never wants to hear is “WE WILL NEVER SURRENDER, - WE WILL NEVER GIVE UP”. And then the click of that bolt.

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