The traitorous cadre of slimy Republicans

Exclusive: Larry Klayman rips 'conservatives' content with seeing a President Hillary

Published: 3 hours ago

It’s not just the George Soroses of the world that are attempting to destroy our beloved republic – just this week it was disclosed that this vile, self-hating, Nazi-collaborating, ultra-leftist Jew is largely behind the financing of Black Lives Matter – but certain so-called conservatives who are out to see that Hillary Clinton and a Democratic Senate and House are elected this November. If this occurs, the Wicked Witch of the Left, along with her comrades, will have free reign to finish the job President Barack Hussein Obama, our socialist Muslim king, has been pursuing for eight years.

The motivation of these traitors: to defeat Donald J. Trump so their money gravy and power train can continue at least until 2020, when they will attempt to run “their candidate,” someone like Sen. Ted Cruz or Gov. John Kasich (or perhaps even a “resurrected” Mitt Romney) against her. In short, these selfish and greedy political hacks would sink the nation into a sea of even more criminality under the Clintons and allow the Wicked Witch and her Soros-like benefactors to pack the Supreme Court with even worse justices than we now are forced to endure.

Who are these disloyal conservatives among our ranks? Sean Hannity, who is one of the few conservative commentators to call it like it is, calls them “Republican crybabies,” their having previously lost in their bid to defeat Trump in the primaries. While Sean is being diplomatic about this, I cannot be. This disgusting display of treason cannot be overlooked, even if I am not endorsing any candidate, as head of Freedom Watch.

At the top of this traitorous cadre of slimy self-serving Republicans are the likes of Cruz and Kasich. Cruz, the man who lacks even the ability to give a speech where he does not sound like a less eloquent pontificating dictatorial version of Mussolini before a panel of appellate court judges, cheaply attempted to deep six Trump at the Republican National Convention. Cruz’s performance was so bad that if he did not have low class, he would have had no class at all. And, of course, Kasich, regrettably the present governor of that failure of a state Ohio and a native son of that crumbling and polluted mistake of a city on Lake Erie, petulantly and childishly refused even to show up for one of the few positive events (save for Lebron and the Cavaliers) in modern history ever take place in Cleveland. Add the former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and a host of other moribund politicians to the list, plus the 50 Republican so-called national security experts who signed a letter dissing Trump, and you have a wave of cretins who put their own personal interests ahead of our nation’s future well-being and continued existence.

But the coterie of traitors does not stop there. This week, even the speechwriter at the Republican National Convention for my client Pat Smith, that brave mother of Sean Smith, one of the Benghazi victims of Hillary Clinton’s criminal misuse of her private email server, defected to the Wicked Witch. He now says that he may vote for Ms. Hillary, perhaps even having been paid off or threatened by her henchmen “Clinton-style.” For the record, Pat Smith is incensed that she, along with The Donald, would be manipulated and sold out by this fool. Rather than supporting Hillary Clinton, Smith would not only like to see her found “guilty” of the wrongful death of her son, but also thrown in prison where she belongs. (See “Benghazi victims’ parents sue Hillary Clinton.”)

On top of all of this comes certain persons in the conservative media. The most notable is a high-pitched, devilish-looking elf known as Ben Shapiro, a young punk who thinks and acts as if he is smarter than he is. Just this week, this self-appointed, Cruz-backing hack of the minor leagues of conservative commentators viciously ripped Trump and Steven Bannon, the new campaign chairman of the Trump campaign and CEO of Breitbart news, ironically where “Little Ben” first got his start. Little Ben, not coincidentally a “confused” Harvard educated lawyer like Cruz, showed such venomous low class in his column as to want to make any lucid reader throw up. It should come as no surprise that this childish clown, years earlier, was the ghostwriter for a book, “Corruption Chronicles,” misleadingly attributed as having been penned by Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, the pubic interest group I founded and successfully ran for a decade. To line his own pockets, Little Ben, undoubtedly at Fitton’s direction, removed any mention of me from Judicial Watch’s biographical history. This subterfuge was not only incredible but also dishonest, since Fitton is not a lawyer and thus played only a secondary paralegal role in the first 10 years of the group’s legal successes, primarily against the corrupt Clintons!

This “outing” of just some of the present traitors in the so-called conservative movement is only the tip of the political iceberg. But like the Titanic, which hit an iceberg and sank, their efforts to turn the nation over to Hillary Clinton and the ultra-left are likely to be successful. When this happens the people will again be faced with a hard choice, as we did in 1776. Roll over to a despot “queen” and her court of lying, criminal slimeballs like George Soros and all those who have bribed her over the years and now want to be paid back in spades, or revolt. I, for one, chose the latter!

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There are many slimey republicans that should not be republicans.


If the Bitch of Benghazi is elected, there will be NO elections in 2020, as we will no longer have a free country, and a "Supreme Tribunal" that will declare what ever they WANT to be law, will be!  So Kacich, Jebby, Mitt and their ilk won't even be a glimmer on the horizon.  I have lost ALL respect for those unworthy bastards,  All those that pledged to support, and in the final round, showed how unworthy and dishonorable they REALLY are.

Sir, I was but a lowly Sp/4 in the 199th Light Infantry Brigade and not a career soldier but I did a tour at the height of the Vietnam War from May of 68 to May of 69  where for my first 6 months I was assigned as assistant and protection for MOH awardee Chaplain Charles Angelo Liteky. I am proud of my service and had a degree in government a year BEFORE enlisting to get my citizenship obligation out of the way. I had five years of military training but opted not to be an officer because at 22 , I did not wish to write next of kin letters and ironically after Vietnam was assigned at WRAMC for my final 18 months and did a number of next of kin calls where it was my sad duty to present the flag to bereaved families as the chaplain read the Condolence letter from the DOD!  Today I am nearly 72, a 100% disabled Vet from the late blooming effects of Agent Orange, and appalled at what we have become! It is not just the RINOS as you have described them but all the leftist progressives who are in effect and by temperament traitors to our Constitution and the Rule of Law; advocates secretly or not so much of the "New World Order,": sought by the United Nations and their recent failing grade given to the U.S. on " gun control."  These so called Congressmen are: ALL of them, in my view, malfeasant in office, derelict in duty and in VIOLATION of their sworn oaths which are exactly the same as all who serve in the military take to defend and uphold the constitution, not ignore, denigrate , disdain and attempt to violate every intent of it to fit their scurrilous agendas. Kacich, Cruz, Romney and all the third party candidates will only aid Hillary and I totally agree with your assessment of occurrences if she is the next and likely LAST U.S. President. as she is truly a murdering Bitch and Benghazi was not her first such sin against Americans and neither will it be her last unless WE, the People, make it so ' either by victory at the polls or other means if that option should be our last option and final resort. NO ONE in Congress is fit to serve there in my estimation. They have no concept of duty, honor, obligation , responsibility or accountability for their actions and are basically malevolent to all who disagree with the overall agenda: Citizen submission to dictatorship. NOT IN MY LIFETIME, if I can help it. I admonish all American citizens to vote for Trump, Against Every incumbent in Both parties for the direct result of changing, hopefully at the very least, the content and character of the totally corrupt and anti-American citizen congress. To do so by the Vote is the preferred method but if forced into it: There are others of which we are all aware but which should NEVER be utilized unless it is the only option left to us. Let us all hope it never becomes a necessity but, if it should, I will fight and die before I comply with the world being planned for us all AND, TO THOSE WHO ARE IGNORANT ENOUGH TO THINK IT CANNOT HAPPEN HERE, VOTE THIS WAY FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR CHILDREN AND THEIR FUTURE IF NOT FOR YOURSELVES. THE FREEDOMS, CHOICES AND FUTURES YOU SAVE BY DOING SO WILL BE YOURS AND THEIRS AND THEIR CHILDREN'S INTO INFINITY!. 

Thank you for your service Brian.........and observations.

If there is value to my writings and I am successful in convincing others of the NEED to elect Trump, I am happy with that. I can write, have a degree in government 49 years old and served in Washington and am privy to some things as others are not. I am only eternally sorry for what we have become and if I was 30 years younger, I would try to organize and run for office but my health and overall age will not allow it and for what I might have been able to change, I will always be regretful I never had a chance to find out. I therefore encourage all other vets who may have similar backgrounds to try now, as you may not have the chance later and , TOMORROW , THESE DAYS, IN PARTICULAR, MAY WELL BE TOO LATE!

I too am a disabled Viet Vet (Agent Orange also).  From all I can see we are in deep trouble come November.  With verified vote fraud and the support of the main stream media behind every leftist idea, crime, and plan the American people are sold a bill of goods every day in the television being outright lied to.  In addition, just recently Paul Ryan who apparently supports anything Obama wants was re-elected to office.  The American people don't even seem to care who these people are or what they are doing to this country.  I was proud to serve in the military in both the Air Force and later the Army back in the day but if I had to decide today I would not serve.  Now we have every kind of pervert in the military and I see that one officer is being charged with a crime for having a Bible visible on his desk!  People don't seem to be capable of thinking for themselves but attach themselves to leftist groups who justify their actions based on non facts and lies.  I can't imagine what this country will be like for my grand children but I'm sure it won't be the America I grew up in and loved.

I hear you Greg...........regarding the Bible exposure, I would surely be in trouble.  As the Bible and a small plaque that read "I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me"  Phil 4:13, was on my desk.

And thank you also for your service Greg and I pray for your health due to your AO disability.

Greg: I am proud of my service and the sacrifices made and hardships endured in Honorable service to a country and people not worthy of either; OUR OWN. I am bitter. There is no question of it and I resent the Establishment and the moral deterioration of this country. At my age and in my condition , it is difficult to get around though I am ambulatory I travel between my home in MA to Central VA in the Shenandoah Valley twice a year as a spiritual pilgrimage to get away from the liberals in their utter lunacy in my hometown and in my state. My town was settled in 1623 and is America's oldest port. There is a great deal of history here. I relish it all but am disturbed beyond belief that what was once the cradle of liberty has become a moral morass, a swamp of iniquitous behaviors totally unacceptable to anyone with traditional AMERICAN  VALUES, now being denigrated, disdained and like the Constitution and Rule of Law being sold down the river of iniquity to the U,N. and the New World Order. I am fortunate that I have no grandchildren; and , neither do I desire them anymore because I do not want to see them enslaved as I fear the next Generation WILL BE. I will of course, stand my ground to the bitter end and I am not fool enough to think I can prevail if the worst happens but, I will fight to the end as it is who I am and what I believe that will help render the judgment we all face. I am no saint but I have lived as I served in Vietnam , honorably and as a constitutionally compliant and law abiding American Citizen here at home. I feel it is a truly terrible thing that those we have elected to office to represent us fail miserably in all aspects of the duties and obligations assigned to them under oath the day they take it to confirm their elevation to office. I wear a St Michael's Medal for a few reasons. It portrays St Michael standing on a defeated dragon the front with this quote on the rear" "Be Strong in the Lord, for his power is Mighty. " Ephesians 6:10. I was born and raised Roman Catholic, went to St Michael's College in Winooski Park, Vermont, class of 1967 and will be attending my 50th reunion there next June if the Country is still here by then and it is the same college at which the current Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, past 36th Commandant of the USMC "Fighting Joe Dunford, graduated 10 years after me in 1977. I have seen many changes in my time and few were good but I will be true to the values with which I was raised and I will NEVER SUBMIT for as long as I have the capacity to resist and God save the right! and all of us who believe or try to , even if by life experience it causes us to question EVERYTHING.  After all, none of us are any more than human , and in that, we are all the same and only choice based on upbringing determines that! I love my country and the people who ARE truly American, but the rest need to go as they have no place here if they will not adapt and assimilate and those who think otherwise are simply fools and we are a nation of them. Let us hope Trump can be elected and at least make the attempt to institute repairs which will take DECADES!

I thank you too Brian.

It would have been easier for all who so served had those we served thanked us when it would have mattered far more than it does fifty years later. I believe there is  a guilt complex in this country after the realization of the Bill of goods the public was sold by "Uncle," Walter Cronkite and others that we could not win a war we were NEVER allowed to fight to win. I do not believe we EVER should have been sent there and it was the Truman Doctrine of 1947 that entered us into Both the Korean war and Vietnam and began the descent of the country for good after JFK was assassinated and LBJ created the " Welfare State," with the Great Society and then the expansion of the Vietnam war after the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in which the troops fought HONORABLY but futilely for the next 11 years ; losing many thousands of American lives needlessly; and, WE NEVER LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES, which may be the hardest reality of all to face. As we sowed THEN, so are we reaping , NOW  but I thank you for the recognition of service. Not many did so when it would have mattered far more than it does today.



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