The traitorous cadre of slimy Republicans

Exclusive: Larry Klayman rips 'conservatives' content with seeing a President Hillary

Published: 3 hours ago

It’s not just the George Soroses of the world that are attempting to destroy our beloved republic – just this week it was disclosed that this vile, self-hating, Nazi-collaborating, ultra-leftist Jew is largely behind the financing of Black Lives Matter – but certain so-called conservatives who are out to see that Hillary Clinton and a Democratic Senate and House are elected this November. If this occurs, the Wicked Witch of the Left, along with her comrades, will have free reign to finish the job President Barack Hussein Obama, our socialist Muslim king, has been pursuing for eight years.

The motivation of these traitors: to defeat Donald J. Trump so their money gravy and power train can continue at least until 2020, when they will attempt to run “their candidate,” someone like Sen. Ted Cruz or Gov. John Kasich (or perhaps even a “resurrected” Mitt Romney) against her. In short, these selfish and greedy political hacks would sink the nation into a sea of even more criminality under the Clintons and allow the Wicked Witch and her Soros-like benefactors to pack the Supreme Court with even worse justices than we now are forced to endure.

Who are these disloyal conservatives among our ranks? Sean Hannity, who is one of the few conservative commentators to call it like it is, calls them “Republican crybabies,” their having previously lost in their bid to defeat Trump in the primaries. While Sean is being diplomatic about this, I cannot be. This disgusting display of treason cannot be overlooked, even if I am not endorsing any candidate, as head of Freedom Watch.

At the top of this traitorous cadre of slimy self-serving Republicans are the likes of Cruz and Kasich. Cruz, the man who lacks even the ability to give a speech where he does not sound like a less eloquent pontificating dictatorial version of Mussolini before a panel of appellate court judges, cheaply attempted to deep six Trump at the Republican National Convention. Cruz’s performance was so bad that if he did not have low class, he would have had no class at all. And, of course, Kasich, regrettably the present governor of that failure of a state Ohio and a native son of that crumbling and polluted mistake of a city on Lake Erie, petulantly and childishly refused even to show up for one of the few positive events (save for Lebron and the Cavaliers) in modern history ever take place in Cleveland. Add the former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and a host of other moribund politicians to the list, plus the 50 Republican so-called national security experts who signed a letter dissing Trump, and you have a wave of cretins who put their own personal interests ahead of our nation’s future well-being and continued existence.

But the coterie of traitors does not stop there. This week, even the speechwriter at the Republican National Convention for my client Pat Smith, that brave mother of Sean Smith, one of the Benghazi victims of Hillary Clinton’s criminal misuse of her private email server, defected to the Wicked Witch. He now says that he may vote for Ms. Hillary, perhaps even having been paid off or threatened by her henchmen “Clinton-style.” For the record, Pat Smith is incensed that she, along with The Donald, would be manipulated and sold out by this fool. Rather than supporting Hillary Clinton, Smith would not only like to see her found “guilty” of the wrongful death of her son, but also thrown in prison where she belongs. (See “Benghazi victims’ parents sue Hillary Clinton.”)

On top of all of this comes certain persons in the conservative media. The most notable is a high-pitched, devilish-looking elf known as Ben Shapiro, a young punk who thinks and acts as if he is smarter than he is. Just this week, this self-appointed, Cruz-backing hack of the minor leagues of conservative commentators viciously ripped Trump and Steven Bannon, the new campaign chairman of the Trump campaign and CEO of Breitbart news, ironically where “Little Ben” first got his start. Little Ben, not coincidentally a “confused” Harvard educated lawyer like Cruz, showed such venomous low class in his column as to want to make any lucid reader throw up. It should come as no surprise that this childish clown, years earlier, was the ghostwriter for a book, “Corruption Chronicles,” misleadingly attributed as having been penned by Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, the pubic interest group I founded and successfully ran for a decade. To line his own pockets, Little Ben, undoubtedly at Fitton’s direction, removed any mention of me from Judicial Watch’s biographical history. This subterfuge was not only incredible but also dishonest, since Fitton is not a lawyer and thus played only a secondary paralegal role in the first 10 years of the group’s legal successes, primarily against the corrupt Clintons!

This “outing” of just some of the present traitors in the so-called conservative movement is only the tip of the political iceberg. But like the Titanic, which hit an iceberg and sank, their efforts to turn the nation over to Hillary Clinton and the ultra-left are likely to be successful. When this happens the people will again be faced with a hard choice, as we did in 1776. Roll over to a despot “queen” and her court of lying, criminal slimeballs like George Soros and all those who have bribed her over the years and now want to be paid back in spades, or revolt. I, for one, chose the latter!

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The same problem is the way everyone keeps claiming voting for anyone other than a democrat or republican candidate is a waste of your vote. This is a lie that the 2 major parties have led people to believe so that they will never lose their power no matter what they do. Sadly we don't really have even a2 party system. We have one party that runs around masquerading as 2 parties. If everyone keeps voting for one or the other candidate then they keep winning and we will continue to see our rights erode further and further. One of our founding fathers even warned against political parties. I cant remember which one. Someone I know recently posted if you vote for the lesser of two evils you still get evil. So don't ask why god has turned away. Their are Christian candidates who are truly Christian and if you voted for them you would not have to hold your nose and vote for the lesser evil. You could be voting for good. We have to start sometime and somewhere. Will we wait until it Is to late and they are driving people into fema camps and taking peoples guns.

Robert I will agree with you we need to do away with the the 2 parties and yes they are both the same 

You're right on this issue Robert. The problem is that when we vote right now for a third party candidate all we are actually doing is electing that one candidate that most people have united behind, and in this case that would be Hillary Clinton.

Yes We do need to straighten up our elections system, but that's not going to happen in two months. Any votes taken away from Donald Trump will be a vote for Hillary.
Yes - it sucks, but that's the way it is right now.

Doesn't mean I like it, and it doesn't mean I LOVE Trump either.

I'm with you on this one Old Rooster!

Two thoughts Robert........

One, stop focusing on party.......it's not about party it's about individual(s) who have demonstrated a departure from the status quo.....and unfortunately it boils down to two people to select from to get us away from the party control........Trump or Hillary and it's not Hillary.  Why is  the republican establishment fighting so hard against Trump? I know there are a bunch of candidates with little reality of success unless you count success derailing one of the leading candidates.

Second, man does not control God's movements.......God has not left America but we have left God....everything wrong in America is because of disobedience to God's Word.  I could count the ills but I think it's obvious...when will America move away from a sinful nation??   No it's not about God moving away from America or about political parties..........

You are right again Robert but here's the problem, less that 2 months before the election and we really have one choice; H. Clinton VS D. Trump.  We know, without a doubt what Clinton is, which leaves us with Trump as our choice.  We take our chance with Trump and in the meantime help the Conservative Party prepare for 2020 by supporting them and helping them get full ballot access in 2020, and voting for the Constitution Party candidate in 2020, unequivocally.  The GOP will not support Trump should he win, thus we also have to support Constitution Party candidates in all races.

Speaking about apples, here's something to chew on..........
"If one bad apple ruins the whole bunch, what happens when the whole bunch is bad and you put in one good Apple"?????
We are all focusing on trying to Pick the "Right" person to bring our country back to its constitutional roots and somehow stop the bleeding. If your only concentrating on a person you have also bought into the lie that both parties are selling. You forget that power lies with the people. It's the people who have the power to truly change things. They work for US. They have you believing that they are in control and you need to depend on THEM to change things. They are running things because we either don't realize the power we have or we realize it and haven't choosen to use it. Again I say, if people would wake up, come out of this trance they've been put in by the userpers of our freedom and our rights and our constitutional powers we would demand change and reign in these out of control buracrates.
I think that as with those in Hollywood and the music industry who have sold their souls to the devil for earthly fame, the politicians have sold their souls for power and wealth and position. I believe the answer lies with us, not with them..........

100% correct Michael, so we support Trump, should he win we tall congress to do what we tell them and prepare for 2020 with new candidates that will do as we demand.

Thank you Michael. I agree that 100% the power to correct our nation comes from the people realizing they have the power and taking it back. If every person here started campaigning by spreading the word and encouraging every one they meet to vote outside the 2 major parties. If even half of those people started spreading the message with the availability to outreach by way of Social media we could ensure that neither major party candidate wins. Even if we don't get enough votes to elect anyone as president.we will have sent a message to all those who do get elected and those who will be up for reelection next go around. We should also be voting alternative parties for every election we can. It will not only weaken the alleged 2 major parties, we could end up with multiple parties offering many people from different parties in congress. This would make it very difficult for any group to regain supreme power over the people as the 2 major parties do now.

We will still have a problem that we must find a way to overcome. The 2 major parties have created a society where a large number of people are dedicated to them and will continue to put them into power; the welfare state. The parties could be corrupted into giving to the masses in government programs to ensure their reelection. This could set off a race by elected officials to do all they can to bring about give away programs to the masses so they win elections. It took the parties 150+years to strip the people of their rights and to enslave, at different levels of enslavement, every man woman and child that does not belong in the top 5%. They have gotten rather good at doing what they do. They will corrupt everyone they can from the alternative parties. The Constitution was a great start. We need to erase every amendment after the first 10.  Then we need to pass an 11th amendment locking term limits for anyone taking any position to only 2 terms in office. During and after their time in office they are not to receive any stipend for their service. They are not to have homes in DC. The Government will provide living space and meals for any elected officials during the time they are serving doing government business. Any time congress and senate are not in session those elected officials must return to their home jurisdictions and hold their regular jobs. Any paid federal government employee does not receive a lifetime job. They only receive pay according to what a similar job pays in the regular job market; same as benefits.

Now we do run into how do we make this all happen. I have thought about these things and it would take truly patriotic freedom loving elected people. It would have to be done during a time when we have just elected multiple parties into authority during the time when they are still fighting and afraid of the other parties and officials. 

None of this will happen as long as people say we have to vote for trump or any other person or party. Every election year the same thing will be said and used as a crutch. We have to vote for one or the other. The major party will continue to pretend to be 2 parties until the time when they no longer feel they need to play the charades game with the American people. Of course by then our population will be wiped out and only about 66 million people will still be alive in the US. This time is not to far off. Now is the chance to succeed. Their are enough people who are unwilling to vote for Hillary or for Trump. Very few real people are desiring of having either person win the presidency. Now is the time to seize the future of our nation. If not we ride to the end and hope we can succeed in revolution. That will be extremely tough due to the fact we already have Russian and Gurkha troops here in our country. We also have UN troops and military equipment stationed all over the country. 

Robert, everything you are suggesting here depends on whether or not we still have a free and sovereign country after November 2016. 
Which by the way might be highly doubtful if Hillary Clinton is allowed to be installed as POTUS.

If she is installed as president then I guess we will damn sure know just which side Congress and the Supreme Court is on because they will have the responsibility of confirming her to office. As far as I'm concerned at that point all bets and all holds bard are off. It's then all out.....

Rooster, I think you misunderstood what I was saying. This is something that must happen now. Waiting and allowing Trump or Hillary to take the presidency will be our undoing. Either one of them will finish what obummer has started. As any with eyes can see no matter who is in control they continue to take our federal government down the sane path. Hillary has said all along she shall bring more illegal Hispanic immigrants and will double down on bringing more muslim  "ahem" refugees into our country. Trump has just recently again begun changing his stance on immigrants. He says we must use the laws on immigration already on the books. He has been backing down from the wall and from deporting the illegals. He has now begun saying we need to take in the refugees because it is so bad where they come from. He will though be using extreme vetting. How will he vet these refugees. In Syria do we really have a way of checking their birth to current date activities. How do we check these muslims who are coming in with passports when just recently a extremely large number of passports were stolen. I forget where I read the article. Trumps comments on his weakening his stances were heard during speeches he just recently has given.

So what we will have by the time Trump or Hillary gets elected is more muslims being brought in. The illegal Hispanic immigrants will be granted citizenship. This will be done because they want them here and they intend to use them against true patriots, like those of us who argue here. They will be used in 2 ways.

#1  They will cause racial and religious tensions. They will cause fights and riots to break out. They will bring an increase in crime especially mass murders, :allahu Akbar" ring a bell. This will bring an increase in the calls for taking away our rights to own a gun. Police will be under more federal control. Police will start using more military grade equipment. They will arrest people for owning any weapons or being racist if caught making disparaging remarks towards immigrants or muslims. Have to keep the peace, right.  They will be arresting people and taking property from people for breaking federal laws they write just to do this. These people will be held under the terrorist laws they have written.

#2 The muslims and Hispanic immigrants will be used as armies against patriots who try to fight. They will be used as expendable troops to draw down the numbers of patriots who are currently civilians. The trained federal agents who are using military equipment along with loyalist military members will be used to subdue military personnel that do not go along with administration orders.  

As you can see the odds are severely stacked against us winning a fight for our freedom.  I suggest everyone go out and buy surplus military ammunition; its easy to come buy from online companies. If you get real lucky you will get some warsaw pact or Chinese or Russian armor piercing ammo. You will need it. Otherwise when you are fighting they will just roll in the heavy armored vehicles and roll you over.

The better alternative is to do as I will be fighting to do. Vote third party. We must wage political war against trump and Hillary. Bernie Sanders supporters are leaving democratic party. Anti trump people are leaving republican party. The 2 party candidates are already fighting an uphill battle. Now is the time to strike. We can split enough voters. We can force the parties to wake up and start doing as we wish if they wish to stay where they are. They will realize they have lost the game if we can stop Hillary or trump from being elected.  They have been playing the game on us for long enough. We need to change the rules. We need to use the social media. We need to talk to everyone we can. We need to change it now. If we fail the only thing left will be war. I think Michael can advise as to our odds at winning that fight. He said he would post it.  I am still waiting Michael. I am truly interested in your process and results. I am always willing to learn.  ESPECIALLY from someone older, wiser, more intelligent and with the experience to use these things to help me learn. I thank you Michael in advance.

I have looked into the probability of a 2nd Armed revolution and I believe I've looked deeply and the probibility of that type of revolution being successful is all but impossible in my opinion so for me its a nonstarter. Again I believe that what is going to have to happen is that the scales have to fall off the eyes of the American people. Their minds and hearts have to become open to the Truth and the lies of both parties need to be seen in the light of day. Like boiling a frog in a pot to keep it from jumping out they have been raising the tempreture slowly. But I believe they have begun sometime ago to make what I hope is a "fatal" mistake.... They are raising the tempreture of the water too fast. Their agenda is become more out in the open, their corruption (Hillary is a good example) is becoming exposed so everyone can see it. The Republicans are seen as liars saying give us the house and we will stop Obama and the did not. A real possibility is that they continue to accelerate their agenda and as their promises fail to become reality they will be seen for the liars that they all are. What I ask myself is "How much pain and suffering are the American people willing to take before they are awakened to the Truth"? As a side not history shows us civilizations, cultures and governments tend to move away from their beginning rather than return to them. One nation has and that's the Nation of Isreal. They abandoned Gods laws and His way, but returned after much tribulation. So it IS possible. In a way I'm hoping that those who are trying to redefine our nation continue accelerate their agenda and are seen as the frauds they are. The other alternative is to awaken the American heart through the verbal and written word and seeing they control every aspect of communication that seem to be almost an impossibility.



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