The traitorous cadre of slimy Republicans

Exclusive: Larry Klayman rips 'conservatives' content with seeing a President Hillary

Published: 3 hours ago

It’s not just the George Soroses of the world that are attempting to destroy our beloved republic – just this week it was disclosed that this vile, self-hating, Nazi-collaborating, ultra-leftist Jew is largely behind the financing of Black Lives Matter – but certain so-called conservatives who are out to see that Hillary Clinton and a Democratic Senate and House are elected this November. If this occurs, the Wicked Witch of the Left, along with her comrades, will have free reign to finish the job President Barack Hussein Obama, our socialist Muslim king, has been pursuing for eight years.

The motivation of these traitors: to defeat Donald J. Trump so their money gravy and power train can continue at least until 2020, when they will attempt to run “their candidate,” someone like Sen. Ted Cruz or Gov. John Kasich (or perhaps even a “resurrected” Mitt Romney) against her. In short, these selfish and greedy political hacks would sink the nation into a sea of even more criminality under the Clintons and allow the Wicked Witch and her Soros-like benefactors to pack the Supreme Court with even worse justices than we now are forced to endure.

Who are these disloyal conservatives among our ranks? Sean Hannity, who is one of the few conservative commentators to call it like it is, calls them “Republican crybabies,” their having previously lost in their bid to defeat Trump in the primaries. While Sean is being diplomatic about this, I cannot be. This disgusting display of treason cannot be overlooked, even if I am not endorsing any candidate, as head of Freedom Watch.

At the top of this traitorous cadre of slimy self-serving Republicans are the likes of Cruz and Kasich. Cruz, the man who lacks even the ability to give a speech where he does not sound like a less eloquent pontificating dictatorial version of Mussolini before a panel of appellate court judges, cheaply attempted to deep six Trump at the Republican National Convention. Cruz’s performance was so bad that if he did not have low class, he would have had no class at all. And, of course, Kasich, regrettably the present governor of that failure of a state Ohio and a native son of that crumbling and polluted mistake of a city on Lake Erie, petulantly and childishly refused even to show up for one of the few positive events (save for Lebron and the Cavaliers) in modern history ever take place in Cleveland. Add the former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and a host of other moribund politicians to the list, plus the 50 Republican so-called national security experts who signed a letter dissing Trump, and you have a wave of cretins who put their own personal interests ahead of our nation’s future well-being and continued existence.

But the coterie of traitors does not stop there. This week, even the speechwriter at the Republican National Convention for my client Pat Smith, that brave mother of Sean Smith, one of the Benghazi victims of Hillary Clinton’s criminal misuse of her private email server, defected to the Wicked Witch. He now says that he may vote for Ms. Hillary, perhaps even having been paid off or threatened by her henchmen “Clinton-style.” For the record, Pat Smith is incensed that she, along with The Donald, would be manipulated and sold out by this fool. Rather than supporting Hillary Clinton, Smith would not only like to see her found “guilty” of the wrongful death of her son, but also thrown in prison where she belongs. (See “Benghazi victims’ parents sue Hillary Clinton.”)

On top of all of this comes certain persons in the conservative media. The most notable is a high-pitched, devilish-looking elf known as Ben Shapiro, a young punk who thinks and acts as if he is smarter than he is. Just this week, this self-appointed, Cruz-backing hack of the minor leagues of conservative commentators viciously ripped Trump and Steven Bannon, the new campaign chairman of the Trump campaign and CEO of Breitbart news, ironically where “Little Ben” first got his start. Little Ben, not coincidentally a “confused” Harvard educated lawyer like Cruz, showed such venomous low class in his column as to want to make any lucid reader throw up. It should come as no surprise that this childish clown, years earlier, was the ghostwriter for a book, “Corruption Chronicles,” misleadingly attributed as having been penned by Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch, the pubic interest group I founded and successfully ran for a decade. To line his own pockets, Little Ben, undoubtedly at Fitton’s direction, removed any mention of me from Judicial Watch’s biographical history. This subterfuge was not only incredible but also dishonest, since Fitton is not a lawyer and thus played only a secondary paralegal role in the first 10 years of the group’s legal successes, primarily against the corrupt Clintons!

This “outing” of just some of the present traitors in the so-called conservative movement is only the tip of the political iceberg. But like the Titanic, which hit an iceberg and sank, their efforts to turn the nation over to Hillary Clinton and the ultra-left are likely to be successful. When this happens the people will again be faced with a hard choice, as we did in 1776. Roll over to a despot “queen” and her court of lying, criminal slimeballs like George Soros and all those who have bribed her over the years and now want to be paid back in spades, or revolt. I, for one, chose the latter!

Media wishing to interview Larry Klayman, please contact media@wnd.com.

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The post I just posted on a armed 2nd Revolution was by a writer at the Rutherford Institute. For those here who are veterans especially those who have participated in the art of war I believe you know in your heart the writer is true. If not, that's your opinion and your certianly intitled to it. I see taking up arms as a last line of defense to protect our property and our loved ones. It will be close quarter combat and take place where each of us live. Look... The government has been preparing for an armed revolt for decades and they are now fully prepared, more so than citizens are. The author states what I believe is a realistic option in his last few sentences, "a change in the hearts and minds of the American people". This they are not prepared for.
The problem with the implosion of immigrants, is that many are non- European Christian, whom wrote the founding Constitution and laws, non-property owners with little to non assets, who dont have an education and are supportive of socialism or even communism because that is the only political system that can support their living in an unsustainable job market that can't even provide for the nations current low educated citizens whom have also fallen on government welfare to live on.

They all will favor Communism when the next economic crash comes upon the nation!!!

Reverse technology that stolen their jobs and bring manufacturing back on the consumer products that everybody buys and uses regularly, even during a slow economy, jobs taken by china that had stabilized and sustain their job market regardless of economy slowdowns !!!

A nation of diverse and uncommon economic, political and social beliefs destabilizes the nations strong common direction for political long term agenda.

A house divided, will not stand, that is why a strong muslim nation, stays muslim. A strong population of Christians, remains on christian policies, once destabilized and mixed together, all of that society are trying to take control over the other as they are busy resolving their differences, then a totally different (Communist agenda) group comes in and sells the idea that their progressive political agenda will resolve the issue.

Strong religious nations with many to support a common goal or objective will then have to be taken over by bloodshed and brutal force to make it change to another nations policies.

When divided, foreign group can move in and convince that their communist agenda policy will resolve the political and social conflict and concur all.

I see the babbling anti-Semite idiot is back spewing non-sense again.  Chris I can't even follow the garbage you have posted in this one; makes no logical sense.  Off your meds again?

I believe the great tragedy of human kind is IGNORANCE. Ignorance is the soil within the brain that grows the weeds of all manner of untruths. Rightly did Solomon ask God for knowledge and wisdom. People seek riches when Scripture tell us wisdom and knowledge is to be desired over silver and gold. Those forces,
both natural and spiritual work overtime from keeping us from knowing the Truth.

There you go again with your hammer Michael, you hit the nail squarely on the head.  Shalom aleikhem brother!

Michael, you have hit it on the head. The only hope for our nation is to quit believing that you can elect a candidate from republican or democratic party and expect anything to change. The libertarian party is no better because they have as candidates; retired washed out democrats. The green party is actually just a cover name for the communist party. The ruling elite has brought about the belief system that there are only the 2 parties and voting any other way is wasting your vote. So most people hold there nose and vote for one or the other. Then no matter which party wins the same result happens. This has been happening for longer than most have been alive today. It will take a ground swelling grassroots movement. People need to wake up and start saying no they wont vote republican or democrat. When everyone starts waking up and running for their local offices and then we start swelling up and taking back the state offices. Then the change can begin happening. Then good people basing their decisions on the founding fathers can start fighting to take back the states powers. All the states were sovereign independent states under the Constitution. They became a very potent alliance through the Constitution. yet still an alliance. Again the states were the ones required to maintain and provide for a state militia. trained and ready for combat should the nation be called into war. There was never supposed to be a standing army. It is why no army was supposed to be funded or maintained on national level for more than 2 years. The next step would be to take back the federal government. That would entail first getting rid of all elected and appointed officials including the supreme court justices.  We need to eliminate all  the federal courts except the supreme court. We need to abolish all the amendments except for the first 10.

One of the reasons the second amendment included the words well maintained militia was it was states responsibility. All the people were guaranteed the right to bear arm because they could be called up into the local militia of their state. Think of it like how Israel does it. Even the Germans did it before WWII.  Every able bodied person serves in the military for a set time.   Then they go home with all their military gear. In this way they can be called up in a moments notice and pickup their gear and rally to go fight. They government did not have to worry about how to supply them quickly. I have been studying history anew and again notice Lincoln did not have a massive army at the start. He called the draft and demanded that the states send their militias to form up to allegedly defend the US and bring  down the alleged revolt by the southern states. Any of the states could have still at that date refused to send troops but then they could have suffered by being considered in revolt also. Look what happened to Virginia. Against the constitution the federal government stole the land now called West Virginia from Virginia and made it into a new state.

All the the great Kings of Isreal before they went to war sought YHWEH. "Do any of you lack wisdom? Let him ask of God who gives to all men liberally". The author of the article I posted from the Rutherford institute is correct I believe in saying what America needs is a change of mind and of heart. We are not fighting a foreign enemy only but those who live amoung us, those who we considered one of us. Those who seek to divide us, conquor us are not prepared for, donot have a defense for the change in the American heart and mind should their eyes become open to the Truth that they have been and are being lied to and being taken advantage of on every level. Hillery being exposed and being given a pass from all levels of government and the Justice depts and the courts is a start. But it's just a start. Personally I'm trying to focus on how do we get the Truth to the masses. Robert has made some excellent points as many here have also. Once the curtian is pulled back and "OZ" is revealed for who he and what they truly are the American Mindset will instantly change and will never be the same again. Those who oppose U.S. know this that's why they control all media, Hollywood etc. This is a daunting task. Personally I have to try and balance my seeking a solution while realizing what is going on is within Gods permissive Will and that as we enter the End of days things will go from bad to worse. It dosent mean we don't stand our ground and fight the good fight. But we can not disreguard what the Scriptures say either. The end of my prayers is "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven, Come quickly Lord". It is my sincere prayer for each of you that YHWH gives each of you the Strength to stand in the winds that are about to blow. Shalom...

Amen, well put!

I'll say this about you Robert, you have a firm grasp on our Republic and why our Constitution is the Law that determines how our nation should operate.  What a shame 95%+ don't understand like you do.

I don't have much to say here, but I think I can transmit my thoughts with a few good images;

Got the picture ??

Here's and example that makes my point on the need for wisdom and knowledge. A Political Science Associate professor at Gettysburg College said Trump should not be treated fairly and that she won't even discuss him in her classes. She goes on to say that "Balance" is an offense to the truth!! HUH?? WTF?? When is balance and looking deeply to all the issues and both sides an affront to the Truth. What she just stated is an oxymoron, she's just too "Moronic" to realize it.
She will not allow a debate from the Republican side of the issue to even be allowed in her classroom. And here's the clincher folks.... Her opinions are backed by the school. So much for debate, so much for free speech... School's are the place where these things should be Allowed not forbidden. Can you see how freedom of speech is being removed under the guise of political correctness? The goal, the end result is to get everyone thinking the same, believing the same, accepting everything while believe nothing. They don't want anyone to have an opinion or belief that differs from there's. Orwell's 1984... It is no longer "Higher education", it is simple the continuation of "Indoctination" into repressivisum. It is almost an impossibility for a young mind to go through 4 or more years of this agenda and not be effected.

Trying to understand the logic of a liberal is akin to getting a response from a petrified pine knot....



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