Much fear is being created about UN treaties and un Constitutional Law,  We must remember that there is much misinformation being forced by the left.  Our Constitution is the supreme Law of the land.  Nothing can take away our Constitutional Rights, nothing subverts the Constitution, unless we allow it to. We do not need a compromised and communist court to interpret the Constitution we can read and know what our Founding documents state.  We must not let them push their snake oil. Our first line of defense is and are our County Sheriff.  They answer to no one but the citizens, and the Constitution.  They have the authority to appoint a posse, and arrest federal and/or state officials which infringe upon the Constitution rights of the citizen.  Please read the following book:  They Fired The First Shy, 2012.  It outlines in depth the attack against America, but also the road to fight it.  We do not go to jail, they do. In this book we find the answer to our problem.  It will take work, sacrifice and repentence, but the rewards will be great.  Lets continue the fight with an actual plan.  The book csan be purchased at   We must return to our Founding Principles. 

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If you want a true LEGAL opinion, then read this short exert of the original.  The original can be found at the bottom of this post.

If Obama signs a treaty and if the U.S. Senate ratifies it, will it become part of the “supreme Law of the Land”?

We hear it said that whenever the President signs, and the Senate ratifies, a Treaty, it becomes part of “the supreme Law of the Land”.  But is that true?  Not necessarily!  Walk with me, and I will show you how to think through this question, and how to analyze other constitutional questions which come your way.

You must always ask: Is this authorized in the Constitution? Where in the Constitution? And precisely what is authorized by the Constitution?  Let us start at the beginning:

1.  Does the federal government have authority to make treaties? Can treaties be about any subject?  Or, are the proper objects of treaties limited by The Constitution?

Article II, §2, cl. 2, U.S. Constitution, says the President:

… shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two-thirds of the Senators present concur…

Article VI, cl. 2 says:

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any State to the Contrary notwithstanding. [emphasis added]

Thus, we see that the federal government is authorized to make treaties.  Now, we must find out whether there are limitations on this treaty making power.

2. It is a classic rule of construction (rules for understanding the objective meaning of writings) that one must give effect to every word and phrase.  The clause does not say, “Treaties made by the United States are part of the supreme Law of the Land”. Instead, it says Treaties made under the Authority of the United States, are part of the supreme Law of the Land.

So we see right away that a Treaty is part of the supreme Law of the Land only if it is made “under the Authority of the United States”.

TO READ MORE GO TO:      Scroll down the right side until you get to "Treaty Making Powers of the United States"

What you say is true if you know who you are and how to conduct battle against the war forced on you by the Crown and the DC Corporation. When the USA incorporated and Lawyers via the British Accredited Registry took over the government, everything went haywire. Today we have no Original Jurisdiction officials in DC (only a few enlightened ones who discovered the truth) so that judges, law officers, and almost every elected, appointed, and hired employee of the Corporation now do business w/o subscribing and recording their oaths and bonds as required by real Law. To complicate things, the codes, statutes, treaties, etc that we think are law today, are for the Corporation and if you know that you are foreign and live as such, do not apply to you. But the courts through trickery and by design confuse you and treat you as fictions, maritime vessels on the sea of illusion, and railroad you. To them the Constitution does not exist, having been replaced by the UCC and private copyrighted law, and if you do not know what you are doing, you have no standing in their courts, when the truth is, they have NO JURISDICTION over you, but you consent to their jurisdiction at your own peril. By understanding what transpired through and after the Civil War and with the establishment of the Federal Reserve, you can unravel the quagmire we are drowning in. The Wizard of Oz tells the story, and it ain't just a children's musical. The yellow brick road is paved wiith conspiracy and we are slaves on the plantation by collusion, lack of disclosure, fraud, and deception.

Michelle Moose Obama is telling people she is proud of BH Obama for working around the Congress. She and Valarie Jarrett have not been successful at running America.

I don't see anything about the book on medj -- I did look it up and will probably get a copy. Too many things to read lately.


My apologies



What you are not figuring in is the probable event of Marshall Law.  I realize that our County Sheriffs may be our best defense, but you are talking county sherriffs up against Obama and the U.N.  In the event of Obama declaring Marshall Law, which is what he has been working toward for most of the past  4 years, unless our Sherriffs have the backing of the Governors and some of our military, we are up the creek without a paddle.  In the event of Marshall Law, any Executive Orders Obama wants to use he will be able to use between now and January no matter how the eleciton turns out. 

But if Romney wins, and someone actually decides to use the fact that Obama is not a U.S. citizen, then even the declaration of Marshall Law could work to our benefit.  Obama is fighting in court right now for the right to use section 21 of the NDAA law.  If Obama did not intend to use it, he would not bother to fight for the right to.  By now, most of you know that section 21 is the part of the law that allows for the incarceration of U.S. citizens while automatically stripping them of all rights and citizens just on the suspicion of being anti government, connected to terrorism. Something else that needs to be factored in is that the House passed a bill recently that will allow the president to use the Executive Orders in the event of Marshall Law without having to get them passed through the House and Senate. Since the Senate is still owned by Obama, the House had been the only block we had, and now it is gone.  Executive Order 13603 gives Obama power over all food and water sources in the U.S. and all authority to take private property for the governments use and to conscript into goverrnment service any U.S. citizen. The good news is that our conservative House would not have passed that if someone behind the scenes didn't have a plan.  Because they are not blind to Obama's plans.

  I would say from this point on, it would be wise to urge our governors to stand against Obama's Marshall Law Orders.  I would warn them of the need to nip any rioting in the bud any way possible because that would block one avenue that Obama would use to declare Marshall Law. Another avenue would be if 10% of the population showed symptoms of the flu, that state could be locked down by the head of the CDC just on the suspicion that it was the flu, and according to Marshall Law all weapons could be removed from the population..  Proof is unnecessary, only suspicion. Again , thankfully many states have in state laws that our weapons can not be taken from us during Marshall Law.  But that will come down to a fight between the States and the Federal government. Our best hope is to get Romney in, because in the event of Obama declaring Marshall Law, Romeny could step in, even before January to protect our Constitutional rights by exposing Obama for who and what he is.

So it is not as simple as it would normally be to defend our Constitutional rights county to county in the event of Marshall Law..  In error previously, without checking facts,in other posts I wrote that there were 923 Executive Orders.

There are about 137 Orders Obama has personally written not 923. Although he can use those written by other presidents. You can read each executive order on:
or Google The American Presidency Project. 

Nobody can suspend the Bill of Rights nor the US Constitution.  

In 1953 our Secretary of state made the following statement:  "Treaties make International law; they also. make domestic law.  According to the Constitution Treaties can become the Supreme Law of the Land."  That was the statement made by Christian Herter who served under Ike.  My research tells me that is a possibility.  At any rate, we certainly see strange things happening.  Executive Orders seem to be replacing Congress and there is no out-cry from either the Senate or the House.  The statement above "We do not go to jail, they do" depends on who has the most strength - us or them?  At any rate, Christian Herter's statement came from a Republican administration, the Eisenhower Admin,  in or about 1953; the same year Senator Joseph McCarthy tried to warn the nation about Communists in the State Dept. Senator McCarthy was shamelessly attacked by the most powerful pundits in America; scandalized, vilified, mocked, belittled and hated.  Yet, today the very thing he and others by the thousands warned us about is not is squarely IN our face.  Today, we as a nation are transitioning from apathy to dependency.  The next category is bondage.  It isn't too late to reverse the course, but Barak Heusein Obama is NOT the answer.  He, and the United Nations and tens of thousands of like-minded people ARE the problem. HE, Obama, must be voted out of office or the light will go out in America.



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