Constitutional Emergency

The Ukraine scam.
Here’s how that worked;

The Obama/Biden administration sent $150 BILLION to Ukraine.
(Remember that VP Joe Biden threatened to withhold that money until Ukraine officials fired the prosecutor that was investigating Birisma gas company)
From that $150 BILLION Ukraine gave back $1.5 BILLION to Hunter Biden.

Plus an unknown amount to Vice President Joe Biden.

That left roughly $148.5 BILLION to be spread around.
Let’s say that Ukraine officials kept $100 BILLION for themselves.

That means that $48.5 BILLION was made available for kick-backs to US government officials.

It’s interesting that now Obama just paid $11.75 Million for his new home in Martha’s Vineyard Massachusetts. Obama’s net worth when they entered office in 2008 was a measly $2.5 Million.

It’s also interesting that when this so-called whistle-blower/NON-whistle-blower heard that Trump asked the new Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy to investigate the Ukraine corruption, including Birisma gas company, that that NSA official panicked and called Adam Schiff and John Brennan.

And now all of a sudden they want to impeach President Donald Trump because he requested an investigation into this Ukrainian corruption.

All of this leaves many unanswered questions, including who was on that list for Ukraine kick-backs? And how much did each of them receive out of that $148.5 BILLION?

Remember also that all that money had to be approved by the US State Department and Hillary Clinton, plus the House of representatives and Nancy Pelosi.

Are you still wondering why they are in such a panic to stop Donald Trump?
It’s just as Hillary Clinton said, “You guys better fix this F__n thing or we are all going to hang”.

And then she threatened “I’m not going down alone, I’ve got enough to bring down half this F__n Government.”

This entire impeachment process is nothing less than an attempt to conceal evidence and to obstruct justice. NOT by Donald J. Trump, but by Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler, and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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Barack Hussein Obama's net worth when he entered office in 2008 was stated at 2.5 Million.
Now after only eight years in office they buy this mansion in the socialist State of Massachusetts.
How many of you out there could afford even the patio for this place?

79 Turkey Cove Road, Edgartown, Mass.
$11.75 Million, plus they also own 2 other very expensive homes, one in D.C. and one in Chicago.

Estimated Real Estate values over  $20 Million.
Where the hell did all that money come from? Answer =  from you and I, WE paid for all that.
The money they sent to Ukraine, and the money they sent to Iran, was US Tax Payer money.
How much of that went back into Obama's pockets as kick-backs and pay-offs?
And how many others in Washington were on that same list?

The whole Clinton machine including Biden and Obama are all guilty of MONEY LAUNDERING. And now they want to impeach Trump because he requested an investigation into corruption. It's just as Hillary said "You guys better fix this F__N thing or we are ALL going to hang".

You gotta love it when crooked politicians tell the truth.

This entire impeachment charade is an attempt to stop any investigations into the Ukraine Clinton/Biden/Obama money laundering scam.

RE: Obama just paid $11.75 Million for a new house on Martha's Vineyard. Wonder where all that money came from???



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