As this highly turbulent election passes a new era is ushered in .Many world leaders predicted racial upheavals that may have ripped this nation apart.The world will now see an image of a diverse acceptance.That alone will make our nations enemies abandon efforts to drive a civil ,cultural war. However make no mistake ,lets be clear anytime you are out of your element the dangers are very real .Actively violent entities ,pockets and individuals will always thrive across this great land. I do not fear the winds of change ,you can not fight the wind ,change is the only constant. Let the winds lift you as you develop an understanding of its direction.A nation that does not have shifts that prevent extremes will become intolerant and destroy itself . I fear only one thing its in relation to our Energy policy ,I fear that Drill Baby Drill " May not happen .If that occurs you can expect liquid fuel prices to rise again.The oil producing nations must know , in no uncertain terms , we will very vigorously excel our efforts to become independent if price do not continue to fall ,and even if they do .We must as citizens push the Tapping of our Natural gas reserves, Individuals and Governmental entities will benefit from the wealth this will give us here and now. I would resist imported gas from other states .We have a unique leverage in that we have abundant natural resources in south central Pa. Gas, Timber ,Water, Livestock ,Land .Commodities that the multitudes in the urban areas must have , can not survive without ,yet have none of there own..I for one feel a decrease in anxiety levels across the board ,I have no doubt ,no matter who you supported for president ,your stress levels have dropped as well ,Better to know and be disappointed than fear the unknown.The stock market will react similarly. Let us drive our prosperity with a purpose ,we the people must and I am confident will turn the tides of prosperity around .Necessity is the mother of invention and ingenuity. May God bless you and God bless the United States of America.Positive change is born out of positive attitudes and efforts.

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EVERY and ANY attempts are being launch to stop or slow domestic production from coal to natural is in full swing .oil rigs and pumps with explosions of undetermined nature..what next .our fuel source are being narrowed to an extremely! ! dangerous level.eminent emergency and collapse of infrastructure is for seeable .we are vulnerable . news flash a new mini sub dificult to detect capable of taking out oil rigs.north Korean made . make no mistake our Enemies are fully deployed and targeting all our vulnerabilities. congress needs to get its head out.or we need replace them ..2012 is a critical presidential election Eecutive orders are powerful..and misdirected devistating
the efforts to destabelise the US racial is in full affect by our enemies the oposition races have simply shiften..
the executive proclamation that would justify that would justify that would be incomprehendable .that is why we have the electoral colledge so they can vote for us .we choose our deligates and they vote .we saw that in florida with bush gore .thats why popular vote must never be made reality . this is why protecting and prevent monipulation of census data and reapotioning districts is a critical issue.
I mean we must protect the idea that the founding fathers brought forth .we must guide our nation through times when government and the people are at great odds .this too shall pass can be said of every administration .we must not tear this nation apart we must preserve our right to a future.It is incumbent on us a citizens to redirect the nation to a more prosperous time .we can not feed anarchy .the ballot box is the only answer that will not tear this country apart and lend it self to civil wars..
Here iss a change we actually need: OUTLAW ISLAM IN AMERICA, ASAP!!!
any change that will withstand the supreme court must be considereed .I would like to see all anti american doctrine in islam outlawed. there is no place for perpetuated hate and religous infighting .this was in part the reason for seperation of church and state, we are allowing our political correctness to invite caos and under mine our stability in the name of a religion . efforts to generate great civil discord are aimed at the people and the government of these united states
If you want to call Islam a religion thats youre right.I know from personal expeirence that Islam is evil.
I agree 1000% Louis.Islam is evil and has no place in america.Anny nation that show tolerance to Islam wil soon find itself in chaos.Look at Europe.
we must use the constitution .the answers are within it.
this nation will survive these times we have had many scares and many times of great fear . we must not use a blunt sword to remove elements of a negative nature .we must move smart .not as extremist . no race is our enemy only factions that lable these races.
A recent note to the wife of a deat friend .I see this hate as well ,it can not be overlooked .I have seen some try to manipulate so as to distort my own personal writings . I can deal with that . I am no stranger to adversity .Times are tough enough without racism fanning the flames of discord and civil unrest . Often I have had to to hide and remove postings from people I have known most of my life. I can not condone the hate they spew.There is no place in the world of my children for race or religious prejudice and hate. Supposed News outlets spreading propaganda that tears at the very fabric of our nation. Whether far right or far left. I am extremely concerned at the growing trend of intolerance I see .The days of desegregation and civil rights seem peaceful in comparison..You and I and like minded Americans must stay the course and remain firm against this extremism. "this was on my mind ".I wanted to share it with you . You are a special person to a special friend of mine .we may not always agree on policy I do believe we agree on principal. my best to you may you and your children know peace .



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