Constitutional Emergency

Friday night 3/6/2009- 8:00PM: The movie Watchmen is starting in the theatre. I'm anxious and excited to see this movie that I've been waiting months and months to see. The movie is spectacular, and inspiring, and filled with bloody action, and even full nudity! As I watch and enjoy this movie, I pay attention to the plot and story and meaning of the movie. The end of the movie comes, and the apex of the plot, story, and meaning of the movie come to fruition. I'm in awe, and humbled by the meaning the movie is conveying. I have a moment when I feel as if something, or someone is trying to tell me something. I have a revelation.

I finally feel I've come to understand why humanity is the way we have come to be. We are a people of independence, we are a people of life, we are a people seeking liberty, we are a people with the goal of the finding of happiness. But, what has this all become? I look at the way our country has turned down a dark path, and the people are voicing their opinions, yet very few are taking action. I see the man that we elected to be the leader of the Free World, the President of our United States of America, the man with whom inspired the concept of "change", but I don't see this concept in his actions. Why has this come to be?

We all look at life in a variety of manners. Some think we are masters of our own destiny, some think that God Allmighty is the master of our destiny, some think that Allah is the director of our destiny, some think that Buddha is the balance of our destiny, and so on and so forth. We all have some manner of belief that directs our actions, and drives our life's or our spirits goals.What I've come to understand, is a common aspect of ALL of these beliefs: A Higher Power. The Athiest believes the human capacity has the Higher Power to control their own destiny. The Christian believes that God or Jesus Christ are the higher power that watch and guide our destiny. The Muslim believes that Allah's Higher Power rewards them for following his footsteps. The Buddhist believes that Buddha is the Higher Power for attaining balance in life and spirit.

Any word, or any belief is either completely based, or partially based on Truth. What is this truth? There IS a Higher Power. There is a GOD. Whether he has one name or another. GOD is there, and he is watching over us. And one man that could attest to Him, a man in which numerous books have spoken about, and archaeology has found proof of: Jesus Christ. He was a man of God. He was with God. He was the example for all men to follow. He spoke the Good Word, all in some form of teaching.or praying. He spoke the Good Word, he walked the Good Word, and he died in the Good Word. Through my own research, I've found that even the Bible is imperfect. It IS after all, written by the hand of man. And man can be corrupted so easily.

What does this all mean? Humanity of course is imperfect. We strive to better ourselves mentally, physically, financially...yet a great majority of us seem to miss the bigger picture: God is in control, no matter what you may think.

I believe in the words of Jesus: "What is more important? Dying rich in body, or dying rich in spirit? If you want to die rich in spirit, sell all your belongings and give your money away. For in doing this, you prove that your riches in life are meaningless and praise Him, and you build your wealth in spirit to be given to you in Heaven by God, for there is nothing more important than building your relationship with God, that you may be given eternal life in paradise beyond your comprehension."

I've now come to realize the importance of our humanity. We were created here on Earth to build our relationship with God. We weren't put here to fulfill our own measures of wealth, power, and pleasure. We are here to show God that we are worthy of Him and that we will follow Him no matter the cost. We need to have utmost and unflinching faith in Him, because through Him...All things are possible. Don't believe in ones self to accomplish great things, for in the eyes of God that is selfish. That doesn't prove your faith in Him, that only proves your faith in yourself. Yes, we are capable of great things, but that is only through God's graces, through His will.

All in all, remember why we are here. The United States of America was founded upon principals that it was a country under Him, and that through our faith in him, all things are possible. Yet what has become of this so-called "great nation?" Our economy is on the verge of collapse, and our government seeks to control us as if they think they are God! This is blasphemy and only the wrath of God will be invoked upon us! We are witnessing his wrath before our eyes! Yet what do we do? We voice our opinions loudly, but cower inside our homes as if we think we can change things in that manner. This is not so. Only through our faith in God can things be changed. Our faith in Him has fallen, and is failing. We claim to have faith in Him, but when the time comes we desire to cling to this life and it's materialistic beliefs instead of embracing Him when our time comes. If you see your final moments before you, kneel and pray. Give thanks to Him for giving you the capacity for providing for yourself and your family, and pray for those who trespassed against you, and ask for forgiveness for your own trespasses. Most importantly, ask to be delivered from Evil and all temptation, and relinquish your soul into his hands. Jesus Christ lived and died by his faith, never questioning God, constantly praying for those around him. His faith never wavered, and he stayed the course set before him by God.

To this day, since I allowed Jesus Christ into my heart, I have asked for forgiveness for all the trespasses I made against Him. I've asked for His help in guiding my life, in showing me His way, but my faith was never unflinching, it was never unwavering. I see now though, how I've allowed my own fears to cloud my faith, making it weak and susceptible to the evil that is inherent in humanity. Ultimately, it all boils down to choice: Shall I do it the hard way and be good, or take the easy way and be evil? Believe it or not, I believe that the "Devil" is in fact a part of humanity. It is in our capacity as humanity to choose to be good or evil. In all truth, there is no such thing as the Devil. There is Heaven and Hell; the two sides of the coin. It is whether we choose to be good and who we choose to know, that determines where we go.

I hope that this may bring you some insight into your own beliefs. Whatever your faith may be, let it be true and unwavering. Let it be whole and complete. All you have to do is keep praying; let your faith take over, and I guarantee that great things will happen when you put ALL your faith into God, leaving faith of yourself and your worldly belongings behind.

May God bless you all, and may your blessings be many. Amen.

PS: Send this to all your friends and family. Tell them to do the same, and so on and so on. Hopefully, we can all relinquish ourselves to Him, and in doing so save ourselves....from ourselves.

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