There is no need for me to post anymore.......When I do, folks EVERY TIME run in and say it's not true!



Keyboard commanders are a penny for thousands online......


Not many workers only nay sayers and finger pushers.

Actions promised with no follow through.


I'm not asking for back patting. I'm just giving you all heads up I've been observing interaction here

and I'm not liking what I constantly see. It's looking like I am wasting my time with this work.




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Agreed ! I am trying here , but it's just me and my family , no one in my state responds except I daho Constitutionalist, and she is in Idaho, so please don't stop, your info. helps alot of us a GREAT DEAL !!

I am with Twana. People have become complainers with no follow through. They are not pro-active - they are re-active.

I have many duties but if you would like one to stand up for Maryland I will !!!!!!!



I agree 100% with you ...everybody knows everything or I like to say too blind from everything ...acording to ppl on here there is nothing wrong with this country....blah blah blah ...they say the gov isnt aloud to do this or that ...really ....they r just doin whatever they want .....and ppl sayin if the shtf they will give up their guns in fear of legal matters ...really ppl ....if the shtf there will b all out war ...why worry about goin to jail

Bob, I'm here to be involved. Still waiting to hear from you though. You are the Top PA guy correct? Let's get together. I'm not that far from you.

You've gotta figure .... TSHasHTF ...already! The crisis is here, already. This is not something you can just suddenly come awake, grab up your gun and make the transition from suburbanite with a mortgage to fighting machine in a nanosecond ... doesn't work that way, wish it did. People in general do not have the capability to pull a complete 180 degree shift that way.

WE HAVE AN OVERTLY HOSTILE GOVERNMENT IN PLACE, HEAVILY ARMED, WELL EQUIPPED, backed by both American and International (UN) military ... trained military... and they are pretty proficient at what they do. We can figure from the American portion of the military, there will be some Patriot sympathizers that will back us, but realistically it's not yet sure what % of the whole it will be. 

Alex, I can tell you without disagreement that we have a Uniformed Code of Justice. It has many clauses and one of those reads that no member of the military, Officer or enlisted must obey an unlawful order.  It is against the Constitution for them to fire on civilians that are not in violation of any law.  A declaration of Martial Law may or may not be lawful.  And while there are historical moments in our history where in fact the military has fired on civilians (armed and otherwise) there are also several where the law was intentionally violated (WACO) and Ruby Ridge as well as that effort called fast and furious come to mind.  And who cares if the military has sophisticated weaponry There are many that have just as sophisticated equipment (admittedly no tanks and artillery of any consequence) but those can and will be taken over if it does start, So stop with the it cannot be done "BS because it can be done and if they start it it will be done. Semper Fidelis.

Richard, I hear you saying that patriot action will be 'reactive', not 'proactive' ... the government is to be given the option of  preemptive attack, i.e. the role of patriots will be a defensive battle? Historically not the best odds, but I don't rule it out....

I hate that everything I have commented has come across as negative/can't-be-done-BS to you. I wish good luck to all, that everyone will somehow be magically endowed with whatever tactical skill is needed once the 1st shot is fired...never mind that people are not yet even responding to calls from their state groups

Which is all that I've been saying ... it's prudent to step away from the keyboards and get some practical 'field training' ... that's all & Good luck to each of you

No. You are not wasting your time. You are providing a very need service.


No, That's not true!.... damn, oops...

Hey there hang in there ,as bad as it is out there ,we need strong conservative mind set ,I have never questioned work work here .Again hang in there ,SSG Keown

Twana I enjoy your posts they are very interesting and makes me wonder just how far our government will go and what they have done.

Keep up the great work that you do.




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