There is no need for me to post anymore.......When I do, folks EVERY TIME run in and say it's not true!



Keyboard commanders are a penny for thousands online......


Not many workers only nay sayers and finger pushers.

Actions promised with no follow through.


I'm not asking for back patting. I'm just giving you all heads up I've been observing interaction here

and I'm not liking what I constantly see. It's looking like I am wasting my time with this work.




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Have you posted on your county page?



Hi Twana,

Don't ever believe you're not aappreciated  I for one, have left most other sites because yours covers most of what I want to know about.  Being a Disabled VietnamVet along with a sever back problems I'm just trying to keep my wife and sis-in-law in a safe place.  And, not having much trust to pass around, I fill the need to stay in the shadows and when called upon will be able to react.  You're site is that window for probably many more then just me.........



The disheartening truth is that the great majority of US citizens are too lazy and apathetic to care. They are content in their ignorance. To seek the truth takes energy and to admit there is a problem means expending even more energy on it's solution. Like other great but inexorably doomed cultures they are being killed by it's success. 


I just joined and I am trying to figure out and work with your site. Give me some time to figure things out and I'll be on board. You have had some interesting info that is needed and necessary to be shared.

Gene, the first thing you need to do is register with your state and contact your state leader if there is one.  We are trying to arrange face to face meetings  Next, read through the site.  We have evolved over the past few years, and it would be a good idea to get familiar with our new objectives and perspectives.  Thanks for joining up with us.

no you are not Twana,  I for one read them all and pass on to over 2000 people.  You are doing the work of an Army.  Do not allow the nay sayers to dominate your world.  Just know!  that you are educating the American public and even if there are those who don't do anything except are critical of you, they sure are not posting and opening the eyes of the uninformed.  Even Jesus was ridiculed and rejected.  Consider it a blessing, from just one of your ardent supporters.

I almost never reply to posts,  I just send them out to over 2000 other people.  You are providing an army of people with valuable knowledge.  Do not allow the nay sayers to have any control over what you do.  We need people who do the research and provide intelligent posts.  I Thank you silently, with my on going posts each and every day. 

I do like your information.  I did send the information on the internment camps to all my facebook friends and am a member in my state which is Michigan.  Please continue with the updates on what is going on.  We all need to work together to save this country.  If the American people donnot work together we are lost.  The liberal bloggers just want to distract us with lies so we will not fight to stop the corruption.  Truth matters.


Whenever you deal with large groups of people be prepared for large amounts of disappointment. Don't look at the non-responsive but rather to those who are doing something. If you can convince only one person in a lifetime you have accomplished more than most. I do not understand it, I see it in my own circle, guilty of it myself from time to time, the majority of people wait to re-act rather than to act. It is my thought that is the reason God gave some folks great and BIG servant hearts.

God bless you and yours.


They may be from our side.  There is different levels of understanding what is going on.  How do people learn what is really going on if information is not shared.  Sometimes denial gets in the way.  Before long thay will recognize it for themselves.  If they donnot see iot before they cannot recognize it when it happens.  Reputation works as Obama has proven 

Collective being the key word, Denise.  The communist education policies are now working.

Sorry if I sounded like all is futile in my previous post but, as you know, it is frustrating trying to get people to see the truth. You are doing a great job and I support you all the way!



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