There is no need for me to post anymore.......When I do, folks EVERY TIME run in and say it's not true!



Keyboard commanders are a penny for thousands online......


Not many workers only nay sayers and finger pushers.

Actions promised with no follow through.


I'm not asking for back patting. I'm just giving you all heads up I've been observing interaction here

and I'm not liking what I constantly see. It's looking like I am wasting my time with this work.




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These are just idiots that think everything on Snopes is like the word of GOD. These people will never wake up and they just keep drinking the Cool aid. I rely on what is on this site. Don't hear or see this on the news.

You are not wasting time! Please keep doing what you do. I follow every post and know that you are doing your best to keep us informed. Stay with it! Please!

The problem in this post is not about the judiciary, Edward.  It's about members who have not contacted their state leaders or stepped up to take state leadership if there is no leader in their state.  Have you done either of those, Edward?  If not, stay on topic please.

In NH we have a group that are very active, and most of us met here and/or on ACTIVE (Dollard).  Twana keep going you bring forth and contribute a lot.  I hope you weren't refering to the comment I made the other day that about the "tank" purchase by DHS needed further investigation?  Because that is all conservative sites passing that out; and I was informed by a Naval person that the Navy ordered them for the Marines.  Could be right could be wrong, but Organizing for Action is very active, and may flout faulty info to sneer true conservatives.  If they keep us watching all the "distraction" we may miss their true goal of taking down our economy, the dollar.  Just my thoughts, but absolutely zero critisim of you, Twana.  Thank you for all you do.

LOL!  That the spirit I like!!  Keep it up!

I am probably one of those. Just because I am not burning up the keyboard, I am talking yo people and telling them to give this site a look over. I am trying too collect names and addresses of like minded in my area. I have not contacted white wolf yet, but I intend too.

Thank's for your devotion!

I don't always comment after I read something.... but haven't seen anyone saying, "it's not true"....... maybe you squish the bugs before they gestate!lol  I don't have scads of time to be lolly-gagging....trying to get those in the know on my street engaged as we're on a peninsula with one way in and one way out...... grrrrrr

I'd get a boat, if you don't already have one, Tish! LOL!

There will always be the workers and the arm chair quarter backs. It is not easy to organize a scattered group as large as PFA that is spread all over the country. DO NOT get discouraged. I had been gone for a four week vacation. I had my cell phone off. However, during a tour of Frederickberg, VA I received a call from chairman of my local political group. There was back room situation with the old guard causing problems. So I stated to the chair that he is doing a great job and we will prevail. Why because we are right and will not give up. Seeing our historic places and realizing the sacrifices made to ensure freedom and keep it, made me resolve all the more to keep on regardless of what other do. If we keep watching what others do or do not do then we will be wasting time and energy. Let us keep looking forward. Small groups can do more and get better results in many cases than a large group. Remember the more people the more talk and less action. Keep the prayers going along with action. Will update on what is going on with the local groups as soon as I am brought up to speed (next week).


Don't get discouraged Twana.  There will always be naysayers on a relatively open forum like this.  On the other hand those that are willing to do more than simply pound a keyboard will also always be relatively few.  Counting you and myself we have 14 out of over 2500 members who have committed to the May meeting.  I realize lots of folks have legitimate reasons for not being able to attend, but 14?  However, looking on the bright side that's twice what we had for Oklahoma.

Please don't quit on us Twana.  I've learned so much of what's going on from your website.  I forward it to like-minded people, we all need to do our work within our communities and our states.  We're going to make progress in WV -- there are so many of us in my own county and adjoining counties and throughout the state that are fighting the status quo.  After 80 yrs controlling WV, the Democrats and their progress is being slowed down, soon, I pray, stopped...if we can get to the 2014 election.  At any rate you're an inspiration to us all. 

You make many good points, Stephanie.  However, we are now linking arms to work on our PFA goals for each state.  First thing is to be sure that you have contacted your state leader, and if there is no leader for your state, think about whether or not you might be able to handle that position.  We can't work in isolation any more.  State groups need to work together and get to know each other.  Hopefully you are already engaged in this...if not, please do so immediately.



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