There is no need for me to post anymore.......When I do, folks EVERY TIME run in and say it's not true!



Keyboard commanders are a penny for thousands online......


Not many workers only nay sayers and finger pushers.

Actions promised with no follow through.


I'm not asking for back patting. I'm just giving you all heads up I've been observing interaction here

and I'm not liking what I constantly see. It's looking like I am wasting my time with this work.




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So, then is it possible that someone is passing himself off as the leader and really isn't? I would think you would find out who Edvard talked to and pass the info to the head of CO group. He may be in his 80's, but I think someone hoodwinked him....if Edvard wants to be a gentleman and not use language that is inappropriate, I would say someone was trying to scam him.

Hey, Edvard, sorry if I offended you.  That was certainly not my intention.  I guess I'm getting a bit jaded cause I keep hearing from those who ARE able that they like to talk but don't do anything.  Please forgive me.  At your age, if you are reading and spreading the word, you are doing a great deal.  We all do what we can....and you efforts are appreciated.

I put a call out to New Yorkers and only ONE responded.

There is total count of 105 members, but only ONE in NYC??

Sad, sad situation.

Many years ago, when I was trying to get out of the hell-hole of ussr, we had more people banning together, despite kgb and other risks.

How about standing up, less talk, more action????????

Come on people, our Country is under attack, and a time is running out.

Again, hey New Yorkers, wake up.

I am HERE and ready to give you my hand....

@Leonard : what is the status on 2A rights in NY now? Is the legislation final? Have they begun to try to collect guns yet?

(I'm in TN ... our legislation is still 'up in the air')

We are protesting, going to Albany, meeting with few politician supporting 2A, but I think number stacked against us.

NY is libtard state/city, and with exception of few counties up north, we are outnumbered.

But we're not giving up.

Few groups actively engaged against "safe act".

That's what the libtards call it.

They'll probably call confiscation "liberation act"

I'm so sick and tired of these degenerates and commies

I try not to say much, I read and pass on all information to family and friends. Sorry your having problems Twana. 

Speak up!

The quiet get nowhere, only the bold will survive.

If all you want to do is watch, gab a bag of popcorn, and let the government do it's thing.



We need to know our fellow members.  IF you have not made the effort to contact your state leader and meet your fellow group members, how can we know that we can trust you to have our back in the coming times, Sandra.  I would urge you to do so immediately.

Please don't give up ! There are some here who take your advice to heart and do what we can. I've attemped to make contact in the VA state group -- no luck there.  I work locally and just don't post about it.

Folks, Twana has devoted thousands of hours to this forum and she is absolutely correct in that there are indeed too damned many nay sayers, and those with excuses for why something cannot or will not be done.  Even our courageous and indeed heroic leader that started this forum has become in my own view less than impressed as are many of us with what we are doing here, and why we are not rising up and doing more. And Twana I am not patting you on the back NOT because you do not need that but because Patriots like you  are not looking for pats on the back they are looking for ways to solve our problems and giving folks a forum to begin to accomplish just that. 

From my own perspective, it takes real effort to defeat the communist, socialistic, despotic democratic leadership and frankly, we have just not been that effective at it.  I write very frequently to my Congressional delegation, and my state representatives and I let them know how I and those I know feel.  I will admit that I always manage to throw veiled threats such as "we are watching and will continue to monitor your performance"  and we will not tolerate nor allow anyone that disregards what we sent you there to do to continue to make your own choices rather than work for us and our choices.

 Most of the time I get responsive memorandums back because I also let them know that I used to do work for Congress and I know how they are supposed to be doing our work so do not try to brush me off with platitudes for that will not go well with me and I will share your views with my friends and collegues.  Folks do not think for even a moment that those letters do not get read and those phone calls to their offices are not recorded and records kept about how the voters are responding.  It is only Senators like Kane of Virginia that will openly lie about what he is about while catering to Obama's desires and whims. I mention his name because he is one of my Senators. 

As to Twana;s comments that there are too many nay sayers and such, I know a very erudite lady who frequently comments to me when she disagrees with me that opinions are like A....holes, everyone has one....well, the A.. Holes just do not know when to keep theirs to themselves it seems. So let me just add  this to Twana's comments.

Before you jump in there with a negative comment or with your view as to why it cannot be done, think before you start typing.  Go back and review your history and your Constitution.  Not only are we the Greatest. freeest, most powerful country on earth and in history, we cannot let the atheists, and enemies of Christ our Lord and Savior, let alone those that want what we have but do not want to work to get what we have come to our country illegally or otherwise and try to take it from us. If we value our way of life, if we value our God Given and Constitutionally Guaranteed and recognized rights, we need to do what our founders said we would on occasion have to do....spill the blood of tyrants to keep what we have.  It is nearing that time and by all that is holy, I am long since past the stage where I am just waiting for those scumbags that consider our veterans to be potential terrorists to take action against our heroes for that will be the day that we finally stand up and take our country back by force if necessary.  And all those stupid nitwit Congressional types that feel that the Newtown killings requires that innocent law abiding citizens need more freedoms taken away to keep this from happening again are in for a shock.  It is they that are going out of office before we allow them to take even one more freedom away from us.

I invite you all to go to the Virginia State Patriot site and read my post.  I believe that says it all and that it can and should be done.  I am sending it to all my state and Congressional Representatives and letting them know that this is how we the people see things and they had better be paying attention.  Semper Fi Twana, Illegitimi Non Carborundum......

From the Peoples Republik of Kalifornia, I feel your pain.

Over 150 folks in the State group, and barely a dozen willing to say 'hi' in their counties.

Frustration is reaching boiling.........

Keep the Faith, Twana.



There is an old saying, "Just because it is raining, doesn't mean that you cannot work around it".  Quitting is easy.





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