There is no need for me to post anymore.......When I do, folks EVERY TIME run in and say it's not true!



Keyboard commanders are a penny for thousands online......


Not many workers only nay sayers and finger pushers.

Actions promised with no follow through.


I'm not asking for back patting. I'm just giving you all heads up I've been observing interaction here

and I'm not liking what I constantly see. It's looking like I am wasting my time with this work.




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Well, I read most of these responses (from 'off with their heads' to 'all people have opinions..on how to' and so forth).

Oklahoma (to my recollection) did not have one "county" that voted for O and his type of Marxism. OK. is thereby going to have many people who not only will embrace emphatically this site but actually "get involved."

Massachusetts and New York, well, I suppose there were some in those states who did 'not' vote for O but I frankly would not expect blue states to be ripe with patriotic activists. Not sure how many will engage.

Other states fall in between (mine, AZ, and I have joined the state group but we just lost our leader so I need to figure that out), is a red state, lots of patriotic activists that "I" know (and I have a good 8 to 15 - depending upon definitions - very active men and women who are more than prepared) and folks who are joined in a variety of organizations to resist the growing Tyranny we call Washington.

But frankly expectations have to be humanized. Heck, the Red Cross knew of the "camps" and remained silent in the late '30s and early '40s (supposedly to maintain access to those camps to help). History is full of such examples where folks either waited too long or simply did little to nothing... or were so divided that they were still debating when the bombs fell. But don't throw the "baby out with the bathwater" in this effort. Remember that many people are 'out of work' (I am and rather desperate at that), if not unemployed they are underemployed and running on empty financially, families are broken up in efforts to survive and, significantly, the 'disinformation' present in mainstream media has confused and paralyzed many.

I encourage all to participate to the very best of their ability. Contact other state members "at least" by email, hopefully by phone and ideally in person for a cup of joe and some chat. My wife and I just came from a breakfast with another prepared and patriotic family and discussed many of the same issues on our table here... I told them about the site and they will check it out but 'even if they don't join' I know they are of "like mind and patriotic fervor" and can be counted on.

Hang tough all.

I love your work most proves true when checked out Eddie Witcher

Twana, please do not give up, your site is the first I read daily and I get 100 plus 6 days a week, Sundays are slower. Many of the people that answered could be on the government payroll. They get paid to make stupid remarks. Another problem could be the information posted on internet will tell them who, where and when. Not a good thing. During the 2nd world war there was only one code the enemy could not break, look into it. At my age the only support I can give is verbal, and I am good at that..

In no way are you wasting your time, I look forward to the information you post, I read it all, and have spent much time in passing information to others. 

In the state group site I was somewhat disgusted in that there were only three of us entered into it from our county, even though I spent hours talking to people and encouraging them to get involved.  In our state, Oregon, the west side and the east side pretty much stay to their respective sides of the Cascades though.  Nothing new there however, these walls need to go down.

It was not all bad though, the three of us who did enter into the county site are all Tribal members, we are all training officers or have been, in Search & Rescue, we know one another well enough to have no problems with communications.  This is good for our part, it would be nice if we could have gathered more interested and concerned community members.

At any rate don't stop what you are doing and have been doing.  I appreciate all you do, and thank you very much. 


I am sure it is NOT about you Twana. We all get frustrated by complete idiocy of our representatives in Washington and the sheeple media. Even big people like Hannity, justice Janine, Limbaugh and many others are getting frustrated by complete inaction of the conservatives. There is already more than one (or ten) reasons for Obama's impeachment and criminal investigation. Instead just look what appointment he did and GOP are giving to him. Main question never answered, Who is Obama, where he came from, what is his background, his false documents forgery? Year or more after Fast and Furious, six month after Benghazi an who cares except very few representatives and from media Fox news, Canadian Sun news and very few on webs, like WND, or your Twana. But I still do believe, we have to fight.

Twana, I read you each and every day. Without your words, I would be lost. Please don't stop, you are needed so much.

I will do my best to become more active. If some of you live in the Nampa ID area, I would love to hear from you. I have not had much luck on the State Site...

I replied to you on the State Site. There are only 4 or 5 of us that are active out of the 23 Idahoans....we are pretty far apart with one guy up in the panhandle :-(

I have a Boise VA appt on 1 April, I'll send you a message and maybe I can run to Nampa and meet up with you. I will be in Boise tomorrow...but will be taking my husband who has severe dementia to the VA.


God bless you Twana! God give you strength! I'm so very grateful for the work you are doing.

I'm so thankful for the information you send out. Some of us aren't physically able to get out

and do work! But I can pray and ask for God's blessing and I can send your messages on to

others. That's the devil talking discouraging you! Praise be to JESUS! the devil is defeated and

under your feet! Hallelujah! Just keep holding on and doing your best!

Twana, I must agree with you. But think of this......many times that I check out your postings, I see the same things you're mentioning, much of it irrelevant to the discussion or topic, and tho I'm sorely tempted to jump in, I don't as one or two others are already making the point. So I go on to the next. If the comments aren't relevant to what we're doing, it's a waste of time and effort to replicate what others are already doing. The only times I really jump in now is when I see someone blatantly misrepresenting something. But that doesn't mean I'm not working with it off line, in my neighborhood and community. I don't think it appropriate to come on the comments simply to say what I'm doing, quite the contrary.

I've been asking, just like so many others have been, for anyone in my county, surrounding counties, to post their presence in my county, or just reply to my post there, and offer to get together. But like everyone else, nobody has responded. I still stand alone as far as the site goes. So I go on with those around me and continue to work on educating them about what's happening in America, our state and county, and how it affects them. Word is beginning to spread, and I've had a couple actually seek me out. Once I feel comfortable with any of them, I will invite that person or persons to join the site, but not until I'm 100% sure of their intentions.

So Twana, don't stop what you're doing, it is appreciated, and I think well received by the majority of active users here. But do keep in mind, like me, there may be a number of others that use the same sources (WND, Newsmax, FoxNews, etc) and may have already read that info. So please don't feel ignored!

NOW, let's all get back to getting face to face meetings going!

And that is just what they want!.... As Jesus said"they hated me first". As long as the truth is posted, the battle against it will always be! Look at it this way, even if they say its not true,... They read it.
Btw,..... I don't really post,.... But I always read. You are very informative, which scares the tiny minded libtards, and the cult followers of islam.

We just had a first meeting locally here. Plans are to move forward with more people and different scenarios. I knew the original people would respond but the enthusiasm has been outstanding. I feel in my county we will be able to grow without any trouble. Since I will be the figure head I feel that they have my name and can contact me if they want to do more then bitch.



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