Constitutional Emergency

"There is no place for me in Hillary's America" By COL Sellin

There is no place for me in Hillary's America

I consider myself a patriot, someone who believes in the Constitution, the rule of law and representative government.

Under a President Hillary Clinton, none of those will any longer exist.

Electing Hillary will mean, quite literally, the end of the United States as it was originally designed.

The Constitution will be de facto obsolete; the rule of law will be arbitrarily applied dependent upon one’s financial status or political clout; and we will have a government driven by crony capitalism and political expediency, benefitting only the rich and powerful, and one conspicuous for corruption, fraudulent elections and pseudo-representation.

Under Hillary’s open borders policy, the United States of America will be neither United nor America. It will not be a melting pot, a nation guided by the notion of E Pluribus Unum, but a collection of simultaneous arguments, where the only thing we have in common is our differences.

It will mean a president, who is, without any doubt, hopelessly corrupt and a pathological liar.

It will mean that the organs of government will not be used to enforce the law, but to enforce the political whims of Hillary Clinton, courtesy of the Department of Justice, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Internal Revenue Service.

Because, when blatant and outrageous lies are no longer sufficient to soothe the electorate into complacency, such a government must begin to curtail freedom and oppress the people in order to pursue its policies and remain in power.

For me, one who traveled in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe during the Cold War, Hillary’s approach to government has a familiar ring.

In “Mountain of Crumbs”, a memoir of childhood in the 1960s and 1970s propaganda-soaked Soviet Union, Elena Gorokhova explains the meaning of "vranyo", the Russian word for “a white lie or half-truth:”

"In Russia we played the ‘vranyo' game on a daily basis. The government lied to us, we knew they were lying, they knew we knew they were lying, but they kept lying anyway and we pretended to believe them."

“In practice vranyo provided a coping mechanism for both unbearable tragedies and petty annoyances. Can’t feed your starving children? Tear up a piece of bread to make a mountain of crumbs and declare it an abundance of food.”

Or declare: the failed Obamacare a success, a moribund economy as booming, a world wracked by Islamic terrorism as safer, illegal immigration as beneficial or the Clinton Foundation as honest.

Angelo Cordevilla provides an insightful comment about the 2016 election:

Never before has such a large percentage of Americans expressed alienation from their leaders, resentment, even fear. Some two-thirds of Americans believe that elected and appointed officials — plus the courts, the justice system, business leaders, educators — are leading the country in the wrong direction: that they are corrupt, do more harm than good, make us poorer, get us into wars and lose them. Because this majority sees no one in the political mainstream who shares their concerns, because it lacks confidence that the system can be fixed, it is eager to empower whoever might flush the system and its denizens with something like an ungentle enema.

Hillary Clinton represents that wrong direction, the constipated status quo, while Donald Trumpprovides a laxative.

The United States under Hillary Clinton will become ungovernable. Millions of Americans, those “basket of deplorables,” who are the bedrock of the country will simply "tune out" the federal government and the media.

Without the Constitution, the rule of law, representative government, a recognizable culture or even defined borders, there is no reason to be patriotic and little reason to participate.

America will become Hillary’s dystopia, the ideological and the incompetent leading the unwilling to do the undesirable.

Sellin holds a Ph.D. is a retired U.S. Army Reserve colonel, a command and control subject matter expert, trained in Arabic and Kurdish, and a veteran of Afghanistan, northern Iraq and a humanitarian mission to West Africa. He receives email at

Comment:  No place for me either in Hillary's America.........COL Harry Riley

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Nor me. Hillary will have Hillary states of Hillary for Hillary.

The below listed WikiLeaks E-mails demonstrates that Hillary Clinton and George Soros are a “clear and present danger” to:


  1. The survival of the Free Enterprise System in the United States
  2. The survival of the nation’s Judeo-Christian religious way of life that is under attack by progressives
  3. The continued integrity US Constitution given to the American people by the Founding Fathers
  4. The continued selection of members of the US Supreme Court who will not legislate from the bench
  5. The right of every Americans to own and bear arms as guaranteed to them by the 2nd Amendment
  6. The US Justice System that has been corrupted by the Attorney General of the United States, Hillary Clinton, and Director of the FBI  
  7. The US Armed Forces whose “Combat Effectiveness” and strength has been hallowed out over the last 8 years by Obama and inept Congress
  8. America’s Health Care System, Socialized by the failed ObamaCare Program, had premiums spiked by 25%, 45%, 53 %, 69%,116% in various states

“Today the path to total dictatorship in the U.S. can be laid by strictly legal means, unseen and unheard by Congress, the President, or the people. Outwardly we have a Constitutional government. We have operating within our government and political system … a well-organized political-action group in this country, determined to destroy our Constitution and establish a one-party state.... The important point to remember about this group is not its ideology but its organization… It operates secretly, silently, continuously to transform our Government.... This group ... is answerable neither to the President, the Congress, nor the courts. It is practically irremovable.”— Senator William Jenner, 1954 speech

Unaffected by elections. Unaltered by populist movements. Beyond the reach of the law.

Say hello to America’s shadow government.

A corporatized, militarized, entrenched bureaucracy that is fully operational and staffed by unelected officials who are, in essence, running the country, this shadow government represents the hidden face of a government that has no respect for the freedom of its citizenry.

No matter which candidate wins the presidential election, this shadow government is here to stay. Indeed, as recent documents by the FBI reveal, this shadow government—also referred to as “The 7th Floor Group”—may well have played a part in who will win the White House this year.

To be precise, however, the future president will actually inherit not one but two shadow governments.

Couldn't agree more,,, Washington needs an enema,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

No place in the coming mess for me either.

The problem I've got is that I swore an oath to Obey, protect, defend, and preserve the Constitution of the USA from ALL enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC. I don't remember anyone every saying that that oath had any expiration date.

There's one other thing that keeps coming back into my mind, Texas black Democrat Representative Shelia Jackson Lee said that Barack Obama's real legacy will be that he has set up and left them a political establishment that guarantees there will never be another Republican President.

While the political campaigns and rallys all seem to show that thousands of people turn out for Trump rallys and only a hand full show up to see Hillary, the media still try s to convince us that Hillary is ahead in the polls.
Col. Sellin is right, It's a game of vranyo,,,,,,, They lie, we know they are lying, they know we know it, and we keep letting them think we believe them.
It's all a giant scam,,,,,,, Washington indeed needs an enema.

There's no place in Hillary's America for me either.

My Oath of service demands that I turn that around. There's no place in MY America for people like Hillary.

I agree Old Rooster. I am damn ready when the call comes. Let's Roll!

The moment of truth on the day of the election, November 9th will determine what side of the coming battle I will be standing on. I hope it will be a "Landslide for Trump", but the worry comes, if this Government decides they don't like the outcome, then Fight, by Arms will be necessary and May God, protect those of us, that must take up arms against "Evil, of the highest level, in the Highest office of the land, the "President of the United States". This will also include fighting those in this country, that support EVIL AND THE UN FOREIGN TROOPS that are already deployed and ready to support "EVIL".  "Lord, may your wisdom, knowledge and strength support those that will be forced to take action against the evil called "Tyranny", We implore your direction Lord, because we are going to need it."

"The moment of truth on the day of the election, November 9th will determine what side of the coming battle I will be standing on". So much for proof-reading before posting. My mind is not engaged while I am writing.

This should have read " The moment of truth on the day "After" the election, November 8th will determine......"

Understood Clois, typo's and all,,,,,,,,, Also agreed too.

GOD help, save, and Bless America.



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