Constitutional Emergency

Written by Milton F. Gregory Jr.
Vietnam Veteran

My Stomach felt really ill when I saw, then heard the President of the United States of America address the “Long Gray Line”, the graduates at West Point. Men of heroic stature, men who will be facing an enemy that our President finds great difficulty in speaking the words “Radical Muslims” who are not made up of a nation but an ideology. For this President to stand in the presence of these great patriots is an insult to all who passed through the halls of this great and historic symbol of America’s military defiance towards those who hate this country, would destroy this great nation, would kill every man woman and child born into a Christian world, or any religion that differs from those of the “Radical Muslim” belief. His words rang hollow as I heard the President utter the word “Global” several times during his address. “Global” is where this President wants to take America, “Global Governance”, Global world power, Global transfer of wealth, from yours and my pockets to those pockets around the world who depend on handouts from an America who already willingly gives to the needy, feed the hungry, responds to the suffering, and helps any in harm’s way. How can this President, who’s only claim is to have “Organized” various communities to challenge their government, until he became their government?

I not only felt ill, I was offended and angered that this man who continues to be in question as to his even being a citizen of this country, somehow got elected to the highest office of the land, and became the Commander in Chief of those great, wonderful young men and women, who will do more for this country in the next year than this President will do the rest of his life. Those young men and women stand for good, hope, charity and the heart of this nation. They are ready to serve this President, because they took an oath to do so, but in spite of the party in power, they willingly will give their lives, not for any political party, but for the idea of “America”, the nation that became the hope of the world during times of war, and even in times of peace when America feeds most of the hungry around the world. These are great Americans, great men and women, great children of God, no matter what their personal faith; they will always be children of “God” creator of all mankind. This President does not deserve to stand in the shadow of one single man or woman who graduated from West Point today, or days past.

I got a short email today from a friend of mine, who worked for and with me so many years ago, way back in the 1970’s doing things in the Intelligence community that will always remain a secret, but to those of us who were there, was something special and regardless of who was in the office of the Presidency, we did our very best to achieve our goal, and that was the mission we were given. Rick has stopped by to visit from time to time, both of us had son’s who served in the military and both of us were filled with pride throughout their lives, and both of us saddened when our son’s short lives came to a close. Rick had just been to Walter Reed to visit his son’s Platoon Leader, who had just lost both of his legs as a result from an IED, placed by those “Radical Muslims” that this President has such difficulty forming the words in his mouth. Even those he appointed to serve all are unable to speak the words “Radical Islam” or “Radical Muslims” as they are afraid of offending a religion. Yet they have no difficulty not allowing a Christian to say a prayer at school functions or games will not allow the Pledge to be uttered by our children before class, as we did when I was in school. Now, the world sees a President who is afraid to offend anyone, accept the people who elected him president, will not react to North Korea, who just committed an act of war by sinking a South Korean battle ship, killing, murdering 47 (I think that number is correct) men of a nation once a part of their own. Iran is emboldened to continue their nuclear weapons program as this President will not respond with actions, only empty words, not even threats, just more empty words.

We listen to Glenn Beck, “we” being most of the people I know and hangout with, and we learn about a history and heroes of America we otherwise might never get to know. I invite my neighbors over to watch the recorded classes (at 5 PM, Atlanta time) that tell so much about a country, and the men and women who built this country and a nation, growing out of the dust, blown into a work of art that only God could and did allow to happen, and to then bless, bless as a Christian nation, blessed as a “Promised land” to those who one day will remember just what this country is all about. The vision of this President, this President Barack Hussein Obama, who stood before future heroes of America, some who will serve then move on, other who will serve then continue to serve because the country needs them to stay and be the future of this great land, is a very disturbing vision, at least to me it is. How dare this President who condemns our Nation, apologizes to the world for America’s flaws, while ignoring his own deep flaws and Ignoring the flaw of leaving in question his own citizenship allowing him to be President, to be Commander in Chief, to be a citizen of this Country. How can he stand there in his smugness and judge this great nation and then speak to those who will soon face the enemy that this President sees as someone to “reason” with rather than defeat. Keep Glenn Beck in mind on Monday through Friday, at 5 PM Atlantic time, and where ever you might be, check FOX News to see what time the brave American tells us the story of our forefathers, the men and women who made a difference in influencing America in a most positive way, rather than, like this President, in a most negative way, speaking only ill of this great land blessed by our creator as it struggled through periods of time that caused a stress on the core of America only imagined by those who were there during those periods. As Glenn Beck is heckled by those who want to “Transform” America, “Redistribute the wealth” of those who work hard to enjoy the land God blessed and gave them, the President, President Barack Hussein Obama standing before great Americans, as many Presidents before him, and speaks of the threats and dangers these young men and women, graduates of West Point, as if he was the first to recognize the threats they will face. It would be laughable if it were not so sad to see this pathetic President, standing with his chin in the air, as in almost every image of him, looking down and speaking down to men and women who he should be looking up too, as he knows, as we all know, he will never match up to the greatness of the weakest of those standing before him. God bless those cadets, now officers of the United States Army, and who will command and lead men into battle, will face danger and horrors only soldiers know, something that this President who speaks to them as if he understood. Well, he does not understand, nor will he ever understand what it is to be a soldier, but especially and specifically a graduate of West Point, just to be a member of the “Long Gray Line”.

Mr. President, you may have been elected into the highest office in the world by Americans who misjudged you, had faith in you, believed in you, thought you would hold sacred your oath, just as those you spoke to today, but little did most understand that you did not, will not, will never, have on ounce of what is inside the small finger of any of the men or women to whom you spoke today! You may speak down to them, look down on them, but Mr. President, you are ordinary, nothing special. You were a “Community Organizer”, oh how wonderful it must have felt to have been elected knowing that you fooled an entire nation into believing that you were something you will never be, a great American. Well Mr. President, look into the eyes of any of those to whom you spoke today and you will see greatness, you will see Americans, who knows who they are, where they were born, and what it is about America that drives them to serve, not from behind the safety of a desk or as a Community Organizer, but facing the enemy that you embrace Mr. President, that you fear offending or are unwilling to concede that it is they who should be apologizing, not this great country called “America” for the evils you say reflects the substance of the American people, well you are so wrong. Look deep into the eyes of real Americans, those who stood before you as you spoke to them on this special day America honors our heroes and see what being true to yourself and country is, something you know nothing about.

Your only concern Mr. President is the destruction of the America that these young men and women graduating today take their oath to protect and defend. You place a difficult task before them, they take an oath to follow your orders, while at the same time they swear to defend and protect the very country you are trying to re-invent, change into something different than what they are sworn to protect and defend, quite a dilemma for them Mr. President. The good thing is, they will figure it out, and they will know what to do as they are America’s best and finest, far above the dark shadows from where you came from, somewhere no one is really sure of. Thank God for those of our Armed Forces Academies, that produce military leaders who will find away to help us out of the deep hole you are digging in hopes that those who know you will be buried in. God blessed America hundreds of years ago, and I have a real, deep faith that he will bless America again. Thank you graduates of West Point, who today gave America new hope. We owe you!

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Thank you. I will accept your answer. Although, I was quite sure that I hit the Add Reply button. Must have been a computer glitz. Thanks.
Thanks, Twana, I didn't mean to sound harsh or accusing........I would not have made the comments if I had not been so sure that I clicked on the "Add Reply" button, and I thought that it was posted, but then when I was reviewing some of the further comments, I was suprised that my comment was not to be found. No harm done, I was just disappointed that the comment was no where to be found. Thanks be to you and Col. Riley for all you do. I have complete and total admiration for the two of you. Jadkie
Listen to this show, "The Awakening" blogcast on 5/24 ...special guest Trevor Loudon... this guy from has really done his homework... I will listen again and again.... this show will shed some light on how unbelievably infiltrated we are. God help our heroes until we can get the creep.... who said it?..."hung by the nads"!!!!!!!!!!



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