Constitutional Emergency

Some anecdotal evidence of what we are up against if Romney looses the election.  I had a group of friends come over to use my shooting range to qualify for a concealed carry permit today.  The instructor was a retired Special Forces type who currently works for Homeland Security.  He related a few incidents which I think you will find both interesting and alarming.  Recently the son of one of his colleagues stopped at his office to see his father and while waiting for his father related the following:  the son had just come from his Army Reserve drill and he explained they had been practicing urban warfare training.  When he was asked if it was house to house fighting he said no.  He said they were training for door to door operations.  When asked what door to door operations were he explained that they were being trained to confiscate firearms in the event of some national emergency.  The instructor also related that all of the Homeland Security offices have received instructions to stockpile a minimum of 100 days worth of food and water for the office personnel.  He also stated that in the event of some national "emergency" all operations will be centered around airports.  He also explained that there is a move afoot to ban all ammunition that can penetrate a bullet proof vest.  That means that all ammunition for the typical hunting rifle not to mention the military collectables such as SKS's, M! Garands, etc. will be banned.  Obviously that means they will have effectively disarmed us.  We need to spread the word about this and prepare.  If you've got an AK, SKS, or AR check Walmart.  They are selling 7.62 x 39 and 5.56 for about $5.00 a box here in Western Arkansas.  It's Russian made ammo but who cares.

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  Thanks for posting this.  This happening could become a reality.  I pray to God it doesn't as we could see more bloodshed than we could experience as civilians.

God Bless America

Pat, From what I have been receiving and seeing in other emails the bastard in the W/H has b een

stockpiling ammo, food, military vehicles and gear. Also all the training for "what troops" in urban warfare?

I am not one to be alarmed by foolish stuff but its seems all to clear that if he wins our God and Country looses.

Pray for this wonderful country of ours.

 Absolutely I will pray for our country. I use to think that this could never happen, but more and more I believe it can with Obama in office.

Another tidbit of i nfo. It has been posted on the web with pictures etc. that the police department of Los Angeles has just purchased a number of Military "Armored" vechicles apparently for riot & crowd control.

Thanks for the information.

Beans, Bullets, Bandages, and water...

When they come here I will give them the at a time...  

The Guns one at a time once... I have run out of bullets... 

All the guns when I run out of all the bullets then...

Then again...  I have my Bow... 

I want to watch them sing "Please Mr. Custer ... Obamer"

De Oppresso Liber

Thanks for the information.

Just bought 500 rounds of 9mm and 5.56 x 45. Dont trust them one bit. I have a few 1000 of other calibers also. No I am not paranoid, I was a boy scout, I am prepared!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back in '66-67 time frame while preparing for a patrol we frequently carried dynamite to destroy any caches discovered. We were always asked before departure, "You boys remember the formula?" The reference was for the PNK (or something like that) for determining how much of a charge to set. Our respnse would be, "Yes, Gunny, "P" means use plenty." We seldom brought any back to camp.

Same applies today, only think store plenty and not all in one spot. Learn how to store (think PVC sections of piping) to avoid detection and damage from the elements. DO NOT use a credit card when making transactions, think small and local like range day events, yard sales, widows who do not know what to do with items the husband had and offspring show no interest or desire; NOTE, offer fair prices and ask for word of mouth advertising.

I feel you are all capable of studying up and learning all of the things you will need to know along these lines.

has anybody here used teflon tape on your bullet heads. a friend said he did this with 22 amno and he shot through a stack of 12 phone books.

How do you do it? Cut off a very small piece? Please post.




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