A new report by a liberal-leaning think tank recommends a dramatic overhaul of military pay, retirement and health care benefits as part of a $1 trillion cut in defense spending over 10 years.

The Center for American Progress *calls for capping pay raises, eliminating military health benefits for many retirees who are covered by an employer-provided plan, and reducing the value of military retired pay as well as making retirees wait until age 60 to start receiving it.

Recommendations are included in a report, Rebalancing Our National Security, released Oct. 31 by the progressive think tank and advocacy group. The report opposes across-the-board cuts in defense spending that could occur beginning in January under sequestration but still calls for major reductions in defense spending.

Capping pay raises, the report says, could save $16.5 billion over the next five years. Reducing retiree health care benefits, through a combination of restricting care and raising fees, could save $15 billion a year. Reforming military retired pay could save, in the short term, up to $13 billion a year, and over time could save up to $70 billion a year off the current plan.

In addition to cutting compensation and benefits, the report also recommends cutting the number of active-duty troops permanently based in Europe and Asia, saving $10 billion a year. It recommends withdrawing 33,000 troops from Europe and about 17,000 from Asia.

In calling for less spending on military pay raises, the report basically endorses a plan proposed, but not yet executed, by the Defense Department. Under the Pentagon plan, pay raises beginning in 2015 would be capped at less than the average increase in private sector pay, a move that responds to a belief that military members are being paid more than civilians with comparable jobs and experience. This happened because Congress, over Pentagon objections, has regularly provided the military with raises that were slightly larger than the average private-sector raise to eliminate what had been perceived as a pay gap. The end result, says the report, is that the average service member is receiving $5,400 more in annual compensation than a comparable civilian.

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*Center for American Progress (george soros' think tank)

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As soon as Romney is elected POTUS, Obama is thrown out of the WH, and the WH is fumigated.....   prosecute Obama for treason in the Benghazi affair, all 80+ Communists in Congress (Black Caucus,Hispanic Cucus) as well as Reid, Pelosi, Holder, Jarrett, Boxer, Schummer, Luis Gutierrez (D-ILL), Keith Ellison (Muslim), Carson (Muslim)..... and find appropriate street lamp posts for them. Also, eliminate Obamacare, Dodd-Frank. Sarbanne-Oxley immediately....   Don't forget to take George Soros passport, before he escapes out of the country and, if he does, send  the Interpol after him to bringhim back and put him in GITMO.   I'LL THINK OF MORE.....

I'm with you Tony! LOL...Obama in waistchains is my dream!

You forgot Feinstein and Boxer.

For savings, we should start with eliminating retirement and medical benefits for our governmental representative in the Congress.  "They" were never to be paid for their "services" and they were to hold office for only one or 2 terms, then retire and go back home and get back to work at their regular job.  Life long governmental workers were never supposed to be...............  I know this won't happen, but again, retirement benefits and medical coverage should be lowered for Congress first, before those who have put their life on the line for this country should be called upon to again "give for their country"..   What a terrible mess this great country is in these days.


Why don't you let Twanna, DebraJoe and Donna do the budget...Mr. President...Give the women that really run a household a whack at it...If we couldn't get it done in 30 minutes I'd throw in with ya...Mr. President...

Did they say anything about reducing the retirement pay  of congress, like the 16,000 dollars a month retirement the senators get?  How about reducing the actual pay of the congress for only working 150 days a year?  How about making the congress pay for their own gas, parking, housing, meals and parties they throw for themselves and other members of congress?  How about those reductions, why weren't they mentioned.  How about taking away the right of congress to increase their own salaries?  Do you all remember when Hussein wanted the military to pay for their own health care because  "they weren't forced into the military, they chose to join"!!!!  Does anyone remember that coming out of Husseins mouth?  How about congress actually drive their own cars and sell off all those limo's that they are driven around in?  That would eliminate alot of paid drivers.  How about govt. workers pay for their own health care and take all govt. vehicles away from them, except vehicles that have to do directly with the office they work in and then only the field operatives get to drive those cars!  How about govt. employees paying for their own parties and  convention get a ways? How about cutting down their food allowance money to 40 dollars a day instead of 200.00?  We all do this already so what God made these people so special?  I scrape and live from paycheck to pay check just to eat 1 meal a day, and these "special" people who WE PAY, just keep taking and taking and spending  OUR money for useless bullcrap!  I can see alot of things to REDUCE!!!!!!  SEEMS LIKE TRYANNY AND CORRUPTION RULES THIS COUNTRY AND ONLY A BATH IN ACID WILL CLENSE IT!

Some great ideas here. Lets get them wrote up and take care of all this next Wednesday after the fumigating.  LOL  We do have an island out in the Pacific that hasn't been used in a while. Lets set them all out there until they think of something worthwhile to say. Soros can be the mayor and they can enjoy Alcatraz for a long time. Big pool to swim in and birds for friends. I am just getting too happy here.  LOL

I guess we can give them a few packages of seed for food and some old blankets. Anybody have any? 

How about we send them to Bikini atoll and see if they start to glow in the dark after awhile?

know that would make our day I think the civilians would have a big party. lol lol

These liberal/leftists have been saying this same thing for years.  In the past when the Democrats were still an American political party it pretty much fell on deaf ears.  However, the democrats are no longer an American political party.  They now represent islam, russia and every other anti-American group you can think of.  If they should win this election or ever again gain control of both houses of congress watch out.  They will jump on this sort of BS in a heartbeat.  I would also add that the Republicans are not necessarily to be trusted either.  Do a google search for bonus army and see what you come up with.  Most people don't realize that there was a time when the US government rode down vets who's only crime was to ask for what they had been promised.

ONE  big difference here my friends . The civilians as they are so called DO NOT AND I REPEAT do not put their lives on the line 24/7 for 365, my Lord if this happens their will be a civil war, no doubt about between the vets and Obummer

Royce my friend I hope very sincerely that you are correct in your prediction if Obummer wins.  That will provide us with the perfect opportunity to clean out the cesspool known and Washington, DC.  There certainly is no doubt about the outcome since there are a whole lot more of us than them.



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