Constitutional Emergency

This brass politician plays PC very well. It is his game! Disgusting!

General Calms Troops After Afghanistan Deaths

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When did they all lose their balls? One Pres, can't think of who off the top of my head, fired all these brass monkeys when he took office...we need that in 2012 when we take back DC with true statesmen....

Why does a US General admonish our troops about revenge?  What the H... is going on.  The troops look stunned and wonder if the General has all his marbles?

He should have been leading a ceremony honoring the lost warriors rather than belittling live troops.......

I'm continually amazed at the caliber of Flag officers in the US military.....they simply have forgotten they took an oath, let alone adhere to it........

I say again, if the Afghanistan people want to destroy their country and kill themselves, go for it.......we need to pack up, lock, stock and barrel and get the hell out there.....not another life lost.


I agree that we should pack up and leave Afghanistan if things are going in this direction.  After ten years the Soviets were unable to subdue these people; what makes us think we can?  There is SO much corruption in that tribal country, which is not worth the life of another serviceman.


When I see all of those featured in the Wounded Warrior ads on TV, my heart aches for these young people with broken bodies and minds.  They will have to go through the rest of life bearing these burdens, and yet our government doesn't even fully pay for their necessary treatment.  All kinds of money is wasted on unnecessary spending and graft, and yet we can't take care of those who have given so much for us as a nation.

Amen Caroline.........agree completely.

Caroline, the difference is we aren't trying to subdue them, we are trying to help them. Sadly, we can't do that either. Welfare in America has shown us we can't help those who don't want help.

How SOON they forget...before Obama, America had made great strides in Afghanistan and the locals were a big part of it. Enter Obama and all hell broke loose with his drone strikes, ect...the injury toll in Afghanistan has quadrupled under Obama...I am so  sick of EVERYONE re-writing history to force thier agenda, Damn it...

Very well said Iggymom.

Harry, sadyl they didn't forget. They have sold their souls for rank, money, and prestige just like our politicians. We do indeed need to get out of all muslim countries, refuse any aid to them and let them kill each other to their hearts' content.

Don't know anything about this apologizing General Allen, but I do know that General Chesty Puller would have sent a different message to anyone who killed "his" Marines!

Semper Fi,

Clarence De Barrows

Why has no one in the Karzai government gone after the ones who desecrated their koran with the added words which profaned their sacred text???


THOSE are the ones they should be protesting, not the ones who purified the text with fire...


WHY DON'T WE START ELIMINATING THOSE WHO BURN OUR FLAGS???  Opps, didn't mean to yell but I am a bit upset .....


I know what you mean you don't want to be too close to me when you're burning a flag I listened to Barack Obama saying that when Michelle was depressed and down about the direction the country was going in that he would take her to a flag burning ceremony to cheer her up I had enough



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